Women must know their conjugal rights

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By Khanyi Nkosi
Women should educate themselves on legal matters relating to their personal affairs, says Nthabiseng Monareng, a family law specialist.

Monareng, author of A Simple Guide to South African Family Law, says her office was recently inundated with calls from desperate women seeking legal recourse after finding themselves in sticky situations.

She says her office has had to deal with cases in which women who found themselves involved with the same man have lost everything because of a lack of knowledge.

“A woman said she had been married since 1996. The marriage did not produce any children so her husband brought home his three children from a “previous” marriage . The husband died in March last year and after the funeral the first woman appeared and claimed she was never divorced . Armed with a customary marriage certificate, the first woman now wants to claim from the deceased’s estate,” explains Monareng.When a man says that he’s divorced, ask to see a copy of the divorce decree.

Monareng says men who remarry without obtaining a divorce decree create problems for their spouses. Click here for more>>