Temba and Hloni Bila


  1. Yes Hloni your dress was beautiful and I like it.Themba indeed you were stunning.colours are corresponding for you and your husband but I m not impressed by the colours of your best lady,best man and the other maids anyway all the best in your marriage.


    3 August 2009 • 2:31 pm •
  2. I just love your dress girl and you looked very happy, yes it was your big day. May the lord bless you guys all the way.


    4 August 2009 • 9:43 am •
  3. La tshwanelana maan!! Your girl is rocking – truly speaking your maids dresses nono…., But it was your day you were great. All the best


    4 August 2009 • 9:47 am •
  4. Hey the colours are too much, pink, purple, silver, black? And the baloons? Have a blessed MARRIAGE


    4 August 2009 • 10:56 am •
  5. Sure your dress was really nice but the colours of your brides maids are too different from the best men and the flower girls. Why was the groom wearing a blue & white striped shirt? Anyway Good Luck in your marriage.


    4 August 2009 • 12:11 pm •
  6. Jealous down, your dress was beautiful and I like it. I cant even comment about Colours becasue they were corresponding like never coresponded before. Hola Hola. All the best from faith*star


    5 August 2009 • 12:01 pm •
  7. Lovely wedding, beautiful pictures especially 13, 14 & 15


    5 August 2009 • 1:24 pm •
  8. Colours colours


    5 August 2009 • 3:13 pm •
  9. Your wedding dress and suit are so awesome,I’m getting married soon.where can i get them?please e-mail me.


    13 August 2009 • 8:57 pm •
  10. the lovely one


    14 August 2009 • 10:56 am •
  11. Bride you looking beatiful and happy. Your dress is beatiful too I love it. my problem is your groom’s man and bride’s maid- colours kuhlangahlangene la. Overall beatifull wedding – respect and love each other, and put God in your marriage. Enjoy the journey..


    14 August 2009 • 8:47 pm •
  12. I like ur dress girl but I don’t like they way you mixed the colours. Have a wonderful life with ur husband and God bless you.

    lady- Jay

    17 August 2009 • 9:17 am •
  13. Hloni you were stunning though, a stripe shirt with that gold waist coat, that is a fashion crime..


    15 October 2009 • 11:10 am •
  14. Girl you look Hmmmm!your dress its so beautiful.Nice match ,pic 10 look stunning .God bless your marriage


    13 February 2010 • 10:48 am •
  15. Thanx 2 every1 who commented . when i sent the pictures to the blog i was expecting good or bad comments , @ first it did not do me any good bt as time went on i accepted and even go through the pictures and check, sum of the comments are bt some no no, if i were to remarry(white wedding) i would repeat sum of the thingz.
    May god bless all of you and may he give a chance to experience the wedding celebration , it is so nyc dat u even bcum confused on doing things so perfect as people would expect



    26 February 2010 • 3:11 pm •
  16. @ Hloni a marriage is a blessing from God, so u are blessed never mind the colours and all, because even if u started planning your things from December to December u will never be perfect, the important thing is that u are married and your enjoying your marriage.


    4 June 2010 • 1:31 pm •
  17. It was a beatiful wedding ntombi,but amabrides maids spoilt everything the shoes are not the same,The flower girl’s girl not ayoba I’ts to pink,the bride’s maid dresses not ayoba just don’t love the way you mixed your colours,But everything else was perfect okubalulekile ukuthi niyathanda futhi nishadile!


    5 July 2010 • 12:47 pm •
  18. colours not ayoba girl


    2 November 2010 • 3:42 pm •