Selby Sebidi and Daphney Dipuo Bokaba


  1. you have planned your wedding guys,your wedding is one of the best weddings here in mzanzi.just one little thing you forgot to remove price tag under shoe for theGroom.God bless you


    10 November 2010 • 11:44 am •
  2. Yhaa,Dikolobe e phasitse nhee…Beautiful dress Mpedi,tjo abuti Selby o lebetse price ya stlhako.I would have loved to see roko tsa distroyi though.Modimo a le segofatseng akere.


    10 November 2010 • 11:57 am •
  3. Iyhoo,my bad about diroko tsa distroyi ke di bone.


    10 November 2010 • 12:01 pm •
  4. selby why o santsa price mo di hlakong? otherwise nice wedding mona fase.


    10 November 2010 • 12:08 pm •
  5. may da gud lord bless u urbadantly & exeedingly , may he give u da desireers of uar heart & all abraham’s blessings, may he shower u with blessings, in jesus’s name amen!! u look so beautiful

    sheila kgatle

    10 November 2010 • 12:09 pm •
  6. I like i like.

    esp pic 5 a very cute creche


    10 November 2010 • 12:16 pm •
  7. walala wasala, nna ke rata so….impressive. beauty doesn’t even begin to describe what i just saw.

    Shereen Maubane

    10 November 2010 • 12:44 pm •
  8. I must say this is one of the best weddings in this blog. The couple, the deco, wedding attire everything is just awesome. Yazi yini I’m speechless, this wedding was well planned. Well done Mr. and Mrs. Sebidi.


    10 November 2010 • 12:59 pm •
  9. WoW Guys, This is beautiful,God Bless.
    Both your dresses Makoti are just Ayoba…….


    10 November 2010 • 1:03 pm •
  10. Wow girl well planned and you were stunning. I love your dress and actually I love everything about this wedding. Congratulations and god bless.


    10 November 2010 • 1:09 pm •
  11. Ke rata tradition ya lona God richly bless you.


    10 November 2010 • 1:12 pm •
  12. Hi
    i dont understand the cake as if is for the tottler’s birthday


    10 November 2010 • 1:14 pm •
  13. Yahh bana ba Modimo, if ther is sumthin perfect,then You are Perfect! U 2 luk happy, and ur outfits are great, ur bride`smaids nd groom`smaids are lovely, ur colours,aish, le ba ba botse banabesho!Le lenyalo la lena le be le lebotse bjale ka lena!!!

    Shoki Moloto

    10 November 2010 • 1:19 pm •
  14. hey! sisi o mohle and i can see that everything was well organised.od bless ur marriage.


    10 November 2010 • 2:06 pm •
  15. Very colourful traditional wedding I must say. The white wedding was nice and simple as well. Congrats.


    10 November 2010 • 2:06 pm •
  16. u r so awesome guys Modimo a le atle in ur Marriage


    10 November 2010 • 2:09 pm •
  17. Hey Daphney

    You guys look great, luv the cake


    10 November 2010 • 2:17 pm •
  18. You have a sense of style Makoti, from your wedding gown, tradition and the deco, well executed but your flower girls were too many, though they looked beautiful like angels. congradulations to you hand hubby for the union.


    10 November 2010 • 2:35 pm •
  19. Tjooooooo!!! Jaa if u were not there, then u missed out neh??? Makes me so glad to have been part of it. They look so beautiful, haai jealous phantsi. Plus the weather being hot gives it that brightness, the sun brought out the colours of the dresses. Beautiful indeed. O celeb mosadi jooo….. media as well? WOW!!!

    Basetsana Mabirimisa

    10 November 2010 • 2:47 pm •
  20. the dress is beautiful makoti, where did you get it?

    almost married

    10 November 2010 • 3:00 pm •
  21. Wow, Wow, Wow! Guys I have never seen such a weeding. This weeding is PERFECT. Sis hope you’ll give me tips as I will be organising mine very soon.


    10 November 2010 • 3:17 pm •


    10 November 2010 • 3:20 pm •
  23. Like I said over the email, you looked stunning. The sun just compliments those colours u chose for you, the brides-maids, grooms-men and your kideos. beautiful, very beautiful.


    10 November 2010 • 3:20 pm •
  24. nyc wedding mara ntate o ga ntsha price ya seeta..kwakwakakwaaaaaaaaaaaa uweeee


    10 November 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  25. Wow this looks beautiful , God Bless your union


    10 November 2010 • 3:24 pm •
  26. Ke a bona gore Makoti o bile le letsatsi le monate,Modimo a beng le lena goya goile…ya pix rox!!!

    Boyza Bafana Snr.

    10 November 2010 • 3:25 pm •
  27. Yo Yo Yo.. im speechless. THIS IS SOOOO BEATIFUL GUYS, congrats.. welcome to the world.i wish you all the Blessings from above, May God protect and keep you always. maintain that smile its very healthy.


    10 November 2010 • 3:34 pm •
  28. Tjo, di pila di picture tse waitsi- everything is beautiful.

    Lesego Molaoa

    10 November 2010 • 3:37 pm •
  29. hai i have noting positive to say abt the wedding and lidi shine.. shine tsawona . but God bless ure union


    10 November 2010 • 3:38 pm •
  30. Oranje is not my favourite colour kodwa nimenze mhle. beatiful dress makoti. May god bless your marriage


    10 November 2010 • 3:43 pm •


    10 November 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  32. Congratulations on ur marriage! Makoti the white dress is nice, maybe u shud have had a simpler hairstyle cause everything looks chaotic now! Mkhwenyana was dashing in his suit. Too many flower girls/page boys! Strooi’s dresses could have been beta, the material is horrible!
    Cake, y so old fachioned? Make up looks home-made!


    10 November 2010 • 3:59 pm •
  33. Bhuti Mkhwenyana why do you still have the price tag under your shoes??? Eish moemish of the year! LOL


    10 November 2010 • 4:00 pm •
  34. Lenyalo le le botse kudu, okare ga sela Nokaneng gauswi le Mametlhake, all the best and u looked nice


    10 November 2010 • 4:06 pm •
  35. Beautiful wedding, the wedding gown is stunning….well planed…..


    10 November 2010 • 4:23 pm •
  36. jelous down you look nice and happy i like that orange its not too much God Bless you and your marriage


    10 November 2010 • 4:50 pm •
  37. wow,dis is what im talking about.,,nicely done..congrats…


    11 November 2010 • 8:28 am •
  38. first dress is very nice and neat. ge ele make-up ona opaletswe my dear. Le di colour tsa second dress di rasa thata.


    11 November 2010 • 9:27 am •
  39. i love the decor,n the first dress, i cant say much about the 2nd dress

    Miss E

    11 November 2010 • 9:49 am •
  40. Very nice wedding my sister may God bless your reunion


    11 November 2010 • 9:54 am •
  41. Thatha my home gal….doing some get down there. Congrats on ur union and include God in everything and u will conquer all.

    Tebogo Mmotlana

    11 November 2010 • 9:57 am •
  42. wow your wedding was ayoba,it shows dat you took your tym to prepare, all i can say is big up. god bless your marriage. to the bride your dress suits you, its like you were born with it


    11 November 2010 • 10:22 am •
  43. Stunning is all I can say. Right color choice all the way.


    11 November 2010 • 10:31 am •
  44. Stuning wedding in deed everything looks perfect God bless ur marriage

    Lady D

    11 November 2010 • 11:10 am •
  45. Makoti i think The lady with negative comments might be someone ocultic or she knows you and can’t handle the jealousy . This was too good to be true. Wa go gafela. A sepele a yo apara tsa gage tse dintsho, hahahahah!


    11 November 2010 • 11:43 am •
  46. Dipuo those two negative comments, Please DO NOT take them to heart, if only u could read other comments about other weddings then u’d know that some people forget that the wedding is yours and not theirs. U chose what u liked and as long as it works for you then cabbish. It’s only 2 out 42 after all.

    baseeee babes

    11 November 2010 • 11:49 am •
  47. I like your traditional wedding and the colours. Your dress is to die for. You look stunning Makoti.. Very lovely wedding, it was a beautiful day and everyone looks happy…. God Bless richly…


    11 November 2010 • 11:49 am •
  48. I like i like this is beautiful molimo ale tsogofatse alililililililil halala this is very beatiful.


    11 November 2010 • 11:59 am •
  49. Dipuo don’t worry about their silly comments, the fact is ur wedding was one of the best. They must hear from us, as the real eye witnesses.

    baseeee babes

    11 November 2010 • 12:11 pm •
  50. That negative one is confused, don’t worry.


    11 November 2010 • 12:19 pm •
  51. i am so interested in seing Mayoyo, Khanz and Thabang’s faces surely this people are ugly,out fashioned, colour blind and jealous, they can’t see beautiful things, Dipuo & Selby i don’t know you guyz but your wedding is really one of the best weddings in this blog and in Mzanzi.people from Nokaneng should be very proud of you, you gave them the name.

    May the Good Lord bless u.


    11 November 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  52. WOW this is absolutely beautiful. May the mighty lord richly bless your union


    11 November 2010 • 12:31 pm •
  53. lenyalo la gago sesi ke le lebotse kudu gomme obontshitshe baswa ba magaeng gore lebona ba ka dira tse botse thata god bless ua union::: keep it up nokaneng ayoba home girl


    11 November 2010 • 12:39 pm •
  54. Oh you seem like u enjoyed ur day,nicely planed but on picture 11 there is this rock behind umkhwenyana that is shaped funny (like a P#n*is)!! hahah good luck and god bless u.


    11 November 2010 • 12:55 pm •
  55. oh mkhwenyana why ungakhiphanga price tag under your shoe its not too hard to notice as it is your main pic..God bless


    11 November 2010 • 1:12 pm •
  56. Beautiful wedding, guys you looked so stunning. I wish you all of the best in your marriage and may the good Almighty Richly bless you. Thanks for sharing


    11 November 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  57. Hi Sister, first dress is woooooooooooow, where there is love there is success, God will provide countless blessings.


    11 November 2010 • 3:18 pm •
  58. @Tools
    Kwa kwa kwa my point exactly they (Best Man) should have checked his shoes first and yena he was supposed to do thorough check. Nice wedding very nice God Bless.


    11 November 2010 • 3:20 pm •
  59. perfrct match

    The wedding planner

    11 November 2010 • 4:16 pm •
  60. You look beautiful girl. Take care of ur hubby


    11 November 2010 • 5:29 pm •
  61. May God bless ur marriage!

    Lil Mama

    11 November 2010 • 10:34 pm •
  62. Beautiful!!


    12 November 2010 • 9:02 am •
  63. Nice wedding, you guys rocks,
    may the lord richly bless you.


    12 November 2010 • 9:16 am •
  64. Haaaaaa I get the feeling Makoti organised her friends to comment on the blog! New names we havent seen before & most say they were at the wedding! Suspicious…LOL


    12 November 2010 • 12:01 pm •
  65. Selby Sebidi and Daphney Dipuo Bokaba. Your wedding is explicitly superb. keep in the love of Christ and remember his service. Enjoy your love together.


    12 November 2010 • 12:16 pm •
  66. Your wedding is explicitly splendid Selby Sebidi and Daphney Dipuo Bokaba. keep in the love of Christ always. Enyoy each others company for as long as you live.


    12 November 2010 • 12:21 pm •
  67. Unique maids dresses I love them, cute flower girls, makoti why do u kiss with eyes wide opened or you were doing everything for the camera? The couple is not young they are matured even osisi that are bridesmaids hayi bakhulile shame. But umtshato mhle and yinto ethandekayo. May God shower you with blessings that you may not have room enough for!


    12 November 2010 • 1:20 pm •
  68. Beautiful makoti, God bless you both


    12 November 2010 • 2:33 pm •


    12 November 2010 • 3:13 pm •
  70. Beautiful wedding but Mkhwenyani how can you wear your shoes with pricetag still in them


    12 November 2010 • 5:29 pm •
  71. so many kids! cheche


    13 November 2010 • 9:36 am •
  72. A nice thing has got to be complemented! An effort was clearly there and it’s so good to see a DUO equally enjoying such big a union as marriage. Hats off to both of ya, there’s a long way ahead here, I can just tell. I only noticed the price tag in the shoe by reading through the Blog, but it doesnt matter to me, the smile ye outie no sisi was just an icing on the cake! Good luck you two!!


    14 November 2010 • 4:35 am •
  73. @Zeee, I don’t really think the kiss was for the camera, to me it looks genuine!, besides uzawvala amehlo ajike athi xa ewavula abe umntu wakhe sethathiwe!! Basop kaloku kuseMzantsi and uyayazi ke Akhomntwamntw’apha!! Uze uwavale ke wena amehlo uyawqabuka sekophulwe ndiyakxelela!! LOL


    14 November 2010 • 4:41 am •
  74. I loved both your dresses
    Makoti your smile was amazing,Your groom looked good too
    God bless your union


    14 November 2010 • 7:41 pm •
  75. Price Tag, Price Tag…..YOOOOOOOOOH


    14 November 2010 • 8:46 pm •
  76. hai this is the wedding of the year i must say


    15 November 2010 • 7:04 am •
  77. Yhe ee bathong, batho ba mona waitsi. This wedding was perfect.
    May the Good Lord bless u.

    Those who are old fashion about price tag grow up please, where must he get the old shoes that doesn’t have price tag? why is it bothering you so much? most peopel these days don’t remove price tag anymore.

    Batho le mona, i’m wonder ukuthi ingabe nishadile yini, if not, what do you know about weddings?


    15 November 2010 • 10:15 am •
  78. i love it, ur dress suits u so well,eish these bloggers le lebella too much,did u realy had to look and find something as small as price tag.u guys le batlana le diphoso


    15 November 2010 • 2:09 pm •
  79. ur dress is beautiful,it fits u so perfectly.people tlogelang go batlala le diphoso,such a small thing like price tag.


    15 November 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  80. when you have a wedding invest in a quality wedding dress material, it wouldnt kill to use natural flowers, this is a once in a life time event go all out hle! the last picture is not public material the groom looks high! and by the way what exactly is the color theme in this wedding brown, grey gold and then burnt orange? haibo stick to one color or rather something complimentary! would like to say nice wedding but hai no no no no its a mess, tjo and the groom must be wearin an expensive pair of shoes he even wants us to see the price or does he want to send it back and say it doesnt fit? let me not say more!


    15 November 2010 • 3:16 pm •
  81. Nice wedding gown, you look great makoti i liked your hairstyle too. God bless this marriage now and forever.


    15 November 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  82. This wedding was perfect, well planned, guys forget about the price tag and give credit where is due. May God richly bless ur union.


    15 November 2010 • 7:14 pm •
  83. May God Bless your marriage.
    You traiditional/ethnic dress looks stunning


    16 November 2010 • 7:37 am •
  84. TKAY! judging by your comments everyone can see you are not married, all the married will agree with this wedding cause obvious the groom cannot wear the same colour with the stroois, that’s why him and the little boy are wearing Silver, and you are also colour blind, the ladies and the guyz are wearing champaign not gold.and if you have ever bought an embroided traditional dress before you would know that it doesn’t always come with one clour so this wedding is perfect you are trying to cancell the good comments sent for this wedding. forget it and find yourself a boyfriend to marry you so that you will understand this things, beeng a nan doesn’t help anyway.


    16 November 2010 • 12:41 pm •
  85. u look stuning nice wedding makoti


    16 November 2010 • 3:18 pm •
  86. You guys talk as if you’ll do better, your better or best might be trash to someone else.

    Dipuo enjoy your wedding finish and klaar 🙂


    16 November 2010 • 3:54 pm •
  87. The dress is to bling bling,Organza for a wedding gown is a big NO NO!

    The wedding planner

    16 November 2010 • 4:17 pm •
  88. Hi guyz please stop fighting over Dipuo’s wedding this woman is so descent just like her wedding is, TKAY i have a strong feeling that you know DIPUO or SELBY and you are the only one who knows how. FYI the colours are exactly as Smartz has clarified and for more clarity the flowers are natural it is only that they were prepared by the professionals, and as for the wedding dress, if you know tramshed the back opposit of McDonalds it is the most qualitative and expensive dress in the boutique the cheapest prize for the boutique is R4500 to hire ask your self how much is the most expensive dress in the shop for hire, you will die my dear. my sister is also getting married soon so we had to get referrals from Dipuo as we are not jelous.

    let’s stop being jelous of other people whether we know them or not. this is the best wedding just admit.


    17 November 2010 • 9:11 am •
  89. Hey Dipolelo that is so guys are so beatiful


    17 November 2010 • 10:41 am •
  90. nice wedding bitso.


    17 November 2010 • 3:52 pm •
  91. You are beutiful guys all the best and GOD bless you


    17 November 2010 • 3:55 pm •
  92. @Smartz
    Comments have nothing to do with the marital status of a person but rather the taste – its obvious that we all have different tastes and likes and mine saying that this is not ayoba it doesnt mean it was not ayoba at all. This blog is for us to give our thoughts whether good or bad.
    My comments are based on the good wedding planner point of view or rather on someone with experience on events planning…


    18 November 2010 • 1:42 pm •
  93. I think Tkay was too hard but has some very valid points.KN,don’t get me wrong, the wedding is very nice. Go a bonala gore the bride and groom made an effort and spent a lot of money in preparing for this day. Before you accuse me of being lefetwa, I got married in sep. I agree with Tkay that the colours should compliment each other. The groom’s suit is nice but does not compliment either his groomsmen nor his the bride. Yes it should not be the same as the groomsmen but he should have at least complimented his bride’s dress. As for the the pricetag, it is just a minor issue and anyone can forget to remove it especially on your wedding day. Congrats and be blessed

    The one

    18 November 2010 • 3:23 pm •
  94. butiful wedding. butiful dress oh! I luv it


    19 November 2010 • 8:13 am •
  95. i agree with Tools is seems as if the people who wrote here know makoti and mokhonana very well they forget that people are free to speak their minds any congradulations


    19 November 2010 • 11:42 am •
  96. aowa mokgonyana ge le rekile dieeta le tloshe di price ka mo fase.


    19 November 2010 • 1:40 pm •
  97. Honestly speaking, the wife is too much of a fake. The dress has beads and glitters, she does not need the hair beads and the bling-o-lish earrings. And the dress is bling NOGAL. The make up is too much. We no longer draw these days we twiss. And what’s with the tradition leshira? And the orange and white christmas tree on her head? I guess it compliments the festives as we are approaching….. And the pearl neck piece and earrings… They take me way back when my granny ne a sa di busa. I like mkhwenyane’s tradition shirt


    22 November 2010 • 2:50 pm •
  98. Oooh! one more thing… @Smartz, I agree with TKay de taste has got nothing to do with marital status or anything else. I believe my wedding was not this speel goede’s


    22 November 2010 • 2:53 pm •
  99. You are so beatiful and your wedding was so i stunnic, please give the number of the person who was doing the decorations.


    23 November 2010 • 10:35 am •
  100. first dress was lovely, GOD bless


    23 November 2010 • 2:54 pm •
  101. Batho ba lefufa, you’d find out all this haters, have a dozen kids with no baby-daddies, in simple terms ke mafetwa, and ba jelous. People like TKay will neva smell the matrimony, if married it won’t last as she is an unhappy – miserable moooo..


    23 November 2010 • 3:36 pm •
  102. Aowa Aowa maybe ke na le bad taste hee!nna i see nothing wrong,


    24 November 2010 • 2:10 pm •
  103. Smartz, Tman, Zzz please this blog is for everyone to give their honest thoughts whether good or bad, we not here to say what you want to hear but to raise our concerns and compliments just like you, so everyone has got a right to say whatever they think. So guyz please speak out your mind and don’t worry about other people, bcoz if you stress too much you gonna have stroke!


    24 November 2010 • 4:21 pm •
  104. Haai Shame! le tlhomola pelo, The one and Babsi you claim that you got married, sent us your pictures so that we can see how you looked at your wedding surely you didn’t get good comments like the one this wedding is having so you are so in pain.

    people who sends their pictures in this blog are not the one to be blamed for your unprepared weddings and bad comments you’ve got from this blog if you did, so don’t be personal.
    count how many people says this wedding is AYOBA and ask yourself what’s wrong with you, only 4 out of 101 says the wedding is no good that’s why one suspects you know this couple.

    Hai! i am so shocked.


    25 November 2010 • 9:06 am •
  105. Ja ne! this is the most beautiful wedding in deed, i have never seen such a unique wedding especially with your tradition dear, we are so used to common things but this, wow!!! so unique.

    Perfect wedding and well organised.

    Enjoy your wedding guz


    25 November 2010 • 10:10 am •
  106. Haai!! Jelous down, this is Awesome, nice clours, perfect dresses and different. you didn’t copy and paste anyone’s wedding.

    this is the best wedding serious!

    God Bless you


    25 November 2010 • 10:12 am •
  107. Aowa! The one o a e lahla le wena, na le be le nyaka mokgonyana a apare a white suit or Makoti a apare a silver wedding dress to match each other can’t u see gore theres a white shirt and a white wescoat mo sutung ya mokgonyana what more compliment are you talking about.

    we must all try to be unique and stylish at our weddings i also love your tradition hat my dear it reminds me of the one the first lady Mantuli was wearing in Britain. o apara le bo first lady o kotsi my dear.

    the wedding is beautiful and perfect.

    this is one of the best in Mzanzi


    25 November 2010 • 10:23 am •
  108. Perfect wedding , surely you have spent fortunes in organising this wedding Ne? phela it is so perfect.

    Where is this Nokaneng? mara he, i’ve heard Kenneth Mashaba’s wife is also from that place, wow this place has beautiful ladies, Dipuo please give me your contacts i want to get myself a woman at your place and you will also advice with preparations from A to Z. you have a good taste.


    25 November 2010 • 10:27 am •
  109. WoW!!!!!! i’m so speechless i don’t mind the few negative comments they have their own reasons why but this wedding is perfect, makoti looks beautiful, the clothes are so perfect i don’t want to talk about the decorations, haaai guyz GOD is my Witness this is so perfect and so stunning.

    Modimo ga a refe ka go tshwana guyz, let’s congradulate those that are fully blessed.


    25 November 2010 • 10:34 am •
  110. Wow! Mam please send me your contact numbers, i need your advices as i am soon to get married, i also want my wedding to be as perfect as yours. wow! if this was a competition i would have had no doubt that the number one prize is yours.

    This is gr8.


    25 November 2010 • 10:37 am •
  111. Lenyalo le le utliwisa batho botlhoko jo! anyway it is the way le bonang dilo ka teng, we can’t blame you. i’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures guyz, you look stunning, you were really prepared for this wedding.

    Well done!!!


    25 November 2010 • 10:41 am •
  112. Nice wedding in deed. i don’t even know how to explain it.

    this is more than perfect


    25 November 2010 • 10:42 am •
  113. Ke be ke sa tsebe go re this blog e swere dilo tse di botse so, i was gonna start here before my wedding preparations, not to say i didn’t like my wedding but really this wedding have some of the things that i would love to have on my wedding as well. Dipuo where were you my dear you should have adviced.

    I love everything in this wedding.



    25 November 2010 • 10:44 am •
  114. Perfect wedding! Good luck


    25 November 2010 • 10:46 am •
  115. Babsi are you sure you have a granny or you are just emagining to have one, there is nothing wrong with wearing a dress that has got diamonds, it’s all about affordability guyz and don’t blame anyone for your poverty. one day you will also be blessed, i love everything in this wedding including the orange and white hat it looks like our first lady’s when she was visiting Britain with the president. wedding planner wena you are saying you are well experienced and professional but you can’t see beautiful things, aowa it’s a good thing you didn’t put your name but i pray to GOd not to endup asking you to help me preparing my wedding in Feb 2011. surely you are no good at all.

    Ke style guyz tsamayang le mabaka. rona re tseya malebela wa mona o tla sala.


    25 November 2010 • 10:58 am •
  116. this is way too beautiful. everything is beautiful, where did you do your hairstyle surely this hairstylist is a professional. your dresses, decor and you strooimates looks stunning as well, mo ga go na bosodi. well organised.

    stay blessed.


    25 November 2010 • 11:03 am •
  117. nice pics especially the kissing


    25 November 2010 • 2:49 pm •
  118. nice wedding


    26 November 2010 • 1:56 pm •
  119. well, the wedding looked good, but there is too much deco on makoti’s head both on with a white dress and tradition. the wedding gown also has too much of blings, not ayoba. good luck guys


    29 November 2010 • 2:29 pm •
  120. its not bad but….


    29 November 2010 • 2:32 pm •
  121. wow!!!


    30 November 2010 • 12:30 pm •
  122. wow u were so beautiful

    dipuo sebidi

    30 November 2010 • 4:51 pm •
  123. Dipolelo u have did a great thing no matter what could they say. it was nice n you can see that it is well planned .You go gal and stay blessed ngwanyana wa BOKABA HOME GAL


    2 December 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  124. hawu! so many kids!!!
    That picture with the cake, that cloth on the table looks like the decoration wasnt complete or was still on progress, why didnt they put it nicely?


    2 December 2010 • 10:37 pm •
  125. this is the best wedding of the Month October 2010 and the wedding of the year 2010, no doubts. only 6 people out of 124 with negative comments, haaai ke le shapela matsogo ngwana wa ko Nokaneng.

    the decor looks gr8 and everything in this wedding is so beautiful.

    well done guyz and enjoy your wedding.


    3 December 2010 • 3:19 pm •
  126. wow! your pictures looks great, it shows verywell that this wedding was AYOBA, i love the little kids, they’ve also made your pictures and your wedding unique as well as your dresses especially the traditions and the wedding dress they are so unique you didn’t do the obvious things, wherever you go this days ke boobchup white dress and seshweshwe tradition, this really looks beautiful. you’ve made your MARK in this blog.

    please send us the contact numbers for the person who did your decor.


    3 December 2010 • 3:26 pm •
  127. Waze wa ba mhle ntombazana, i love your colours and everything in your weddding.

    wow especially the hairstyle.

    GOD BLESS YOU in your marriage.


    3 December 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  128. Hai Keke, wena you’ve never said anything beautiful on this blog, whatz up?


    3 December 2010 • 3:46 pm •
  129. Wow!! this is perfect,i am so in love with everything in this pictures. your wedding was perfect dear, where did you get your dresses, i love them all.


    6 December 2010 • 11:13 am •
  130. kuhle konke perfect for a queen


    9 December 2010 • 1:22 pm •
  131. I dont even know where to start…makoti your dress is the best EVER i have seen……hey your decor is even worse in beauty! very classy, this was a wedding for kings and queens…my word..i am so humbled.I just praise Jehovah for all this…


    10 December 2010 • 5:55 pm •
  132. i used this picture as my screen saver,this is the best picture of then all,gud lucky guys


    15 December 2010 • 2:08 pm •
  133. Makoti your dress o montle sister. Can I have your contact details I want to talk to you


    20 December 2010 • 8:39 am •
  134. Le a baka joo ha esale ayoba Nokaneng Ayoba?


    3 January 2011 • 3:12 pm •
  135. Ya lena le ya e baka serious, le setswaletse in this blog for 2010, we will see if there is any wedding for this one in 2011.


    31 January 2011 • 9:16 am •
  136. Sister ma-deph congra 4 wat u’ve lebeletse gore ka lengwe la matsatsi e tlabe ele nna(MPEDI WA TSWANA SEMANE SE LE WENG…)ke dira seo ke seboneng mo go RAKGADI WA THATO(DAPHNEY DIPOU BOKABA-SEBIDI)MODIMO O LE KGODITSE LE BA LAPA LA nna Montwedi Bokaba ko Seabe sa majatladi.

    montwedi bokaba

    13 February 2011 • 11:12 pm •
  137. your wedding is ayoba makoti ,i wish i had a blessed wedding like yours im getting married soon.everything is beautful


    18 February 2011 • 2:19 am •
  138. shuuuu this is v beautiful bathong,im taking notes,shu lea i baka serious!


    22 February 2011 • 2:13 pm •
  139. Ntate Sebidi why were we not invited phela ke grandchild ya kwa Sebidi batswa Marapyane.Otherwise lenyalo la lona was beautiful and colourful.


    23 February 2011 • 2:47 pm •