Tirelo and Nthabi Motsepe


  1. Wow this is very, i mean very very nice, everything looks great you look like fun loving happy couple.I wish you can stay like that for as long as you both shal live, angikho sure nga the shorts part ke i nika another impression. But a very lovely wedding you had guys stay blessed!!!


    16 November 2009 • 5:51 pm •
  2. HE,HE you guys are funny…continue to have this fun in your mirrage, never get bored of each other. You really had fun and thats the most important thing about wedding celebration.
    May God bless you and love each other more



    17 November 2009 • 8:18 am •
  3. Girl you look really hot and you guys look happy together. Wishing you all the best in your marriage. Enjoy


    17 November 2009 • 8:35 am •
  4. Yoba makoti le mogonyana ayoba


    17 November 2009 • 8:37 am •
  5. All I can say is WOW!! WOW !! WOW!


    17 November 2009 • 9:47 am •
  6. Wow guys I really love your style and makoti beautiful you really enjoyed your day. Please take care of each other and the way you guys are smiling keep it that way forever.Oh yes WOW WOW AND WOW. I JUST LOVE THE STYLE.


    17 November 2009 • 10:08 am •
  7. Hey!!! U look stunning both of you. You r all happy for what you r doing it shows really that is your special day. I like your style by wearing a t-shirts, shorts and all star. It’s for the first time i saw and i’m impressed. May God rich bless your marriage and your kids. Love you all


    17 November 2009 • 10:25 am •
  8. Guys that was beautiful But the shorts? or was it a low budget wedding?but you guys looked very happy May God bless you and your love grow stronger and deeper.


    17 November 2009 • 10:39 am •
  9. everything looks graat,expert the shorts what were you thinking guys this suppose to be the best day of your life, what are you going to show ur children when they grow up. Wukwihi Ndavuko wa N’wina.


    17 November 2009 • 10:45 am •
  10. That’s AYOBA!!! Beautiful wedding must say, I love the T-shirts something unusual…you guys were ROCKING!!! May the Good Almighty Bless Your Marriage Abundantly, wishing you all of the Best. Thanks for sharing….

    Tebogo M

    17 November 2009 • 11:00 am •
  11. Hi all umona phansi nibahle hheyi boet please take care of that woman you guy’s rock The Good The best The Ossum…………..


    17 November 2009 • 11:18 am •
  12. WOW great wedding…the t-shirts were a gud idea but not for ur change maybe whn u getting ready or for kitchen party & bachelor party.


    17 November 2009 • 11:22 am •
  13. Hola, Hola banyadi. Makoti you really showed them your footprint. thatha makoti thatha


    17 November 2009 • 11:32 am •
  14. Am speechless. I dont know what to say. That’s a wonderful wedding one of a kind.


    17 November 2009 • 1:37 pm •
  15. ayoyo… ziyawa kwamnganwami… ayoyo, Goodluck guys, and keep the spirite guys.


    17 November 2009 • 2:31 pm •
  16. I declare this ‘Wedding of the year!’

    You guys have happiness written all over your faces. I didnt realise the day was so spectacular! You are glowing Mrs Motsepe, Mr Motsepe is charming as ever. I love you guys and thanks again for making me a big part of your wedding!!

    Mangaliso Mokoape

    17 November 2009 • 2:52 pm •
  17. beautiful wedding,you guys looks happy,i lyk,i lyk…God bless u.


    17 November 2009 • 2:54 pm •
  18. Wow! Yoo rock girl. I like no. 10. Tirelo is looking at you with passion and love. Congratulations. Beautiful pictures


    17 November 2009 • 3:38 pm •
  19. Wow beautiful wedding you guys look happy together, wish all the best for the future, and the shorts you guys look funky i love it.


    17 November 2009 • 3:41 pm •
  20. What a unique & innovative concept, u look great together, wish u all the best Ntha!!


    17 November 2009 • 4:42 pm •
  21. yes a wedding is a day to be remembered esp the two who get married. not many pass thru it but if you do pass thru it, regardless of all the different thoughts you are a very lucky girl. take care of your hubby and respect and love him he looks very humble. May the good Lord bless you two and forget about any comment that is not a blessing to you, we just express what we think and how we feel when we look thru your pics, love you guys


    17 November 2009 • 5:23 pm •
  22. The apparently final and simple attire they wore bowled me over! I mean it’s original and ordinary yet it retains a special and equally indellible memory for them! Worth emulating indeed!


    17 November 2009 • 5:58 pm •
  23. This is ayoba, perfect, nice @ unique!!!!!!!!!!!!


    18 November 2009 • 7:58 am •
  24. the shorts tells us exactly what kind of a couple u are.i dont like formal wear either bt i cant go to wedding with shorts & all star .imagine if i had gone to a wedding with high heels & find the groom & bride wearing this?after all u looked nice on ur first clothes


    18 November 2009 • 8:48 am •
  25. u really looks so beautiful nthabi nd ur husband is really really handsome conguratulation keep well ,be lovers for ever

    Elizabeth thembi pho

    18 November 2009 • 9:55 am •
  26. recession recession recession itlile kamatla

    u should not have changed u should have stucked with ur white dress e yona it gives another impression there is nothing wrong with staying with same clothes the whole day


    18 November 2009 • 10:32 am •
  27. Guyz, this was beautiful. I like what i see here, you have “love” written all over your faces. Please remain as loving as you are. May God bless and Keep you and be with you in all your endeavours in life.

    Linda Mahlutshana

    18 November 2009 • 10:58 am •
  28. love ur wedding photo,love the all star outfitt


    18 November 2009 • 11:41 am •


    18 November 2009 • 12:00 pm •
  30. Its obvious you have met ebumnandini and i think the shorts and All-stars was just a way of you to remind each other how and were you have me. Imagine parents in law seeing their dota in law nge langa lo mshado wearing that? You should have worn that nge braai.


    18 November 2009 • 12:41 pm •
  31. Phansi ngomona phansi!!!U really enjoyed your day guys and it shows with the pictures.I like the kasi feel as well.May the good Lord sustain your marriage.Thatha makoti nomkhwenyana thatha!!!


    18 November 2009 • 12:59 pm •
  32. You look gud guys, congrats, especially the changing clothes, keepin it kasi like, that im impr5essed. Its so unique


    18 November 2009 • 4:28 pm •


    18 November 2009 • 5:22 pm •
  34. Aai aai aaai,”Oa sareng shate wa duma”, You guys looks stunning. Wishing you all the best in your marriage.


    19 November 2009 • 8:52 am •
  35. This is so AYOBAAAAA!!! U r the ROCKING GUY & the ROCKING LADY:-)


    19 November 2009 • 9:30 am •
  36. Wow, this is great guys, you just helped us to see gore on your special day you still need to be yourself to enjoy the whole thing. good job guys and i personally have learned a lot.


    19 November 2009 • 11:32 am •
  37. All the best guys you look nice I like you stlye and you go girl no one will come between you guys you look like you are as well as best friends java mtwana yaba!!!!!!!!!!


    19 November 2009 • 2:12 pm •
  38. heheheheheheheheheh,this is funney hey,but every1 has its own choice,

    well done guys,people this was part of braai,is after wedding,we dance the floor, so plz buzz off…


    19 November 2009 • 3:15 pm •
  39. guys those t-shirts are meant for the Rehearsal days, not the wedding day!!!!!!! kasi or not kasi that is just not on…..


    19 November 2009 • 3:26 pm •
  40. Sori guys but it’s not ayoba, it is a wedding not a bash.Big ups 2 Memeh, imagine de in-laws seeing their Makoti nge All Star and Shorts ngelanga lomshado. I liked the maid of honour’s dress – ubumuhle sisi.


    20 November 2009 • 11:04 am •
  41. I think you guys ruined your wedding, it would have been better if you didn’t change at all. The first atire was better and the second one was a BIG BIG NO. Some people in this wedding looked nicer than the bride. Just emagine wearing a free-beez skipa on your wedding day.


    20 November 2009 • 11:21 am •
  42. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Bride” and “Groom” t-shirts, shorts and All Star! This is amazing! You guys are so innovative and regardless of all the negative feedback I think it worked! And besides, it was YOUR day and you seemed to have made a blast of it. The attire gets my
    ” SO FASH” rubber stamp! U are the stuff!


    20 November 2009 • 11:23 am •
  43. Kelorata rati!!! DAMN I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I can’t move my eyes from your photo’s. Ntho entle ele kannete.

    Tebogo M

    20 November 2009 • 3:07 pm •
  44. ingaku katigrooveriwa laha!


    21 November 2009 • 6:47 pm •
  45. congrats guys. looking good big brother!!!

    Innocenti mOTSI

    22 November 2009 • 12:12 pm •
  46. Nice wed.guys hope you stay as happy as you are.GOD BLESS YOU

    Zanele Khabanyana

    24 November 2009 • 1:32 pm •
  47. Makoti walepantsula (ha-ha!!) only one of its kind I guess…May the Almighty bless ur union… Saka makoti saka…


    24 November 2009 • 1:40 pm •
  48. Awesome… Cograts to the happy couple, you guys look lovely, sad i missed the festivities. Outfits rocked… so original! Love you guys…


    24 November 2009 • 2:21 pm •
  49. Its just beautiful to see a couple so happy on their wedding day..I luv the t-shirt idea..very unpredictable and stylish..


    25 November 2009 • 11:51 am •
  50. u were nice in ur first dress but in those t-shirts i don’t think is a gut idea but what can we say its ur day n i don’t think u regret it


    25 November 2009 • 1:35 pm •
  51. Those who are negative i think its bad,

    These people did what PLIZ them, it was their day and they surely wore what represented their personalities.
    It is a good style and i complement them for doing things differently, and I dont think its recession, I think its creativity and enjoying each other while you are still young.

    The wedding looked beutifull, so people stop critisizing them, they are married (R U) they are happy (R U) they are creative (R U)
    May the Lord bless this couple and make them live longer.


    26 November 2009 • 9:14 am •
  52. WOW you guys- what an impressive wedding you had. It has nothign to do with recession but it was all about loosen up and doing things a whole lot different. It shows that you took time to prepare and plan your beautiful wedding, you appear to be very much happy and in love with one another. The shorts and T’s attire so so AYOBAAAAAAAA…I love it to bits. To be honest, if it was white people in shorts we were going to praise them for creativity and being witty but because ke bo darkie we think they are not ON…you guys rockkkk…maybe the good Lord bless your marriage…keep the creativity rolling…


    27 November 2009 • 8:19 am •
  53. True to that Nivo, bo darkie ra gatelana…well said my dear, bona keba ratarati…Tjo vee Tjo!!!!!

    Tebogo M

    27 November 2009 • 11:17 am •
  54. everything was AYOBA eccept the shirts and the takkies !


    2 December 2009 • 12:29 pm •
  55. this style is ayoba….kese rata ratiiii…

    seki collen

    2 December 2009 • 2:40 pm •
  56. Beautiful and creative (100% from me)


    3 December 2009 • 9:09 am •
  57. may god bless you guys, i like it


    3 December 2009 • 12:17 pm •
  58. obadirile ngwaneso Ayoba


    3 December 2009 • 12:29 pm •
  59. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and for being creative – the t-shirts and shorts are sooo lovely – Phansi ngo mona phansi


    4 December 2009 • 2:24 pm •
  60. Songezo, those pics were put for people to comment so weather people commenting are married or not is not the issue here, the issue is how one sees their wedding, so sorry for you if you happen to be offended. Everybody has his/her own view, so please ungazo zenza umunthu la. I wonder if u are married, if yes lets see ur pics, they must be pretty good ha?


    6 December 2009 • 1:48 pm •
  61. Ino and Songezo, kindly guys be advised that the comment box it’s not meant for arguments or any discriminations okay? We should complement our fellow brothers and sisters and appreciate them for sharing with us their beautiful and special day, that’s it.Hope am clear.

    Tebogo M

    7 December 2009 • 1:12 pm •
  62. Guys what a wonderfull wedding it was.. Imibono must be realistic..not negetaive especially in something like this..in this case the wedding was well planned,yo guys looked stunning and the t shirts idea was brillant,something different and abantu bakithi abafuni i change if you wanna see people hurt and mumbling and all that negetivity bring i change..and this just proves it..(especially blacks)..Tirelo & Nthabi pls do me & youreslf a favour not to take all the negetivity into consideration at all. I hope you know better..

    Phansi ngo mona phansi!!!!!


    7 December 2009 • 1:30 pm •
  63. Wow!!!!

    I love the takkies and the T-shirts stunning guys…..
    That was way out of the box really.


    7 December 2009 • 4:35 pm •
  64. This is pretty unusual and rather comfortable.


    8 December 2009 • 7:31 am •
  65. Batho ba mzanzi tlogelang mona ,tirelo le nthabi you guys rock.This is the day that the lord has made.May all of your wishes come true ,stay blessed.Re ya lerata


    8 December 2009 • 11:45 am •
  66. Wow! Seemingly you guys are inlove how I wish I can get my hubby as well second outfit is so unique and very stylish. May all be well with you…..all the best!


    8 December 2009 • 1:15 pm •
  67. i like your t-shirts guys. le tla la e designer.HUuuUUU, Ayobanesss, nka dira after party e so.


    10 December 2009 • 3:14 pm •
  68. I just want congradulate this happy creative couple.The guy in the picture was our head boy at Settlers Agricultural High School.He was always a man of real class and style.I am really for you guys your wedding was one of a kind,all the best in your lvves together.


    14 December 2009 • 10:34 am •
  69. What a gorgeous wedding!! You guys looked so happy!!! exactly like you should look on the day you marry your soulmate!!! Congratulations guys!!!


    26 January 2010 • 8:38 pm •
  70. Congratulations Tirelo!!


    23 February 2010 • 11:53 am •