Setshedi and Thabile Morake


  1. Made me think of that advert……… Mona bouquet!!!


    18 June 2010 • 3:26 pm •
  2. Makoti were is ur smile?u are spoiling ur photos anyway good luck for your marridge.I lyk ur traditional outfit.


    18 June 2010 • 3:47 pm •
  3. The decor was not bad. The smile might have made a big difference.


    18 June 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  4. Draiping, NOT AYOBA


    18 June 2010 • 4:49 pm •
  5. Get down, you looked beautiful and may the lord bless.


    21 June 2010 • 7:42 am •
  6. Ijo, Wondered if Makoti was happy on the day.All we see is her serious face. Ke a mo tshaba nna.

    All the best in you marrige. God Bless.


    21 June 2010 • 9:15 am •
  7. Maina a mantle tota. Ga kena mafoko tshelang le thabe mmogo. Masego ke ao.


    21 June 2010 • 9:18 am •
  8. god bless your union….


    21 June 2010 • 9:48 am •
  9. ur dress makoti e e e e


    21 June 2010 • 10:04 am •
  10. Makoti you were suppose to use fresh flowers with your bouquet…


    21 June 2010 • 10:47 am •
  11. A smile would have done more wonders…… may the lord richly bless your union.


    21 June 2010 • 10:51 am •
  12. Sorry, can someone please explain what is happening in picture 5, ga ke tlalohane, pleeease!!!


    21 June 2010 • 10:58 am •
  13. Your dress ‘m not sure make up! its like you have used Ponds but anyway God bless in your marriage


    21 June 2010 • 11:43 am •
  14. this is not ayoba at all.

    Modikiseng Mohlala

    21 June 2010 • 11:56 am •
  15. What do you mean buy “beautifull wife” tjo? Hey the bouquet killed me guys eish jaaa and them dress hai le seka dlala ka lenyalo batho.


    21 June 2010 • 5:48 pm •
  16. It looks like the groom had more fun than the bride….hao! makoti, where was your smile? I do hope that there a some pictures where, it can be seen that you were enjoying your day.

    I am curious to know why you opted for that dress and fake bouquet. There is also too much going on with your bridemaids hairdo’s and too little happening with your tables decor.

    Legale, re a le lebogisa, Modimo a le tshegofatse a be a tlhonolofatse le lenyalo la lona.


    22 June 2010 • 8:46 am •
  17. Leshira la gao makoti, gale ayoba. Good luck mo lenyalong la gao.


    22 June 2010 • 9:18 am •
  18. Makoti what happened to theeeeeeee smiiiiiiileeeee o sentse dinepe tsa gago


    22 June 2010 • 9:28 am •
  19. Hayi maan Bathobile post more beautiful pictures, you can do better than this. Nomsa please assist maan, hay khona.

    Zee D

    22 June 2010 • 10:24 am •
  20. Admin ke kopa a smal favour tuu???pls make it a provision dat ppl nid 2 get written confirmation frm da bride n groom 2 post deir wedding on da blog.Hape re tshaba le go bua coz da poor sister in law ba tlo mo kwatela gore y a etsa so!!!
    Mara nna ko bua ayeye squeeza sa Thabile haai makoti ur 1st dres was hilarious le dat bouquet tjo,ur tent decor was so dull i thought maybe ne ba sa fetsa da decor.R u sure dis was well planned bcoz it is nt ayoba lyk squeeza says. n da pic ya gao le da brides maids ne o kare sum1 ws tryin 2 squeeze da lyf out of u……lmfao haowa.

    da colour ya ur 2nd attire was nys though!!!

    by da way sa kwata ge o tseya di pics ne,a smyl alwys makes a difference.


    22 June 2010 • 11:10 am •
  21. bouquet bathong aowa@Monty lmao you made me me go chace the bouquet now…


    22 June 2010 • 12:14 pm •
  22. the dress is already not nice and no smile, ayi bantu umakoti muhle ngeroko ne smile


    22 June 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  23. Yo makoti did you really want to have it like this?maybe one of your bridemaids could have assisted if a descent planner was not affordable,Shoo awa!!


    22 June 2010 • 3:59 pm •
  24. hayi cha makoti atleast smile,ne ngubo yakho yo is it an antique dress?


    22 June 2010 • 4:15 pm •
  25. ijoo nna wee,mother of all disasters,someone please call 911


    22 June 2010 • 10:24 pm •
  26. Makoti u look amazing n u r very stylish. ur smile show are an evidence of happiness. Ur traditional attires are amazing. I like both (bronze and wine) of them. Hey them guys ba mpolaya. Ur bridemaid are smart on both attires. Modimo a tshegofatse ka dinako tsotlhe.


    23 June 2010 • 11:35 pm •
  27. Beautiful wedding,nice decor,makoti where is yo smile?


    24 June 2010 • 3:56 pm •
  28. halalalala, ijoh hai ga ke gane is your wedding but for the first time i agree with KK. The wedding looks like it was not planned at all. I dont see anything nice about this.


    30 June 2010 • 11:42 am •
  29. Black suit its outdated;its only relavent for funerals,Mkhonyane were is the style?

    Papa Tshireletso

    1 July 2010 • 10:24 am •
  30. EISH!


    2 July 2010 • 11:19 pm •
  31. Papa T, a a a a…..stop it now, the suite is not black, moreover it was very stylish. Would you have prefered umkhwenyana to wear a white suite? That would have definitely not been so ayoba for the colour of the day! It looks like you and skwiza sa Thabile have something in common. That suite was ayoba!!!!


    3 July 2010 • 12:15 am •
  32. the dress looks beautiful


    9 July 2010 • 4:16 pm •