Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
41 Comments May 6, 2014

Wedding of Mr & Mrs Mokoele

41 Comments on "Wedding of Mr & Mrs Mokoele"

    Miss Lee says:

    Decor y akoloi so not sure and makoti why are you not smiling, you look angry maan.

      Replied to Miss Lee

      Adeline says:

      That walking stick is enough to steer up someone’s anger, believe me Miss Lee…

      Replied to Miss Lee

      Avril says:

      Too many colours…yhoo!

    Ginababe says:

    Yaa nee…

    Adeline says:

    Lucky Mr. Mokoele, please take good care of her…she is deserves it!

    Matete says:

    car decor is too much,personalised too much, foto on the car is outdated,any way gudluck

    Paulzen says:

    Smile tuuu

    dk says:

    Ginababe ,,, Yaa nee no comment

    Khomotjo says:

    batho besho, ge nkabe smile se rekishwa be ke tlo le rekela. walking stick e ya kae jwalo. ke rata diroko ka di strooi.

    Ana says:

    What a beautiful wedding Mr and Mrs Mokoele, remember not everyone get married that means you are blessed. Congratulations

    reggie says:


    Fundi says:

    I could pay a bribe to be able to see Makoti’s shoes. Abeg, somebody please post a pic with the shoes.

    You such a beauty Makoti, nice simple hairstyle that suits you, I give mkhwenyana’s jacket 10 out of 10. Smile more gal, you are beautiful

      Replied to Fundi

      Ana says:

      Fundi send me ur e-mail address and I will send u makoti’s shoes and more photos.

      Replied to Fundi

      Mmalelapa says:

      hello Fundi, makoti is wearing casual shoes, kind of ditekkie, check picture number 8.

    Mmalelapa says:

    aaaaah, next wedding please.

    I did say in my previous posts that todays’s brides are going back to the 80′s….

    Bongs says:

    Smile Makoto Smile

    Nna Mosadi Wa Motho says:

    Ke lenyalo la lona so if you think it is beautiful then it is beatiful LOL

    Kuli says:

    Beautiful wedding, God bless your union

    XOLE says:


    Mhhh says:

    Your dress is lovely makoti good colour combination , deco yemoto looks like the old bedspreads zama 80′s. less is more sisi. U are also pretty mara veza izinyo kancane. nice on the budget wedding. siyanibongela

    Tebo26 says:

    1. The car deco heelang #embarrased for you#
    2. Why would you have the entire neighborhood as bo groomsmen and women.
    3. Polka dots ao ao ao
    4. This wedding is a serious miss – le sentse the beauty of the Khoza’s wedding.
    5. Is the walking stick there by design or what…………… no no

    Tshidi says:

    congradulations Mr and Mrs Mokoele on u marriage, like to see u decor

    tsholo says:

    beautiful wedding guys you make a nice couple…congrats modimo a be le lona…

      Replied to tsholo

      Adeline says:

      Indeed Tsholo, what makes it more nicer is that walking stick!

    Nnete ya baba!! says:

    hahahahahhahaha nna a manchi ba tsetse ona fela but dis I just had to say:im surprised driver ga thula ka duvet e le beileng mo koloing eo.dis wedding is a serious case of uniqueness gone bad n whoever posted it was trying to spite you dats y a volunterile le go romela Fundi ditlhako tsa gago in private….

    Trueteller says:

    Makoti you are so beautiful but no smile, and orwele diteki???????? sports shoes????

    Lee says:


    Diva says:

    just dissapointing, collour co-ordination is not there, the bride look like one of the guests. and you have a very beautiful face and u only needed to smile bathong.
    as for the groom ai your over dressed…amen

    Dark-Angel says:

    You look very nice Makoti but a mateki yona iyoo not ayabo, colour combination ego bethile.God Bless

    Nola says:

    ijoo hehehehe lenyalo le ke disorokisi fela

      Replied to Nola

      winza says:

      I like yo dress makoti

    Lebza says:

    Seriousness was the order of the day, is this a funeral, haikhona makoti, now you’ve ruined your photos.

    nhlachloe says:

    makoti yini ushadiswa ngenkani yin

    Zimu says:

    Mkhwenyana looks like the “most wanted”. lol

    tumelo says:

    aix wat a beautiful wedding really had a nyc tym wish to do it again

    Dinny says:

    Congratulations to the couple haai people have different taste bathong lol

    Kido says:

    yhoo that looks like a Christmas party. Too many colours

    Intokazi says:

    Your décor person did injustice to you, they just threw all the colours in your décor instead of incorporating them in, futhermore who still puts paper serviettes in glasses? on top of that, put other cloth serviettes on the tables, your décor was just wrong.

    Sweetness says:

    Too many colours and no smile. But God bless u guys

    Nono says:

    Hei the couple looks cute aowa maara too much Pink hle bathong ….

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