Vusi and Marcia Thekiso


  1. shoo makoti di cake tse kaaka,i bet no one will compalin that she/he did not have a pice of a cake. but other than that the decor was beatiful.stay blessed and congaratulations


    13 April 2010 • 3:20 pm •
  2. Nice decor and a whole lot of cake…


    13 April 2010 • 3:34 pm •
  3. You guys look lovely,congratulations!!hope you have a blessed marriage.keep the love blossoming,by being each other’s friends.Remember , the only third person allowed in a marriage is God -not your friends!


    13 April 2010 • 3:41 pm •
  4. nibahle niyafanelana God bless


    13 April 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  5. Wow u guys look lovely.God bless.


    13 April 2010 • 3:49 pm •
  6. Kuku e kaana, ha ke so e bone. Congrats on your wedding.


    13 April 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  7. ejoo,joo,joooo,kuku ya lena e kakang!


    13 April 2010 • 4:01 pm •
  8. I must say the venue looks very nice but wassup with the lady on pic10 “stomach out” hello, its wedding not a “spring day contest” and why did you have some many cakes, did you serve your guest cakes only?


    13 April 2010 • 4:09 pm •
  9. Wow! What a beautiful traditional wedding.By the looks of things no cent was spared to make sure the event was the way it was. Beautiful and very simple decor. The use of colours done so wisely. My sister who is getting married soon loved your cake so much, she decided she’s gonna steel your idea.

    Congrats to you and may God bless your union!


    13 April 2010 • 4:10 pm •
  10. what is happening with the’s westernised but you are dressed in traditional….very confusing i must the cake real or what? otherwise have a blessed marriage.


    13 April 2010 • 4:16 pm •
  11. nice but the cake is too big.


    13 April 2010 • 7:54 pm •
  12. where are the brides and groom maids. ke rata sepedi sa lona ebile le batle.


    14 April 2010 • 8:39 am •
  13. Ijo botle bo bo kana.ur outfits are stunning guys wish u all best in ur marriage.I like,i like & i like the deco


    14 April 2010 • 9:00 am •
  14. Nice picture may God be with you guys


    14 April 2010 • 9:05 am •
  15. Wow beautiful guys.May the lord bless you and respect one another.


    14 April 2010 • 9:53 am •
  16. sesi ur wedding was nice according 2 my eyes, keep inviting god in ur plans coz devil its a liar liar liar…. keep praying & may he richly bless ur union… god bless u. sheila kgatle – lenyenye.


    14 April 2010 • 10:09 am •
  17. sesi ur wedding was nice according 2 my eyes, keep inviting god in ur plans coz devil its a liar liar liar…. keep praying & may he richly bless ur union… god bless u.


    14 April 2010 • 10:10 am •
  18. Nice traditional wedding,but the cake its as if you are going to feed an army,no,please check you top wena squeeza, your waist is all the show


    14 April 2010 • 10:33 am •
  19. beautiful. God bless u


    14 April 2010 • 10:46 am •
  20. Eish too much of a gud thing ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!…do dey stil make cakes lyk dat??its busy yoh,da decor my word its busy.makoti’s hair ws busy.da ldy with brown attire & da stomach sticking out???oh let me guess it is da sibling who sent da pics ne???da couples attires r busy (red,white,brown,rainbow beads,brown)haaaaai no ur bridal party wa stunning da men r simply dressed.must say i looooooove da zulu attire…..eish the sibling who meant well…Good luck in ur marriage guys.may God bless ur union & may u live happily ever after.


    14 April 2010 • 11:03 am •
  21. Eish i nearly 4got Mr Thekiso a smile would have been nice.


    14 April 2010 • 11:05 am •
  22. Zozo(the sister) where are the other pics, the Bride goen was wow more pics please, and I LLOOOOVED the decor my sister.


    14 April 2010 • 11:44 am •
  23. Hhayi, I am speechless. I thought this is supposed to be a traditional wedding, what’s up with the modernised deco. A lot has been said about the cake already I am not going to waste my breathe. The traditional attire is nice and beautiful but the colours are too busy for my liking. The lady with a stomach out must just spoiled her own pic. Well you both look happy. May God bless your marriage.


    14 April 2010 • 11:45 am •
  24. Haa…Pic no 10 DISGASTING otherwise everythig was planned accordingly.. Shine Makoti Shine Mmangwana o swara thipa ka bogaleng.


    14 April 2010 • 11:58 am •
  25. Mr Thekiso nkane onyenyebetje!Guys look beautiful,even the deco is too much but nice. I wish you all of da Best in your marriage. May the good Lord cover both you in the shadow of his wings. Stay Blessed!!

    Tebogo M

    14 April 2010 • 12:01 pm •
  26. aowa Thepo, a se kuku kana, ke kuku tse kuku fela, go tletse yona. mong le mongwe o tla e hwetsa.
    God bless u in ur marriage


    14 April 2010 • 1:06 pm •
  27. i bet every one got a piece of i khekhe la makoti, girl it was too much!!!!! your deco is nice. the red and cream attire suits you well.shame sibling what’s up ka stomach out!!

    congadulations to both makoti le mokhonyana on the step taken.


    14 April 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  28. guys I was on that wedding the lady with the brown attire looked good, so whats all the fuss about, and for your information it was a white weeding not only traditional, the tradition is the second attire. if you have nothing nice to say just keep your comments to your self


    14 April 2010 • 1:41 pm •
  29. All the best guyz and KK play nice,wa mpolaya.


    14 April 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  30. Yoh didi r u blind??????da grooms looks sour ijooo u cant evn tel gore he is handsome or not.


    14 April 2010 • 2:41 pm •
  31. @KK u rock me eish!!! I agree with everything u said.

    To Vusi & Marcia may God pls blessed yo marriage with lots of love.
    I never saw a cake lyk dis.


    14 April 2010 • 3:00 pm •
  32. Too much going on here….eish, the auntie who did the cake also went way overboard.

    @ Dineo1, we are not disputing the fact that the lady in the brown attire looked good, we are simply saying that, her stomach is sticking out and in the process ruined the picture.

    Anyway congrats to the couple.


    14 April 2010 • 3:20 pm •
  33. @dineo sorry we thought it was a traditional wedding only.makoti please send us more pictures tsa white dress and bridesmaid.


    14 April 2010 • 3:25 pm •
  34. Love you KK… (I’m not gonna comment, you’ve done that already)


    14 April 2010 • 3:35 pm •
  35. Ayoba ni bahle Vusi Khethile the nice nice


    14 April 2010 • 4:27 pm •
  36. KK,you are very honest and I bet so many people hate you because truth hurts.KK,maybe you can start a business on wedding planning,it seems like you have good ideas of what is right or not,I mean if you are not a wedding planner.Makoti,your cake was too much,anyway what is important is that your wedding went well and may God richly bless you.


    14 April 2010 • 4:38 pm •
  37. what do u lose by smiling mara ye especialy on ur wedding day? pic 10 dibejeje out


    14 April 2010 • 5:07 pm •
  38. I love pic no. 13- beautiful. congrats on ur wedding- buuuuuuuut ttoo much cake


    15 April 2010 • 2:44 pm •
  39. Mara lona, Do u honestly think and believe that someone can just stick her stomach out like that…Ke phoso mann! This things do happen.
    La tena mann!


    15 April 2010 • 3:19 pm •
  40. this is to Mr & Mrs Thekiso

    your wedding was so nice that i’ve never seen anything like it, it was filled with love, not only urs but God’s love. people will send good & bad comments. to those good comments thank you, to those who critisize are you married?? KK your comments sounds gay are you. to tell you one thing i dress in whatever makes me feel comfortable & tha attire suited me, even if i have to say so my self & for the record ” who said you cannt wear something that shows ur stomach cos its a wedding?? le di matla yoo…Didi & Dineo post email addresses & i’ll send u rest of the fotos. LOTS OF LOVE ZO

    zozo( lady in brown)

    15 April 2010 • 3:32 pm •
  41. no commant good luck on starting your family


    15 April 2010 • 3:42 pm •
  42. Too much everything.May the gud Lord bless ur marriage


    15 April 2010 • 4:33 pm •
  43. @Shumza, don’t promote nonsense to kk. You are trying to make youself better! To the newly wedds God bless.


    16 April 2010 • 8:35 am •
  44. Oh i khekhe e li ngaka chini bethunana?
    may u be blessed

    Cookie Monster

    16 April 2010 • 10:15 am •
  45. beatiful wedding and the wedding cakes “i’m speechless”


    16 April 2010 • 12:10 pm •
  46. hi guys

    It is a big step that you have taken but I am not sure you are happy about getting married no smile what is wrong. Give us same love and lots of smiles


    16 April 2010 • 1:41 pm •
  47. I have never seen so much cake in my life! i bet no one complained gore le mo timile. you guys looked beautiful. marriage is a beautiful blessing from God. take care of each other and God Bless!


    17 April 2010 • 9:13 pm •
  48. Shumza me n RTMZ r lookin into dat dear….sure u will b our first client…Im glad i alwys get ppl 2 comment a lot of comments hav kk on dem…dii nyc guys i get u 2 enjy da blog ne!!!!!Kholeka u nvr seem 2 stop amusing me!!!


    19 April 2010 • 11:13 am •
  49. My original response was moderated so let me re-phrase and put in nicer words! goes….hmmm this a big effort:here goes hope i get it ryt!!!:
    @ Dineo1 its either were are not looking @ da same wedding or all of da ader bloggers r blind???????THERE ARE NO WESTERN WEDDING PICS HERE!!!!!!
    @Zozo was da gay comment supposed 2 b a joke??????????hahahahahaha im unfaced my love…u sure tried ur answer ur question no dear im not gay.Im an african queen zo as gud as dey come..der is no time 4 petty emotions here…i do looooooove ur zulu attire shem it ws nyc!!thinkin of wearing dat 4 my traditional wedding hmmmmmmm food 4 thought!!!

    admin please you killing me here!


    19 April 2010 • 2:48 pm •
  50. @ Dineo and Zozo , there are weddings and THERE ARE WEDDINGS, I think you gals should start attending THE WEDDINGS, so you can be exposed to beautiful things out there….people learn from these blogs.


    19 April 2010 • 3:01 pm •
  51. oh!!!!oh!!!!God bless you and always remember that god is big all the time.


    20 April 2010 • 11:52 am •
  52. so many cakes, iyo guys can I have one!


    21 April 2010 • 1:27 pm •
  53. ok @admin did you really have to moderate me? iam so hurt because i really wanted to tell zozo to not do what she did next time ok then let me comment about the wedding it looked nice and the bride looks familiar mabye we went to school together. congratulation the Thekisos.


    21 April 2010 • 6:11 pm •
  54. Zozo ke go emetse!!!n yes RTMZ is ryt there are weddings and then there are WEDDINGS go out der myb u wil c..btr yet chck da blog there are stunning weddings that deserve a big up!!!WEDDINGS dat u wish u could hav bn invited 2,WEDDINGS dat u cnt help but get jealous,WEDDINGS dat u cannot forget i can name so many exquisite WEDDINGS on dis blog.this was a wedding!!!!!!!!!!


    22 April 2010 • 10:38 am •
  55. Mara why was I moderated, and it happened more than once even when i wasnt saying anything negative.


    22 April 2010 • 2:11 pm •
  56. been following the blog from last year March,but my opinion is that the people who post thier wedding pics they just want to share thier wedding day with us, so to them it was perfect they way it was.


    22 April 2010 • 3:04 pm •
  57. Tiso go na le sabotage moo straight!!!…..EEEEEEE *clearing my throat*Karabo we knw dey wnt 2 share n we knw dey r happy coz deir day ws perfect…pls note this we hav an option to comment which means dey want 2 hear our opinions!!!1


    23 April 2010 • 12:12 pm •
  58. hi but the orange cakes, i took time to count iyooo


    28 April 2010 • 4:50 pm •
  59. can somebody help me about the cake is this really cake or what if it i will keep my comment angikaze ngiyibone -ke le!


    30 April 2010 • 4:50 pm •


    4 May 2010 • 11:17 am •
  61. So many cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I really enjoyed looking at ur photos

    Mikateko Mabunda

    5 May 2010 • 11:39 am •


    6 May 2010 • 11:23 am •
  63. but the tradition i like it


    30 September 2010 • 5:34 pm •