Wedding of Asanda & Moipone


  1. your wedding was nice, I LOOOVE your shoes!!!!!!!!! a nice change from the white,silver and gold shoes we always see. you looked good gal. The less said about the lady in a purple dress, the better……


    14 December 2011 • 4:06 pm •
  2. y o re temile the whole dress


    14 December 2011 • 4:44 pm •
  3. The dress is beautiful mara Bowtie eo e sentse,suit ya groom not ayoba,bridesmaids dresses not so cool,makeup wa makoti not nice,Your jimmy choo shoes are nice but wrong colour for the event girl,are they original though???looks like you have invested more on the shoes than the ring…..beautiful photos i must say but wedding not so AYOBA…Good luck and all the best


    14 December 2011 • 4:51 pm •
  4. Congrats Makothi. @Zenzo – keep ur negativity to urself. This was the brides dream and memorable day – and if its not perfect in ur eyes – who are u to give ur 2 cents opinion. IT goes to show how sad some people are that they critize wedding as though they were professional wedding experts. To the newly wed – congrats and wishing u all the best in the future. All the haters and pessimist – if u have nothing positive to say – keep it to urselves! We have too much negativity already staring us in the face daily – so dont spoil a good thing (someone’s wedding) by adding ur negative opinion.


    21 December 2011 • 3:52 pm •
  5. everything was not ayoba at all


    26 December 2011 • 9:46 am •
  6. Wow wow wow wow what a beautiful wedding I love every thing about it. The bridesmaid’s dresses are to die for WOW! You looked beautiful makoti and your dress was very nice. May the Almighty bless your union and also bless you and your husband abundantly.


    27 December 2011 • 9:45 am •
  7. Congra guys,,,i like your theme,,,,


    9 January 2012 • 2:04 pm •
  8. Best wedding. I love everything about it, especially the brides shoes. It shows she has style.


    17 June 2012 • 4:40 pm •
  9. @ Zenzo, O nale problem. I wonder if you are ayoba since you’re saying everything about this wedding is not ayoba. What a beautiful well planned wedding. I love the brides shoes and the church deco. Wishing you all the best in your marriage


    20 July 2012 • 9:30 am •
  10. very beautiful wedding…i like the theme…. ur shoes are to die for.


    11 October 2012 • 10:40 am •
  11. Thank you 4romLondonwithLove and Bontle. People must invest in Wedding magazines and see how weddings have evolved.
    Beautiful wedding, beautiful pics, beautiful bridesmaids dresses, beautiful shoes (your taste and preference)- brand does not matter they are for your feet, beautiful rings.I wished to see the whole dress but thank you for sharing guys.

    God bless your union (Ecclesiastes 4: 10-12)

    FaithForever Couture

    22 October 2012 • 11:19 am •