Wedding of Maduma and Sesi


  1. Iyo Maduma you look like your mother. Nice and god bless.


    9 November 2010 • 7:28 am •
  2. He sure looks like his mom. The only nice thing I picked up is the Ndebele traditional gear……….Oh and the double story decorated house. Breathtaking

    The one

    9 November 2010 • 8:39 am •
  3. thatha ama-ndebele!

    I like them colours (jam-colours red and orange!!!) but cannot see anything here, the dress, decor, bridesmaids.
    Post pics


    9 November 2010 • 8:42 am •
  4. thatha ama-ndebele!

    I like them colours..LOL… (jam-colours red and orange!!!) but cannot see anything here, the dress, decor, bridesmaids.
    Post pics


    9 November 2010 • 8:43 am •
  5. Whats that in pic 8,is it a cake or what?


    9 November 2010 • 8:54 am •
  6. The first picture is the best ( traditional attire). The rest of the pictures – the oufits look sleazy !


    9 November 2010 • 8:55 am •
  7. Nice wedding , but no smiles at all . Were you nervous or what, this was your happy day.


    9 November 2010 • 9:06 am •
  8. Very interesting traditional wedding. UMakoti was not smiling at all, maybe it’s the sun.Anyway God bless your marriage, I’m just afraid of your mother in law, Looks like UMakoti must be on her toes all the time!She was looking so nervous shame!


    9 November 2010 • 9:19 am •
  9. Pic 11.dirope not AYOBA


    9 November 2010 • 9:52 am •
  10. yhini manje le cc wam? ikhekhe yho Nkosi! God bless ur marriage anyway!


    9 November 2010 • 10:03 am •


    9 November 2010 • 10:19 am •
  12. Aowa a ona ke madesi…..Where is the smile makoti…I know it might be that you need to look down when u r @ ur in-laws but eket gagona lethabo mo. Congrats on your union.

    Tebogo Mmotlana

    9 November 2010 • 10:43 am •
  13. will leave the comments to the experts God bless…


    9 November 2010 • 10:56 am •
  14. Hey..where do I start! Sisi we dont wear gowns with gloves & frills anymo! Mkhwenyana why wear a tie mara ushaye i collar and sleeves over the jacket? The cake? why mara, and then why are you kneeling in your gown with your drievoet cake, is there a ceremony for the cake ngesiNdebele? Your bouquet, are those flowers the same ones that grown randomly on the side of the road? What was uSisi in pic 11 trying to pull with that short number? Traditional attire was nice though! Ayi asazi!


    9 November 2010 • 11:39 am •
  15. lucky me I was not there I wouldn’t have survived without time consult.

    rahaba maponya

    9 November 2010 • 11:42 am •
  16. God bless the meaning behind the wedding but the occation was not so ayoba Im sure you had seven colors at lunch 2.I can olny imgine cause I was not there.

    mosadisadi kekana

    9 November 2010 • 11:45 am •
  17. may the gud lord bless u, congratulations & u look so beautifull.

    sheila kgatle

    9 November 2010 • 11:54 am •
  18. more pics please, lady on pic 11 what heppend to da rest of da dress?


    9 November 2010 • 12:24 pm •
  19. Arhaa siyazikhakhazisa ngani mandebele khethu.Umphako kha wunga dliwa mtwana.


    9 November 2010 • 1:00 pm •
  20. Everything was perfect,ke rata setso.God bless,go sintse fela fotographer


    9 November 2010 • 1:25 pm •
  21. whats going on here??????


    9 November 2010 • 1:34 pm •
  22. What up with the cake?or is this part of culture cakes?


    9 November 2010 • 1:40 pm •
  23. I understand and know there is a cake,but only one question who baked it?


    9 November 2010 • 1:45 pm •
  24. Ndebeles’ and culture, will never be separated, all the best


    9 November 2010 • 1:57 pm •
  25. why did you have to mix tradition with your white wedding?????


    9 November 2010 • 2:32 pm •
  26. Makoti not looking happy at all, o kare wa itshola.


    9 November 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  27. Congrats…You look a lot like your mom.


    9 November 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  28. hei makoki maan where is the smile bathong! she was so serious. I am happy for you & may the good God richly bless you.


    9 November 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  29. dis is nyc cc aslng as u were happy dear for dos hu say u were nt smilling umakoti wamandebele uyazithoba akamani ansinsitheke nomayikuphi post yo weeding pic den wil comment or by da way u dnt hav husband to marry u as u r to fakes


    9 November 2010 • 3:12 pm •
  30. Cake ya bora shame……….


    9 November 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  31. i didnt want to be the 1st 1 to comment, but my conclusion=total disaster.
    1. orange was way too much and on the groom it made my eyes sore
    2. the cake, were u trying to pull a stunt or the confectionary made a flop n u didnt have plan B
    3. makoti too serios, she is not happy about da cake
    4. the lady in pink, did yo designer do this on purpose coz u didnt pay her in full or its either she is not a designer but a dress-maker n u didnt understand the difference, u should have just gone to truworths/edgars, but still if u dont have taste n style i guess it would still be terrible

    Miss E

    9 November 2010 • 4:26 pm •
  32. Like mother like son, leaswana sure. Tradition ayoba!! makoti no smile sad face why? or maybe you don’t like the camera? I wish you all of the best in your marriage and may the Good Lord Richly Bless You…thanks for sharing


    9 November 2010 • 4:38 pm •
  33. Aowa banna! who came up with this BOLERO thing? It messes up the wedding gown. To those who are preparing for their weddings “Please cut the bolero and the gloves out”. They are so old fashioned.


    9 November 2010 • 5:29 pm •
  34. the wife doesn’t look happy at all, what happened to your smile? The hubby is the one trying to smile.


    10 November 2010 • 9:13 am •
  35. having a traditional or white wedding is one thing but blending the two is something else you need experts to pull it off,2 much tradition does the mother of the groom have a dress other than the traditional attire.

    thembi moreane

    10 November 2010 • 10:03 am •
  36. what I want to know does the mother of the groom have a dress na?that is not an insult Im just wondering because I have never seen her wearing one

    thembi moreane

    10 November 2010 • 10:06 am •
  37. Ndebele and culture halala! You can see makoti is reminding me of the weddings in the early ’90s she is not looking at people. WHere is the smile sisi…Pic 11 was not necessary colours of that dress are nice but the design it looks like it was made in needlewaork class. Anyway wishing u all the best…the double storey house is so nice hayi the ndebele paint yhoo


    10 November 2010 • 10:47 am •
  38. Hayi……..hayi………….kwenzeka ntoni apha, sies


    10 November 2010 • 11:31 am •
  39. ppl take your dull ugly things away from Sowetan plz


    10 November 2010 • 11:32 am •
  40. Why dont use your culture and forget about western wedding because everything is mixup le a bora. especially the cake o ka setsebe le gore ke eng?


    10 November 2010 • 1:21 pm •
  41. aretse!!!!!!!

    Shoki Moloto

    10 November 2010 • 1:34 pm •
  42. I applaud the couple for trying. What’s important is the fact that they enjoyed it and their guests as well.

    What happened to the pics of the couple with the silver and blue wedding theme admin


    10 November 2010 • 2:16 pm •
  43. I applaud the couple for trying, as long as they enjoyed it and their guests had a great time.

    Whatever happened to the blue and silver wedding pics. I was busy enjoying them and all of a sudden they disappeared.


    10 November 2010 • 2:17 pm •
  44. Siyahtokoza umnyanya mma uNothembi.Niphilisane kamnandi Maduma nonakwakho.Ngibuhlungu that i missed the wedding.Next time when you have umnyanya be very selective when inviting people.Those who are busy criticizing your wedding abanye abakendi nokwenda.Only God knows whether they will ever do

    Lady with a wig

    10 November 2010 • 3:40 pm •
  45. Thank you for the do No-Thembi.May Maduma and his bride live happily ever after.Next time when you have a do,be very selective when inviting people.Others are attending to spy so that they can gossip and criticise.Nabaceda abakendi!!!!


    10 November 2010 • 3:51 pm •
  46. you look nice but your are not happy makoti whats wrong it seems as if your forces to get married and the cake its not ayoba, but anyway God bless you and your man


    10 November 2010 • 4:42 pm •
  47. u 2 looks nice but the cake aa


    11 November 2010 • 10:53 am •
  48. NoThembi’s son? Wow ufana nomama ndoda yhuu.. Thank you for sharing, the wedding was nice. I like traditional weddings most, i like where the Ndebele women are in queue showcasing their attires. I dont understand what is going on with the cake, but everything else is ok. Maybe if you can send more pics that can show the cars, deco and everythingelse properly. Smile Makoti, ngowakho ngoku lobhuti ncuma ke sana uyeva. Nibahle…. God richly bless you and your families!


    11 November 2010 • 11:59 am •
  49. A marrige is a good thing and should be respected by all,pic 11 dirope ke tsang are you contesting?


    11 November 2010 • 1:43 pm •
  50. Its your choice, Wish you al the best


    11 November 2010 • 2:55 pm •
  51. Eish, this wedding is too busy anyway Congratulations, as for the lady in pic11 go back to the designer and demand a refund the dress not ayoba…..


    11 November 2010 • 3:27 pm •
  52. That cake is not ayoba,its like mpa ya ngoana.But anyway God bless u


    11 November 2010 • 3:32 pm •
  53. 1. makoti the white dress not ayoba
    2. the make up also, not ayoba
    3. i don’t want 2 mention the cake, shuuuu.


    11 November 2010 • 4:25 pm •
  54. more pics tu-makoti we cant see de dress


    11 November 2010 • 5:32 pm •
  55. The synthetic wig ,mara ke eng ka Tony Braxton?as for the bride ngwana batho e kare o mathateng,mmatsale wa hao e kare ha ao batle!


    12 November 2010 • 8:56 am •
  56. It is questionable when a girl does not smile on here wedding day. The worst of all, she is frowning. It seems as if she is regretting, or wish she didn’t have to marry. If I had attended the wedding with a present, I will go back home with it.


    12 November 2010 • 9:22 am •


    12 November 2010 • 1:37 pm •
  58. Pic 11, enough said… if u hev mosquito bites, stay away from BOOB-TUBES…. Congratz Makoti le Husby


    12 November 2010 • 2:57 pm •
  59. Oh yeah! and the cake, where did the baker get that dreadful awful cake colour and the shapes of the cakes are terrible and poorly presented.
    And please, rather have ten guests in your wedding than inviting wonke u vobe lo waselokshini!


    14 November 2010 • 6:25 am •
  60. no here i must just agree with you guys , where is some vavavooooooom. the woman is in trouble, and the cake?

    obed odelle

    15 November 2010 • 7:09 am •
  61. Ya,.. ho thata….Makoti o mathateng. It looks like your Mamazale planned your wedding,,,haai God bless your marriage


    15 November 2010 • 12:15 pm •
  62. What a ugly pink dress.

    Chiili Bite

    15 November 2010 • 12:56 pm •
  63. you should have been @ the wedding and mother in luvs her makoti very much…God bless you Mr & Mrs Mokoena


    15 November 2010 • 2:13 pm •
  64. pink dress, no no


    15 November 2010 • 2:56 pm •
  65. and where’s the smile, everyone is angry, especially mamazala


    15 November 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  66. Nice cakes nice tradition and god bless u wish u all the best.


    16 November 2010 • 12:50 pm •
  67. guys the way lenyalo ne le sa thabisi ka teng did you ever noticed that there was a celeb?(Nothembi a Ndebele lady who plays a guitar like no body’s business) if not that means ne go se monate at all.


    18 November 2010 • 7:24 am •
  68. Definitely no,no starting with the men’s suit and the bride is wearing not sure whether they are bracelets or what, not ayoba


    18 November 2010 • 12:15 pm •
  69. i love mamazala is the best singer for me,but the pink dress is a no no no.


    18 November 2010 • 1:38 pm •
  70. Which year was this 1980’s?? Haibo makoti where is the smile??


    19 November 2010 • 3:26 pm •
  71. this wedding looks strict, huuuweee.


    23 November 2010 • 2:57 pm •
  72. i hope they wl decsipline dat pink dress i mean everyone is covered here


    23 November 2010 • 3:07 pm •
  73. lol enough said…..tjo this weddng


    23 November 2010 • 3:35 pm •
  74. Guys please stop with your silly comments,some people do not like smilling and waht you must know is the Ndebele’s are very strict,yes te
    hey are those who are not (who live at the location)remember this wedding was held at the village were they are very reserved!!!!


    24 November 2010 • 12:46 pm •
  75. Makoti you supposed to be smiling on your wedding day, it your happiest day of your life & the cake was such a disaster, you could have done better. you only get married once & this was not Ayoba, it looked like a funeral something that just happed & was not planned for. Haai I’m disappointed.


    25 November 2010 • 5:02 pm •
  76. this are Ndebele people, they are colourful! kwakuhle kwethu! may God bless you… Mama Nothembi, i am far from being Ndebele but i love you & your humble beggining!


    30 November 2010 • 12:35 pm •
  77. ey i love your wedding guys


    1 December 2010 • 9:57 am •
  78. Aowa,by looking at the pics…the wedding was so boring…A gona daai ding-vibe…It looks as if the wedding was planned ke Mmamazala.Anyway Congradulations,o kene ko white gown


    9 December 2010 • 4:46 pm •
  79. Haibo that is African wedding real African one Ayoba Africa Ayoba?


    3 January 2011 • 3:14 pm •
  80. Hee hayi ke ngoku andiyazi le yenziwayo apha, hayi sana ndigqitywa yiCake yeyomhlaba toto iUni


    31 January 2011 • 3:52 pm •
  81. bababe! bababe! solo kwabangimi i have never seen such a beautiful wedding like this!. Especialy the Ndebele decorated double-storey is tops, Mathew itjhudu lodwa noMkhamanzi wakho noma angaMomotheki nje.
    White weddinng n Ndebele traditional is over the moon. AKWANDE UMUSA!

    Vusi Msweswe Msiza

    11 February 2011 • 1:31 pm •
  82. you were stunning both of you in your wedding.ngiyani halalisela big up.god bless you until eternity.


    8 March 2011 • 2:58 pm •