Wedding of Emelia & Kholofelo Thobejane


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    Quality ya dinepe e le senyeditse


    4 January 2012 • 3:49 pm •
  2. hai no this guy Thabiso appeared more than the groom Kholofelo on the pictures, You could easily make a mistake and think he’s the groom cause he’s all over, mara you’re your wedding Mr & Mrs Thobejane was very nice, may the almighty bless your union


    5 January 2012 • 11:37 am •
  3. Congratulations on your union, to many more years of happiness.
    I am confused who is the groom in these pictures?
    I hope you didn’t pay the photographer the pictures are terrible, I suggest you go to a photo studio and get yourself perfect photo memories of this wonderful day in your life.


    5 January 2012 • 3:05 pm •
  4. keng entlek mona hee. eish mare dilo tse dingwe


    5 January 2012 • 3:12 pm •
  5. Ganthe why le romela dinepe tsago nkiwa kadi cellphone, gape quality ya gona e so bad edira resa bona botse ba lenyalo!


    6 January 2012 • 3:12 pm •
  6. poor quality ya dinepe man, i wonder who sent them through. okare ba dinkile ka e250 lol. purple n grey mara? not ayoba.
    i like the bride’s dress, very beautiful. may God bless ur union n gud luck


    9 January 2012 • 4:56 pm •
  7. well wat can i say


    26 January 2012 • 2:10 pm •