Wedding of Mokgele & Boikanyo Malepe


  1. I love the traditional outfit as well, looks like it was a really beautiful wedding…


    9 February 2012 • 2:05 pm •
  2. ok beautiful wedding Ausi. Your dress something about it not sure but just too much. Abuti suit with label on sleeve so 90’s. the stage with 3 cakes che che bo but love the venue, the spirit and your colors


    9 February 2012 • 2:10 pm •
  3. nice 1.i like


    9 February 2012 • 2:12 pm •
  4. wow……beautiful, well done and may GOD bless your marriage


    9 February 2012 • 3:08 pm •
  5. I love it, simple but really beautiful.


    9 February 2012 • 3:17 pm •
  6. Look like nice wedding, makoti is pretty, God bless ur marriage.


    9 February 2012 • 4:45 pm •
  7. your wedding was very nice, i dont like the white gown makoti it suited you nicely.but i love your deco and would love to get chairs like that for my wedding in december dis year. was it expensive hiring them and how much as i stay in mabopane and would love to hire them.your traditional attire le hubby luks fabulous(so more pics tu)..may God bless your union and enjoy your marriage neh!!!


    10 February 2012 • 7:42 am •
  8. Shiny dress in this age in time???#Shocked#u should have gone for MATTE on everything ,dress,makeup ,light colour theme etc,,less is more

    Congratulations anyway


    10 February 2012 • 8:07 am •
  9. every thing was well planned.u look beatiful,decoration.may God bless u


    10 February 2012 • 9:05 am •
  10. Nice Wedding!!!


    10 February 2012 • 9:28 am •
  11. Congratulations, groom & his mates were looking nice.It is high budget wedding but lacked creativity. Nice chairs, screens but something is still missing on the deco. The flowergirl with a maroon belt?


    10 February 2012 • 10:43 am •
  12. guys really your wedding look nice everything was perfect,ilike your deco nginifisela okuhle


    10 February 2012 • 12:36 pm •
  13. The decor is exquisite, traditional attire, perfect. wedding gown a definite no no. Your make up was perfect.Wishing you the happiest marriage ever.

    Mama Nthati

    10 February 2012 • 2:31 pm •
  14. what a beautiful wedding.
    may the Almighty Bless you union.


    10 February 2012 • 4:09 pm •
  15. congratz Mr & Mrs Malepe may the almighty bless u in ur marrige


    10 February 2012 • 7:43 pm •
  16. nice wedding, I mus say. May God bless you unconditionaly


    13 February 2012 • 10:50 am •
  17. Your dress,rings looks very expensive,your coluors,decor
    I love your garden wedding,it nice I also enjoy the food,# may God.bless you


    13 February 2012 • 9:22 pm •
  18. wats hapening on picture 19.anyway nyc decor


    14 February 2012 • 11:35 am •
  19. Beautiful venue but wedding not Ayoba,the dress,traditional wear,bridesmaids ansd alles not so nice


    14 February 2012 • 11:41 am •
  20. i lyk your dress & your rings e a tura ne?what a wedding, didi you design your dress?that nice,more pic please.


    14 February 2012 • 3:04 pm •
  21. i was there everything was well planned,did you have a wedding planner?shooooo your rings di a di busa?your dress ka yona one of a kind its suits you just fine,your hard its so unique your very creative girl,may God bless you and,yu didi it satane o chairs i had that they are very expensive but you got them, but how mush is your ring?


    14 February 2012 • 3:11 pm •
  22. I lyk year dress its so ayoba,jealos down.pelo di dintsho,you where beutifull you rings looks very expensive!!God bless you!


    14 February 2012 • 8:25 pm •
  23. You guys looks beautiful espacially makoti batho.God bless youand you decorations are super.Plez send the contants of caterers.


    17 February 2012 • 12:07 pm •
  24. Kwaze kwakuhlw kwethu..Congrtulations makoti! May God Bless you and your hubby…


    17 February 2012 • 2:01 pm •
  25. your wedding was perfect, very nice and well planned you were beautiful..


    17 February 2012 • 2:26 pm •
  26. Yor so hot la fisa,your rings people are crying ka tsona,they look very expencive indeed,please post more pic,your make up e botlhoko.your dress and you hurt they are so unique,suit ya ntate yona ga ke bue,your groom mate # bride mate very stylish.what a wedding,!


    21 February 2012 • 11:41 am •
  27. God bless yo union


    23 February 2012 • 7:40 am •
  28. Exquisite!God bless yo union


    23 February 2012 • 7:45 am •
  29. Beutifull and well planned wedding,your rings they are dam expencive o re tsenya pressure rona ba re tlang yong,is your ring in sets or is one thing?I like your make up,roko ya gao e unique le kwane eo ga ke so di bone gope,o pila shame,di stoye tsa gago o na le staste ga gona tlhaka tlhakano nigs,bontle ka nnete


    25 February 2012 • 7:12 am •
  30. Nice wedding and well your dress.decor,makeup,your hotse its so ayoba one of a kind,suit ya huby your groom and brides mate so in order I like it its not lyk cable ya Eskom very stylish,did you have a profesional planner?your rings just killing me they dam expencive.I love everything ka your wedding ausi!!

    momo wa Biks

    29 February 2012 • 6:08 am •
  31. You have display that to be a well dressed bride you don’t need a tail, grown and you dress becoming long is being beutiful you where nice I like te way your dress has been to your body very classing,your rings looks like the other one I saw @ this expencive shop,they qre indded a killer,I like your hurt very nice one of a kind the decor is out of this world,I will like to have a wedding of this nature one day!!!


    20 March 2012 • 12:55 pm •