Sello and Lobisa Marumo


  1. i like the way u connect yooo niyangichaza uyazi the smiles.gud luck & keep ur love burning.makoti i like ur dress pure white

    the flop is the bridesmaids colour too dark for a wedding


    11 May 2010 • 5:28 pm •
  2. what a beautiful couple,one could just see the love and happiness thats written in ur faces.congrats………..keep on loving each other


    12 May 2010 • 2:54 am •
  3. Grooms suits were beautiful but sorry dresses for the bride maids not Ayoba……….

    God bless in your marriage


    12 May 2010 • 8:03 am •
  4. wow must say this is the first time am seeing a wedding whereby the bride and groom have more than two pics of them kissing wow this is so lovely…God bless your marriage……


    12 May 2010 • 8:05 am •
  5. Wow guys you really looked very happy and beautiful I love your dress makoti.
    That kiss wow, Please send us pic’s for the decor Mr Marumo.
    Thanks for sharing and may the lord be the leader of everything in your lives.


    12 May 2010 • 8:05 am •
  6. cha kwakumnandi la. You really enjoyed your day. You guys look so in love and you inspire me. Why did it take so long to marry her beacuse you obviously loooove the woman. When you look at these pics youdefinitely want to be there. . . . . .
    Thumbs up for me


    12 May 2010 • 8:07 am •
  7. may God bless you both, nice pics


    12 May 2010 • 9:07 am •
  8. Mr&Mrs Marumo you guys look so muuuuuch in Love.
    May GOD bless your wedding and make your stay the way your are and you both look like you’ve enjoyed your big day.

    Nibahle futhi niyafanelana. Your wedding was beautiful!!!!!!!

    Makoti i love the dress……..


    12 May 2010 • 9:15 am •
  9. You looked really happy, your pictures are quite clear, love the colour co-ordination.

    May the Lord Bless your union and remember the rest of your life is a long time, be the best of friends, learn to compromise and communicate, its th only way you are going to get it right to be together for the rest of your life.

    Most impoportantly enjoy each other.


    12 May 2010 • 9:28 am •
  10. Le batle bathong,your features compliment each other its like you are brother and a are a macth made from heaven..May the good LORD bless you.gug luck


    12 May 2010 • 9:33 am •
  11. Ntate Marumo, marumo fase ka nnete, your wedding was perfect, everything about it spectaculor. your wedding worth the wait for the lady, since u’v been together for 11 yrs, surely she doesnt regret for waiting. God bless both of you and to have more kids.

    Modikiseng Mohlala

    12 May 2010 • 9:34 am •
  12. Wow!! This is nice, you look beautiful. Congratulation guys…
    Respect, love, trust each other and Invite God always in your marriage.


    12 May 2010 • 9:34 am •
  13. beautiful wedding, may the lord bless you


    12 May 2010 • 9:53 am •
  14. wow yr wedding is beautiful ncooh sweet


    12 May 2010 • 9:59 am •


    12 May 2010 • 10:04 am •
  16. Ke dumellana le Kholeka about the bridemaids dresses they are not ayoba as for everything else is it ayobaliciuos, Makoti on the cover picture it shows that you are happy the two of you. May the Good Lord bless your marriage. Ha lala.


    12 May 2010 • 10:15 am •
  17. love is in the air nice, hey bantu this is my first wedding to see people bethandana kanje nice!


    12 May 2010 • 10:23 am •
  18. so how was Durban?


    12 May 2010 • 10:24 am •
  19. haaai jealous down, sisisisi….bana man!!!!!
    haai bo bokone bophirima bontle fela!


    12 May 2010 • 10:32 am •
  20. You can see even in the photos that there is a strong connection between the bride and groom



    12 May 2010 • 10:41 am •
  21. Nice wedding! I like picture no 12 you were all jiving. Makoti I like
    your white, white ( chalky white ) dress.May the Almighty bless your marriage.

    Mmatau Mamogobo

    12 May 2010 • 10:42 am •
  22. u look nice but the pictures are not that clear


    12 May 2010 • 11:07 am •
  23. Halalala i lov da colours well executed.ur groomsmen n hubby luk gorgeus and im sooooo in loooooove with da brides ring….

    just 4 downfalls i hav 2 agree wit Kholeka ur bridesmaids dresses were a bit if a mis.ur cake n decor ws also not up2 ur lovely standard.Le da brides dress something is nt ayoba ka yona.I jus cnt put my finger on it.4/5 frm me coz u luk happy n dis ws a climax dat tuk 11 years 2 reach.May God be with you in ur journey.

    I wish da blooger who emaphasises that the bridal party must luk different can see this wedding.Maybe she will see what we mean by similar attire.


    12 May 2010 • 11:11 am •
  24. What a wedding.

    You guys really deserve each other. I have never seen such a chemistry, even in your photos. Grow old together.


    12 May 2010 • 11:16 am •
  25. thanks guz, your wedding is ayoba. your bridemaid @ bridegoom are to many and the dresses of the bridemaids are too dark. goodluck with your marriage. lots of happiness and love.


    12 May 2010 • 12:18 pm •
  26. Nice wedding you trully shows that there is connection between the two.May God be with you and your wife in all times put him first God Bless.


    12 May 2010 • 1:13 pm •
  27. you guhs really connect, im happy for u. groom do u mind telling where did u get ut suit very nice i like it, u can inbox to plz.


    12 May 2010 • 1:14 pm •
  28. What is happening with the shoes for both the bridemaids and grooms men….there’s toney red, black, brown, beige and white amongst the guys and closed wedges and sandals in brown and silver amongst the ladies. Whoever decorated the cake table must be running a creche, cause nobody decorates like that anymore, its so old fashioned.

    Anyway all the best to the couple and God Bless.


    12 May 2010 • 1:46 pm •
  29. Wow!!! …Splendid!!!


    12 May 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  30. hilililili……halala makoti your dress is ssoooo beautiful and you both look happy God bless


    12 May 2010 • 3:05 pm •
  31. Wow! you guys look stunning. I wish you all of the Best in your marriage and may the good Lord Richly Bless You. Thanks for sharing

    Tebogo M

    12 May 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  32. Huh Maccia, i hope the groom inboxes you LOL….You made my day….


    12 May 2010 • 3:52 pm •
  33. Yho guyz eleven years.


    12 May 2010 • 3:56 pm •
  34. was there, it was the greates wedding of all time. all the best to you guys. tshwaranang le atise lelapa!!! ALILILILILILI!!!!


    12 May 2010 • 4:34 pm •
  35. nice dress, but the colour of the bridesmaid dresses too dark for the wedding but the design its fantastic


    12 May 2010 • 6:13 pm •
  36. what matters is that you love each other and you look happy together.congrats guys, the Lord has blessed you already


    13 May 2010 • 9:50 am •


    13 May 2010 • 10:27 am •
  38. I must say u look very pairable 2geda, kodwa hayi i bridemaids…..
    more ova with GOD on ur side he’ll add another 11yrs


    13 May 2010 • 11:05 am •
  39. mmm!!! picture no 5, I like it.


    13 May 2010 • 1:34 pm •
  40. Modimo a le tlhogonolofatse!


    13 May 2010 • 2:16 pm •
  41. Lovely couple!


    13 May 2010 • 3:58 pm •
  42. You might probably be a bit broke by now but I can see that it was worth it and your hearts and souls are rich and fulfilled.You were very beautifullllllllll and connected.April 24 2010,brings sweet memories to you guys and hope that your life and love will last forever.I wish you all the best to make your marriage a success.

    NB:Always remember to include GOD in everything you do and HE should be the only third person in your lifes.


    14 May 2010 • 9:55 am •
  43. nice wedding ,nice smiles everything looks beautiful especially the dancing on the street part, wow!! you guys look stunning may the lord bless this beautiful couple


    14 May 2010 • 10:21 am •
  44. Congrats. No comment! 1 out 5


    14 May 2010 • 1:13 pm •
  45. ayoba!!!!!!!! that was nice,God bless uuuuuuuuuuu


    14 May 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  46. Ja Madala looking at the picks makes me realise that the all the effords made were not in vain but atleast you are going to rest and relax now becos we are waiting for the second born(third born). I would also like to congradulate you guys and say welcome to the club. Also remember the distance between your problems and solution is the distance between your knees and the floor.


    14 May 2010 • 4:29 pm •
  47. bathong le a ratana and the connection is so intense your wedding is a cherry on top!


    17 May 2010 • 8:27 am •
  48. The braidmaids dresses? What went wrong? They look like they went to the wrong wedding.Makoti you are beautifull and you look good together guys.


    17 May 2010 • 11:18 am •
  49. yhoooooooooo u look beautiful and the smiles are the real thing, makoya…Ntate Marumo, its a pity u will not have a chance to walk down the aisle and anyway ul pass this advice to yo friends, always remove the label on the jackets left hand side, its not ayoba, and lobisa the dresses colour is dull, but we learn from our mistakes. Good luck in yo marriage may the Good Lord bless u abanduntly.

    Miss E

    17 May 2010 • 2:08 pm •
  50. congradulations the Marumos, there is sumtin wrong ka wedding dress mara a ke tsebe gore keng, and the bridesmaids dresses where too covering and needed to be mixed with another colour, but beside that everthing looks ayoba especially your smiles.


    17 May 2010 • 3:49 pm •
  51. haai Miss E must just get a life these guys are soooooooooo cooool
    and seem too perfect to be partners surely most partners are left greeen with envy! but as for miss E its more that envy love u guys!


    17 May 2010 • 5:05 pm •
  52. U guys look so inlove. Congrats.


    18 May 2010 • 4:41 pm •
  53. These two love birds look like they both wanted to be united, it is the perfect example of how partners should be. congrats, you shall be blessed for eternity.


    20 May 2010 • 8:23 am •
  54. This unity was made from heaven. You guys love each other, anyone can tell from your smiles and the look in your eyes. Congratulations may u be blessed for ever and ever Amen


    21 May 2010 • 12:14 pm •
  55. wow this is very nice ………. Mr n Mrs Marumo my the lord be with u guys n enjoy


    1 June 2010 • 1:11 pm •
  56. The bride you looked beautiful and relaxed, nice clead make up, not over done.

    The dress suits your body and the bridesmaids looked beautiful.
    All the best in your marriage………..IT’S AYOBA GUYS


    29 June 2010 • 11:54 am •
  57. hey u… yes this guy used to coach me Basketball for Northwest provincial team… congradulations Doc.. she’s really lovely…


    1 July 2010 • 11:13 am •
  58. beautiful hey


    30 September 2010 • 12:50 pm •