Smallboy and Randzu Khumalo


  1. you look great i just love your dress dear i am glad that you love the Lord Jesus is the Author and Perfector of our Faith.


    26 August 2009 • 1:09 pm •
  2. wow he ‘Sophie’ this is beautiful, u hlayisa nsati wa wena he boss,God bless you.


    26 August 2009 • 1:22 pm •
  3. How old is the bride if i may ask, she looks very young and brave wedding is a very big commitment. All the best the dress is very nice and simple.


    26 August 2009 • 2:42 pm •
  4. Girlfriend I love your dress and you really enjoyed yourself I can see with the smiles. God Bless


    26 August 2009 • 2:45 pm •
  5. u r so beautiful.but i don’t like ur brides mate the last one with de mashosho dress.God bless


    26 August 2009 • 2:58 pm •
  6. Hi, Guys

    What a beautiful but I don’t like bride maids dresses. Guys u look very young both of you. I like that commitment u did, I am so proud about u.



    27 August 2009 • 6:52 am •
  7. wow u look beautiful and happy but da bride mates spoil everything especially da one wit a mashosho dress dnt like it att all.God bless you and your husband.


    28 August 2009 • 9:22 am •
  8. you looked beautifull god be with you in your union


    28 August 2009 • 10:43 am •
  9. Hi guys . wish you all the best and may GOD bless you all the way. and most important the respect for each other.


    28 August 2009 • 11:41 am •
  10. guys your wedding was beautiful, hemza i lyk ur suit, ur wife is also gorgeous. God bless u n ur family


    28 August 2009 • 12:11 pm •
  11. Congrats guys, Smallboy i remember u from Turfloop back in the days, and i see you and Lawrence are still the best of friends. Lovely bride, take care and GOD BLESS.


    28 August 2009 • 2:32 pm •
  12. that what we call wedding, the smile to both of you guys i’m so jelous. God bless you both.


    28 August 2009 • 2:53 pm •
  13. girl u were really beautiful.i love ur dress,its u & ur husband:dont 4get that u tied the knot of a powerful string and the only third person on that string shud be the almighty God.


    28 August 2009 • 3:16 pm •
  14. Beautiful dress indeed. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the brides maids dresses. Only that they chose the wrong designs for the kind of bodies your brides maids has and they are also too bright and shiny for the day wedding. But both of you look great and happy together. Good luck for the future and my The Lord shower you with his blessings.


    30 August 2009 • 6:56 pm •
  15. WOW! This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended in my life. May God Almighty Bless and help you grow together as husband and wife according to His will. I love you guys and you know that too.


    31 August 2009 • 11:42 am •
  16. Wow! beautiful indeed, I wish you all of the Best in life. May God Richly Bless you guys. Thanks for sharing.


    31 August 2009 • 3:31 pm •
  17. tjo!!

    I was there myself, what still challenges me is the unity and the amongst turfloop guys.indeed God is at work.may He bless you with many days to enjoy in your marriage.. stay blessed

    Tumi mohlala

    1 September 2009 • 1:12 pm •
  18. im really happy for you!take care of each other the world is not safe. i really love everything about your wedding.xikwembu xi va na n’wina swa kala leswi.


    1 September 2009 • 3:57 pm •
  19. my sister i don’t know you but what have seen made me send this email u look gorgeous,happy because you know you will never get married again and i think you had enjoy every moment of the wedding day.stay blessed.


    2 September 2009 • 11:25 am •
  20. U look good.Wishing you well in life.God bless u.


    2 September 2009 • 4:04 pm •
  21. Wow,guys you looked fabulous.I love swimming pool’s picture,they are so nice.GOD bless you always.


    4 September 2009 • 9:28 am •
  22. I really liked your dress on wedding day.May god be kind to your family always.

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    8 September 2009 • 9:15 am •
  23. He He, MaSwati onkhe aphelele..nabo Xolani Mabila pho!!! iTurf, yah neh!!


    8 September 2009 • 11:00 am •
  24. wow!! u two are the best couple ive ever seen ur wife in getting younger everyday she is very beautiful may God bless ur marriage u are so perfect together


    8 September 2009 • 12:32 pm •
  25. its wonderful to see young people commiting themselves and trusting GOD.all the best nice wedding


    9 September 2009 • 3:38 pm •
  26. You look beautiful lady!


    10 September 2009 • 12:16 pm •
  27. He Mza your wedding is the most beautiful wedding I ever attended and the planning was good too. Surely you derseve each other and I’m glad your love is still growing strong everyday

    Wa tseba Kea go rata!


    15 September 2009 • 9:39 am •
  28. Great one rhandzu.the mashosho is da only wrong thing……..


    17 September 2009 • 1:47 pm •
  29. I couldn’t help myself imagining how much u too would have laughed at yourselves had u both fallen in the pool. Okey i know that sounds crazy BUT your pictures show what a cheerful couple you guys are. theres so much spark in u 2,u look young , attractive , happy and more especially comfortable with each other . Mr and Mrs Khumalo have a blast i am so motivated by what i see hold strong together cherish and respect each other,you are trully blessed… I dunno u guys but somhow I LOVE YO”LL… all the best.


    18 September 2009 • 9:33 am •
  30. I recognise most faces from Turfloop,you guys your wedding was superb,may the LORD pour more and more blessings over your marraige.swi kahle naswona swi xongile kuhava marito yo enela yo swi hlamusela.hosi yi mi katekisa.


    22 September 2009 • 10:17 am •
  31. Way to go Man!


    22 September 2009 • 11:42 am •
  32. You looked fabulous Gal and very happy as you should be,planning my own wedding think will be able to find something that will suit my taste as yuo did with yours well done and well planned .


    28 September 2009 • 2:56 pm •
  33. Congratulations Mr Mrs Khumalo may the Lord bless you each and every day of your lives you look happy and a very stunning couple.


    7 October 2009 • 9:29 am •
  34. Hello from Russia)


    15 October 2009 • 5:51 am •
  35. Woow u were both beautiful what a wonderful weeding,my friend i am proud of you and i know how much you love Mr Khumalo keep it that way.I love ur dress it is soooo beautiful dear i wont stress when i plan my wedding coz u wil be there 2 help lol. Ur photos on the pool rocks. Guys take care of each other and cherish each and every moment together.Ma-Khumalo treat ur man like he is the only man in the world and always respect him.May God bless ur marriege.Luv u lots Mr & Mrs Khumalo.


    17 October 2009 • 5:19 pm •
  36. Small boy i remember u frm mass choir in turfloop. God bless u and your wife, she is so beautiful

    mpumi nkuna

    27 October 2009 • 3:25 pm •
  37. U guys really looks beautiful may god bless u


    22 May 2010 • 1:05 pm •
  38. May god bless u guys and have many years 2 come Renee Boshomaene


    22 May 2010 • 1:06 pm •
  39. wow beautiful bride.


    22 July 2010 • 10:44 am •