Thulani and Mankosi Maphumulo


  1. Beautiful wedding indeed. That cake is beautiful and i love the way the photographer captured it. God bless you forever


    4 June 2010 • 2:08 pm •
  2. The cake looks divine. The table setting is simple yet stylish, you look very happy and the little girl is just too cute. I LIKE, I LIKE!!!well done!!


    4 June 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  3. Makoti you are so beautiful and i am glad the wedding was here at home.BUUUt UMKHONYANA o mo Khopana soo,I love your cute little girl.
    I am not sure about the green though.

    God Bless U Guys.


    4 June 2010 • 2:42 pm •
  4. nyc pics,may good continuosly bless u guys and your beautiful daughter.


    4 June 2010 • 2:43 pm •
  5. Cutie little girl and you looked beautiful. Your wedding dress is to die for,God bless.


    4 June 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  6. Everything is perfect. God bless u tsweri style for SURE.AYOBAAAAAA


    4 June 2010 • 3:22 pm •
  7. Beautiful wedding, Nice decor, Beautiful well suited dress.
    Theme colour? wether Green or Pink? Cos the table decoration is pink
    and the bridesmaid are wearing Green and Brown.
    Nice cake, I wish the bridesmaid were wearing the same dress.

    May you be bless in your matrimony


    4 June 2010 • 4:08 pm •
  8. girl , your wedding was very beutiful u got the style.


    4 June 2010 • 4:23 pm •
  9. The bridal party colour combination worked well. Too much going on with the bridemaids, dresses, hair and shoes. Big up for the groomsmen. Cute flower girl and ring bearer and nice and simple decor.

    You makoti, you also looked beautiful and as for your dear husband, you have proven to the world that size doesn’t matter, only love does.

    God bless and congratulations to the couple


    4 June 2010 • 4:55 pm •
  10. ha..ha…ha..Tearsgas thanx 4 the comment but I’m not sure what “o mo Khopana” means! If u mean he’s too short then I’m left wondering if there r any height restrictions in love if so then I must be really blind cos to me he’s just MY PERFECT MAN…..he doesn’t have to b perfect in everyone’s eyes ….neither am I!

    Thanx 2 everyone else for your comments!


    5 June 2010 • 6:43 am •
  11. Sowetan wedding blog Admin…..What happened to the rest of the pictures I sent…?!


    5 June 2010 • 6:51 am •
  12. This was very nice Sisi and your dress divine


    5 June 2010 • 8:27 am •
  13. Thank’s y’all for yo comments..@Teargas…he might not b the tallest…certainly not the shortest but he’s but more of a man than most men twice his height nd that’s good enough for ME!
    God bless u all!


    5 June 2010 • 10:14 am •
  14. OK…just realised that my comments vanish then appear again, sorry for the repetition everyone!


    5 June 2010 • 10:20 am •
  15. Wow,beautiful wedding,pls take care of each other and the lovely babygirl.


    6 June 2010 • 10:08 am •
  16. Le bantle,jaanong botala bo ne bo tswa kae boya kae,legale wishing you all the best! Theme colour ya lona ke eng? Green or pink?


    6 June 2010 • 2:22 pm •
  17. you wedding dress is so beautiful and looks good on you.


    7 June 2010 • 8:06 am •
  18. god richly bless u, uar wedding was fabolous, enjoy..


    7 June 2010 • 8:24 am •
  19. nice and simple yet stylish not sure about the colours though…..


    7 June 2010 • 9:25 am •
  20. Umkhwenyana mfishane shame……but God bless


    7 June 2010 • 10:29 am •
  21. Ayoba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    7 June 2010 • 10:48 am •
  22. WOW!!!!!!! that’s all i can say God bless you guys


    7 June 2010 • 11:43 am •
  23. Beautiful wedding. Your wedding shows that its always good to invest in a professional fotographer.May god bless you union.Lovely indeed.


    7 June 2010 • 11:58 am •
  24. nys dress makoti.thats all i can say


    7 June 2010 • 2:20 pm •
  25. Simple, Elegant and very cozy set-up. Congratulations and GOD Bless your marriage!


    7 June 2010 • 3:00 pm •
  26. i like your photos especially no4, that was a nice wedding indeed. wish you all the best.


    7 June 2010 • 3:59 pm •
  27. I like i like, GOD bless you and what GOD has put together let no man separate.


    7 June 2010 • 5:18 pm •
  28. Mankosi i love you my dear,even Kholeka saw what i saw.
    And i know you love your hubby.Dont kill me.

    Thanks for sharing your wedding as i said,and came home to celebrate it.


    8 June 2010 • 7:58 am •
  29. @ Mankosi-bride, i am glad that after posting pictures u then visited the site and check our comments, and of course i agree with you, size does not have restrictions.

    you looked very-very nice, i must say ur dress is to die for, the little girl is cute, everything is nice.

    Modikiseng Mohlala

    8 June 2010 • 10:09 am •
  30. I love picture number 10. O montle mosadi.


    8 June 2010 • 11:31 am •
  31. @the bride, udid’nt have to respond, we don’t know you & you don’t know us………why bother

    God bless in your marriage bliss!


    8 June 2010 • 11:39 am •
  32. I liked the decor and you the bride and everything there but colour green to bridemaids not ayoba at all. Hey! flower girl is an angel she is so cute. God bless your reunion and give you good health.


    8 June 2010 • 12:17 pm •
  33. Mankosi tlhe,i really like your sense of humour.U take kindly to critisism.The emotional maturity in you is 1 strong point that’s going to sustain u in this marriage.You looked beautiful on your big day but hey,it is your inner beauty that i admire more and certainly what took the brother’s breath away


    8 June 2010 • 2:43 pm •
  34. that little saint so look like her dad


    10 June 2010 • 2:13 pm •
  35. Beautiful home gal i am also from thokoza!!


    10 June 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  36. who am i 2 complaim mara?????dis is lovely!!!!!

    acknowledgement of da ladies outfits diffrent styles but well executed,jus da ldy with the black shoes what in da world was she thinkin?o balta mpama coz she she ruined ur pics haai maan.!!!!!!


    11 June 2010 • 9:14 am •
  37. Size doesn’t matter Makoti. Your wedding was beautiful. Be Blessed…


    11 June 2010 • 11:33 am •
  38. To the bride – do not care what people say, your husband is a gift from God and so are you to him. My boyfriend also wants to wed me and he is shorter than I, but I realised they is no man I love more than him and no other man will love me as he does… so go on and grow your love, like we are doing.


    13 June 2010 • 7:50 pm •
  39. tell them makoti,this is not a blog about short,tall,big or small,just comment about the wedding people not the physical appearence of people.DOES IT MEAN SHORT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT GET MARRIED?OR MAYBE SHORT PEOPLE SHOULD MARRY PEOPLE THEIR SAME HEIGHT DATS STUPID.

    sesi u and ur husband are beautiful and ur wedding was so stunning and the deco is so beautiful.keep loving each other.


    13 June 2010 • 10:04 pm •
  40. eish the groomsman……………..r they old or jst big?


    14 June 2010 • 2:43 pm •
  41. Lo bantle tlhe; Modimo o le tshegofatso mo nyalong ya lona go fitlha lo kgaoganngwa ke leso. Lo itshware sentle.


    14 June 2010 • 2:48 pm •
  42. Wow! you guys looked so stunning. Beautiful wedding indeed. I wish you all of the best in your marriage and May God Richly Bless You..thanks for sharing and kindly post more pic’s.


    14 June 2010 • 3:35 pm •
  43. your photos are gorgeous!!! pls share the photographer’s website details/contact details. everything and everyone looked gorgeous on ur precious day! you also looked like u were enjoying it- a happy bridal couple seals the deal as a success.i agree abt the lady in closed black shoes- cud followed her fellow bridesmaids with open shoes. Congrats and happiness all round for your fam!


    15 June 2010 • 9:38 am •
  44. @Kholeka…hhayi…Responding to you with an actual comment would really be a waste of my precious time
    To everyone else-Thanks again for your comments-that little girl is our daughter!
    @ Monei-my photographer’s name is Devon Krige and to view some of his work and contact details, go to



    15 June 2010 • 8:28 pm •
  45. congrats, love your husband no matter what he’s just amazing.


    17 June 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  46. @Mankosi-bride you married the man you love that’s what matters most not his height. God bless your union.

    @Julie I really admire you lady your comment is so powerful I can sense a really matured person.

    @Kholela you are entitled to your opinion so even the bride is what’s your issue I bet you are a single most of that comments comes from people who are not dating. Get a man and get life then you’ll be real.


    17 June 2010 • 3:08 pm •
  47. @Mag-d o itse thata rona re single n wena u knw coz lwena o single ne?????wa re tlwaela ka bona!!!


    22 June 2010 • 10:18 am •
  48. may GOD send the angels to secure your family.


    22 June 2010 • 11:35 am •
  49. Haai admin, how long should i wait to be moderated?


    22 June 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  50. stunning, i love the flower girls’ dress. God b wth u and ur family.


    25 June 2010 • 10:12 am •
  51. Kgane mo re tlo tlwaelana naa?


    25 June 2010 • 12:53 pm •
  52. @cdm what are u talking abt


    30 June 2010 • 2:47 pm •
  53. @cdm ppl lyk u make me naar,u make a lousy comment den u dnt respond re batla clarification.n if u were reffering 2 my comment i wil deal wit u!!daaaaaaannnnnnggggggg!!!!!


    6 July 2010 • 10:59 am •
  54. beautiful wedding, i also dont think table deco should be the same colour scheme as brides maid dresses however; the colours should have the same tone, like pink and white are brighter whereas choc mint are a bit of darker colours,im nt sayin it in abad way:-) your daughter is adorable, venue perfect, love obvious. congradulations GOD bless


    15 July 2010 • 12:31 am •