Wedding of Mr and Mrs Tlhapane


  1. I looooove the cake,,,mmmm, but wer are ur earings makoti? neva mind, i love ur dress too n it shows u had fun guys….Congratulations and God Bless.


    15 November 2010 • 11:02 am •
  2. Pic 14 I love makoti is beatiful. May God bless u !!!


    15 November 2010 • 11:19 am •
  3. I like the colour combination, it’s stunning.


    15 November 2010 • 11:45 am •
  4. There is so much love between the two of you. The smiles say it all, i hope they potraying what you guys have.

    Love the hair do Makoti, very neat and suitable for your face.

    I like the top part of your dress. The rest of it, well, you liked it and thats what matters.

    I am totally crazy about the cake. Its my kinda cake i tell you!!


    Blessings and more blessings from above!


    15 November 2010 • 11:47 am •
  5. Eish makoti, where is the jewelery? Nice gown though.


    15 November 2010 • 11:47 am •
  6. Simple and straight to the point,dont like the children’s dresses though. God bless your union……


    15 November 2010 • 11:56 am •
  7. Nice and simple wedding. Minimal sometimes does it. Congrats!


    15 November 2010 • 12:00 pm •
  8. you look nice every thing is well planned god Bless more pictures please


    15 November 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  9. Congratulations and god bless.


    15 November 2010 • 12:27 pm •
  10. Nice and simple wedding, the bride really enjoyed her big day!!!!! she looked so beautiful without make-up “a blusher & some lipgloss, would have been nice”. all the best for the future….


    15 November 2010 • 12:37 pm •
  11. Happy couple, I like, I like…..
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hoker. May God bless your union!


    15 November 2010 • 12:54 pm •
  12. Boring.


    15 November 2010 • 1:11 pm •


    15 November 2010 • 1:31 pm •
  14. hey the wedding looks beautiful, the colours are very nice. Makoti where the hell is your earring honestly! and for crying out loud make up my darling or maybe you forgot to apply or just maybe you did not know such things are there? gape your shaining like you’ve applied vasseline. modimo a be lelena a le thlogonofatse ka methla yothle.


    15 November 2010 • 1:34 pm •
  15. ehh yah ne!!!! did you forget to pu on the earings or ke tradition? anyway, your wedding was bright and fabulous,


    15 November 2010 • 2:27 pm •
  16. and next time, as if there’l be next time, please dont forget to put on listick as well, May God richly bless your union


    15 November 2010 • 2:29 pm •
  17. BEAUTIFUL!Simple and straight to the point!Natural beauty but make-up and jewellery could have done wonders though.


    15 November 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  18. your so beautiful makoti, even so without the make up on or the earings, ur indeed nice, i like, i like

    Mohlala M

    15 November 2010 • 2:35 pm •
  19. Tjo Tjo Tjo!!!! Pic 6 Amaroko wabantwana ngathi ama curtain wase mandiyeni kanti bekuvaliwe na e Woolworths? and of all the colours u choose orange or u were taking an advantage of the skin colour……….Makoti is ur skin sensitive to jewellery and make-up?


    15 November 2010 • 2:42 pm •
  20. love everything about yo wedding except flowergirls dressis yuk.


    15 November 2010 • 2:57 pm •
  21. nice and simple.makoti was really enjoying her day with not too much of a make-up.God bless.


    15 November 2010 • 3:11 pm •
  22. simple and beautiful


    15 November 2010 • 3:11 pm •
  23. Sisi u r beautiful without the earrings and makeup! The cake is BEAUTIFUL! Dont know about the bridesmaid and the flower girls’ dresses, but I definitely see lots of love & happiness between the 2 of u Congratulations!


    15 November 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  24. yes i can see it all looking quite beautyful mara gaele the wedding gouwn is pretty ACCEPT the orange binding at the bottom of the dress, your designer really messed it all up. and please are you taking that guy to honeymoon? then why the hell is he waving? LOL


    15 November 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  25. beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooowest very nice wedding


    15 November 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  26. You are very nice even if you forgot your accessories very nice makoti where are decor & traditional pictures?


    15 November 2010 • 3:30 pm •
  27. your wedding was so wonderful,de decoration was fantastick may God Bless your familly.your dress is AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOObaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


    15 November 2010 • 3:41 pm •
  28. you guys look so happy on your day hey , but hai the kids dresses , no , and make up could have gone a long way to ensuring ure xtra lovely
    mara God bless hey


    15 November 2010 • 4:02 pm •
  29. Simple and lovely

    I think makoti is a born again Christian..Maybe thats why shes not wearing any eaing,some born agains dont wear jewelery..Yet she still looks good without faking herself up.Make-up=Fake-up!!! Congrats makoti, u look very happy with your man.


    15 November 2010 • 7:54 pm •
  30. Guys jewellery or not you look nice.


    16 November 2010 • 7:55 am •
  31. Sometimes simlpicity can work wonders and this is beautiful am soooooo inlove with the cake!


    16 November 2010 • 9:34 am •
  32. You guys look hot together. Now that’s what i call an intimate simple wedding.

    May the Father in Heaven be the fire in your marriage. Wishing you ntombatana ne mkhwenyana all the best.


    16 November 2010 • 11:34 am •
  33. to the bride n groom, it shows dat you took all your efforts to plan your wedding so i give you 7/10. God bless your wedding


    16 November 2010 • 11:38 am •
  34. Nothing fency, costless wedding, straight to the point (which is getting married in a white dress). Beautiful sisi, God Bless your marriage and stay happy as you are. It shows in the photos that you love each other deeply…Thank you for sharing with us.


    16 November 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  35. whwwwwwww!what a beautifull wedding .God richly bless you guys .


    16 November 2010 • 1:50 pm •
  36. Beuttiful wedding!!!!where are the home/hall decor photos.or you didnt cook for your guest?you just went to church for blessing only?


    16 November 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  37. i could c that something was missing, this is what we call originality, girl you were amazing, your happiness on that day is glowing thru 🙂


    16 November 2010 • 3:34 pm •
  38. Nice,simple and well planned

    The wedding planner

    16 November 2010 • 4:03 pm •
  39. Natural Beauty!! Wow! Lady you are self confident about who you are not what you have put on. I love your dress and it’s suit perfect. In simple terms you both looked beautiful. I wish you all of the Best in your marriage and May the Good Lord Almighty Richly Bless You, Thanks for sharing…..


    16 November 2010 • 4:44 pm •
  40. wooow,guys ur weddin ws beautiful,nd simpl as wel,with no complexity nd 2 much drama.The bride i lik the fact that u chose 2 b natural nd that`s ayoba.Personnaly i`ve adopted the simplicity there! God bless ur marriage!!!!!

    Shoki Moloto

    17 November 2010 • 7:00 am •
  41. wow mimi you so beautiful all natural not like most weddings different and that the whole point that also reflects you true beauty, not like most poeple go for the worldly things forgetting that it will remain here, joy happiness and love reflects here congrats


    17 November 2010 • 8:57 am •
  42. Maar le tshamekile ka ngwana, wa orange dress. aowa bathong!


    17 November 2010 • 9:01 am •
  43. no bride shud go without makeup on her wedding day, or did da make up artis 4get 2 come cos i can see u hav ur eebrows tweezd.blive me ten yrs frm now ul hate u weding photos


    17 November 2010 • 11:48 am •
  44. Makoti with or without jewellery u still looked fabulous, the flowergirls also looked beautiful. congradulations to you and hubby for the step taken.


    17 November 2010 • 12:05 pm •
  45. i luv tha dress


    17 November 2010 • 1:20 pm •
  46. Earrings, gloss and a bit of make-up would have done wonders for you my dear -umakoti a ka fake i pond’s on her wedding day.


    17 November 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  47. Haaibo ,,,,rokho dza bantwana looks like Marabastad’s curtain!!!


    17 November 2010 • 3:09 pm •
  48. love the makoti she is naturally muhle no need tto fake anything all the best with all dear


    17 November 2010 • 6:38 pm •
  49. Darling you look fabulous ….you know there will always be negetive people who will wnat to know y didnt u wear make up .. i mean if you are beautiful , then why should you make it up ??? you are a true beauty ! i doubt ill also wear make up on my day !!!

    Umuhle sisi , your wedding was awesome out of word to describe your beauty , i just want to ask the great lord to continue blessing you and ur husband!!!!


    18 November 2010 • 10:25 am •
  50. I like what you did with that dress but I also agree that a bit of make-up and jewellery would have done wonders. I think you should have got the two older flower gals junior bridesmaid dresses. They look terrible in those that they are wearing. The youngest looks cutein hers but the guy in a black and a red shirt is out hand, if he is the bestman or groomsman.I like foto yeo le ketimishanago mara hai ga ke ga ke bone backroud e le botse. Ke bona o ka re e be e tla ba botse kudu if it was just the 2 ofyou. Otherwise, it was a beautiful wedding and you looked happy. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The one

    18 November 2010 • 2:47 pm •
  51. Wow makoti,I love the fact that you went all natural.That was lovely and your wedding was simple and elegant.May God bless you and your family.


    19 November 2010 • 9:43 am •


    19 November 2010 • 2:37 pm •
  53. A re tlogeleng jealous. I agree with Kulio. Simple and elegant. It’s the brides choice to wear a crown. And point of correction orange is in. It’s a beautiful colour. If the bride’s does not like make-up then it’s suites her. She is natural and beautiful. She does not need make-up to outshine her beauty. Wena makoti everything was beautiful. I love the cake. People will talk. But I wish you many more years to come. May the Lord Almighty bless your union.


    22 November 2010 • 1:25 pm •
  54. what is this !!!! please sister before you do anything eye shop around for greate ideas bcz this is disaster !!!!!


    23 November 2010 • 4:02 pm •
  55. Halala makoti u look so beatiful and lovely with ru hubby but where are ur ear-rings love anyway God bless


    23 November 2010 • 4:04 pm •
  56. Makoti u’re beautiful but it looked like u werent wearing any make up,guess that’s a personal choice. U guys look happy together.


    23 November 2010 • 6:23 pm •
  57. Orange is okay well blended. the earing though what is your excuse?

    Open Minded

    23 November 2010 • 6:50 pm •
  58. Owu Koti why Koti why! Oku kwe ESKAMEL ke mntase nobhuti ingathi uyamdinga uQedamabala. Next time when you do your anniversary don’t forget to put ESKAMEL and HE-MAN on your budget.
    Anyway all the best guys nibahle-hle.


    24 November 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  59. The attires, the cake, the hairstyle and the colour scheme were perfect. Maybe she didn’t wear make-up and earrings for religious reasons or an allergy.


    25 November 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  60. Hawu my makoti, no earings, no make up on your wedding day. You plan for this day, you dont just wake up in the morning & decide to get married. Anyway, congratulations may the Lord richly bless your marriage.


    25 November 2010 • 5:06 pm •
  61. Accessories please Makoti!! A bit of a slap(sivale eza ployi!!) would have completed your beautiful smile! Pic No.3- Somebody looks like he ate all the pies, wonder if there was anything left for the wedding guests??- please get people like that off your pics when you renew your vowels, I say this because this wedding is bound to last!! with my brother looking at you in the eye in pic6!! Love that, He means what he’s doing!! Nice one there groom and love the lady 4ever!
    Nice colour co-ord!, Flowergirl dresses dreadful!! Overall- Very nice indeed and Good Luck!!


    28 November 2010 • 7:29 am •
  62. i love it,love it. wow, the cake, it really is nice like its not to be eaten. makoti the belt on the white gown, no no


    29 November 2010 • 2:40 pm •
  63. wow, the is B. E. A UTIFUL!!!!! I love all your colours guys, be BLESSED!!!!


    30 November 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  64. now this is what i like seeing,perfect match..nice guys


    1 December 2010 • 2:38 pm •
  65. more photo beautiful wedding god bless you marriage


    2 December 2010 • 10:45 am •
  66. Iyo makoti u worse were is the earing and the make up,what about the belt on your dress not nice at all.


    2 December 2010 • 4:44 pm •
  67. ewe…..makoti can smile i say..she was clearly on cloud 9 bafwethu…she is a natural beauty uyandiva, she is all au naturel…i love the spunky orange, very bright and vibey.i love, i love, i love! you guys did your very best and you are happy, that is all that matters…and ne enjoyile man ndiyabona mos…..


    10 December 2010 • 5:50 pm •
  68. a bit of powder earings would have completed the look, other than that beautiful.


    15 December 2010 • 9:58 am •
  69. I love when couple break down boundaries. I love the fact that bride kept it all natural – without earrings and makeups. She is not only sure of herself but true to herself. Keep it up gal. I am saturated with seeing brides hiding hehind make ups and fake hairs. Here is the bride whose is showing me that at least she loves her husband and she bears her face all out for it. That is very very cool for any man (well for me at least). Stay true to the marriage and may all seconds, minutues, hours, days and years of your life together be nothing but joy, peace and love. All the best!


    17 December 2010 • 8:41 am •
  70. Beautiful and unique wedding.Congrats to the couple.God bless


    21 December 2010 • 1:14 pm •
  71. I love the dash of orange makoti ,i didnt even notice that you have not make up and earings,you looked beautifull naturally,ingore mafetwa


    23 December 2010 • 4:02 pm •
  72. Sho!!! Bathong!!! All I see on picture 12 ke mokhaba wa ntate o le with the navy suit and the hat. Tjo!!! Hai khona. Pls be careful who you take to your wedding photo shoot. Make sure they eat healthy and exercise Please!!! Tjo!! (Shocked)


    24 December 2010 • 11:57 am •
  73. Ntate Tlhapane o ira ditaba mona haibo wena! O bohloko son haesale!


    3 January 2011 • 3:09 pm •