Vusimusi Ndlhovu and Veronica Mashego




    24 February 2010 • 2:26 pm •
  2. beautiful wedding, but makoti you are a little bit taller than the guy you didn’t have to put on high hills, but please send more pictures, God bless you!!!!!!!!!!


    24 February 2010 • 2:27 pm •
  3. May God richly bless your marriage respect and communication is the key to the success of your marriage beautiful wedding


    24 February 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  4. KK please rescue those of us who do not have the right words!!!!!!!!!!!


    24 February 2010 • 3:40 pm •
  5. You guys looked beautiful, congratulation and add more pic’s.


    24 February 2010 • 4:00 pm •
  6. Good luck, makoti some walk on red carpet and you walk on grey carpet any better reason for that?
    Your dress is kinda old fashioned to me with the those round wires inside, how did you sit down?The person who decorated robbed you pic no.17 come on is that how your table looked? God bless you in your marriage


    24 February 2010 • 4:03 pm •
  7. May God bless your marriage, beautiful color combination but le ganne ke skero sesi. roko ya gao e botse but e bontsha stiffening le mafahla a godimo kudu, tsa di strooi tsona ga ke nyake le go bolela. Your men look handsome in their suits especially the groom… le swaraneng botse.


    24 February 2010 • 4:19 pm •
  8. he!some people… all the best


    24 February 2010 • 4:26 pm •
  9. I was almost convienced with the profile pic but as Im looking things are not Ayoba…Dress!Deco wat went wrong shame. But I can see this is true love.May u be richly blessed with more love for each other.


    24 February 2010 • 4:32 pm •
  10. Aowa! hle red carpet e kae? Le gona o be o jela ka potong re bona monola?


    25 February 2010 • 7:53 am •
  11. Wow I love your dress it’s so beautiful and may the lord bless your marraige forever.


    25 February 2010 • 8:35 am •
  12. I love the dress the problem is the anarok,the wires on it just didnt look good the pictures.the decor very simple & straight to the point.For those who think they can do better,sicela ukhubona amapics of your weddings!


    25 February 2010 • 10:29 am •
  13. Congrats guys, but i must say that you two should go back and demand your money back for the decor, who ever did your decor ole tlwaela hampe serious.
    May you have a blessed union.


    25 February 2010 • 10:56 am •
  14. Nice wedding! Wishing you all of the Best in your marriage and May God Bless you abundantly, thanks for sharing.

    Tebogo M

    25 February 2010 • 10:57 am •
  15. I completely agree with Boss & Mabebeza about the wired dress and the grey carpet.Please bride’s-to-be that is why there are wedding planning magazines out there and blogs like these one, for you to watch and learn. The wired petticoat is so 60’s, the matron of honour’s dress makes her look like a hen and as for the decor with 3/4 table cloths,it could have been so much better. Anyway all the best and God Bless.


    25 February 2010 • 11:32 am •
  16. yes Boss ur right……i mean who in the hell decorated your tent?…ur wearing a white dress manje didnt u get dirty emhlabathini..u must ask for refund..i mean decor ppl should have provided a carpert bathong..aowa..and traking a pic next to “easy loo”…loyo khamera man usile…

    ms P

    25 February 2010 • 11:46 am •
  17. Our deco people can let us down u know, though I like the colour combination but I think more effort should have been put on decorating more especially your table. Eish, that dress..mmmm…the place where you shot your photos was beautiful.
    But what matters most is that the two loverbirds got married and blessed with a baby, how wonderfull…please take a good care of each other till death do you apart.


    25 February 2010 • 11:51 am •
  18. @RTMZ I agree with you.
    Ya ne……. the matron of honours’ dress.
    Anyway thanks for sharing and all the best in u’re marrige.


    25 February 2010 • 12:16 pm •
  19. God bless your union. Your bouquet was beautiful dear.

    Haai Boss,I think the grey carpet was because it rained, there was mud, and the family had to improvise so that the white dress doesn’t get dirty.


    25 February 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  20. no comment GOD BLESS YOUR UNION..!!


    25 February 2010 • 1:05 pm •
  21. Congratulations guys, and what was wrong with the matron of hounour’s dress?


    25 February 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  22. Aowa batho ba modimo, jwale maid of honour yena o be a apere eng? shoo gape batho ba tla go senyetja lenyalo.

    God bless you guys, you look happy and thats what matters!


    25 February 2010 • 2:47 pm •
  23. It doesn’t matter what all this negative people are saying,what matter’s is the love between the two of you & the respect you have for each other.Everybody must plan their wedding according to their budget,if this was how much you can afford,bravo! maybe God bless you


    25 February 2010 • 3:02 pm •
  24. For those who don’t know, all wedding dressed have the under dress wiriring, The reason why we can see the wiring underneath, is because it was windy,your dress looks lovey my dear regardless of what other people say.


    25 February 2010 • 3:41 pm •
  25. Congratulations guys, may the good God richely bless you.


    25 February 2010 • 3:44 pm •
  26. Beautiful indeed


    25 February 2010 • 9:15 pm •



    25 February 2010 • 9:20 pm •
  28. ehh, the dress is like a 1820’s dress in those old movies, come on guyz lts plan and watch for ideas


    26 February 2010 • 8:29 am •
  29. look smart please add more picture, cnt wait for my wedding day


    26 February 2010 • 10:37 am •
  30. As long as u were happy about everything it’s fine,thanx 4 shering ur big day with us,God bless your wedding,niphathane kahle ningamvumeli unamba 3 angene phakathi kwenu.


    26 February 2010 • 10:58 am •
  31. Whoever u were taking with u for yo fittings is not Ayoba she should have stopped u there & there when u thought this is it coz really its not it…mara ge wat can we say it was yo day as long as u felt u were the most beautiful person in that dress…God Bless yo marriage.


    26 February 2010 • 11:09 am •
  32. Hai…legale lenyetse God bless


    26 February 2010 • 12:07 pm •
  33. i was moderated sori guys but clearly they do not want me to speak my mind…………….


    1 March 2010 • 9:46 am •
  34. i really think McTavish and collegues should have let buti vusi and the wife to select the most suitable pics from the camera-man who was there, please buti vusi redo the whole pic thing, i see there is a camera man on pic8 please resend the photos yourself. God Bless


    1 March 2010 • 2:35 pm •
  35. @Javas,you are wrong, not all wedding dress have under wires, I can personally vouch for that.Do your homework.
    @Babe and everybody else who puts us down by saying we are being negative, please note that these blogs are meant to get peoples reactions (positive or negative) and they also help other brides-to-be to be aware of the does and don’t of a wedding to avoid embarrasement.
    Its not that we are not happy for the couple, we truly are, that is why we never forget to wish them the best at the end of our messages.It is just that, this one day cannot be repeated and its so importabt to make it all WOW, even with a small budget.


    2 March 2010 • 9:41 am •
  36. to BABE

    kk, you must speak your mind, if other people have got problem, its their business. We can all look at the same thing and come up with completely different ideas, and this is reality they must deal with it. If I look at the dress and doesn’t look beautiful, should I say it is to please other people? people share their photos with us and the fortunate part of it is that we can also post our comments on what we see, whether positive or negative, it does not matter.


    2 March 2010 • 10:17 am •
  37. Guys we are Happy for you but to be honest the wire underneath is so not ayoba. about the deco it also depends on the moolah guys. God bless your union.


    2 March 2010 • 1:48 pm •
  38. Nice wedding,May the Good Lord Bless You.

    Zanele K

    4 March 2010 • 3:34 pm •
  39. You guyz look FAB…..may God bless


    8 March 2010 • 11:18 am •
  40. you guys look fantastic,good luck.


    10 March 2010 • 5:09 pm •
  41. hhayi anginawo amazwi. . . . .


    20 March 2010 • 8:41 am •
  42. i thought i was seeing the reincarnation of shakespear,sorry!


    26 April 2010 • 9:42 am •
  43. Ay!guys honestly speaking lomshado was not beatiful,i mean the dress,deco and brides maids dresses for me its not Ayoba sorry but that’s the way i see it,but what matters now it’s that they are married and they love each other,congatulation guys God bless you,but umshado wenu its a big no no!


    1 July 2010 • 7:09 pm •
  44. for 1nc dd nt get to c kk’s comment “phew”, otherwise is it true about the myth ya go jela ka potong?? coz the weather was a bit nasty, good luck om ur marriage, there could have been a few adjusments


    10 July 2010 • 2:57 pm •
  45. Guys tell did you have a wedding planner! Ha-A I don’t think so, with that wired dress no ways. Everything is No! NO. here!


    8 September 2010 • 1:57 pm •
  46. mara ke eng?matron of honour yena okare she is gonna fall on her back with dat dress.okare nkabe le kgopetse da advices.u should hav kept your pictures on ur album not publish them unless dos tyms.


    17 October 2010 • 5:45 pm •