Super & Tumelo’s Wedding

Last Sunday was the season finale of Our Perfect Wedding, and Super and Tumelo ended the show in style. Their wedding was a beautiful display of Sepedi culture and celebrated their union in a cultural way.


SOURCE : My Perfect Wedding


  1. The wedding met the standard of the place and was not bad , I disliked the white gown , makoti looked better in tradition. Hubby suit was too shiny , and those size 6 shoes remind me of grasshoppers. All the best in your marriage.


    30 June 2015 • 11:29 am •
  2. batch on wedding gown? kgante molao wa kereke eo ga se cover magetla ka jersey


    1 July 2015 • 5:49 am •
    • @ Tsholo ,
      I also thout the rule was cover your head and shoulders unless the rules have changed

      congratulations to the couples and everything of the best


      1 July 2015 • 2:09 pm •

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