Sammy and Thandeka Nkabinde


  1. lovely wedding your groom looks very wow in his purple
    quality of pics isnt so good though
    overall le letle le nyalo la hao


    9 January 2012 • 12:26 pm •
  2. The color Purple vele??? Wedding pictures are for keeps, why le tsea wedding pics ka camera ya phone bathong & repeat them!!! What’s happening with the little flowergirls, how many are they? Less is more, bride’s dress too busy (Bustier & skirt). I hope you’ll rectify these on your 10th anniversary.. God bless your marriage as you seem happy and in love!!!


    9 January 2012 • 1:02 pm •
  3. Nibahle shame jelouse down.mkwenyana ja!uyibhujwa maan siii,may GOD bless you and your Husband.


    9 January 2012 • 1:52 pm •
  4. Colour purple means ….i hope u got the message Kotiza lol,, enjoy your wedding guys, God bless u abundantly


    9 January 2012 • 2:41 pm •
  5. TJO!!!! Abantwana abaningi kangaka!! *speechless*


    9 January 2012 • 3:37 pm •
  6. where is the deco and the bridesmaids??
    and the flowergals shoo


    9 January 2012 • 3:37 pm •
  7. Never in the history of my looking at the wedding blog have i seen a groom this stunning.The bride looks gorgeous as expected and i normally just glance at the groom just to see the color of the suite, but with this couple i find myself starring at the detail on this groom’s suite.
    guys you did very well. congratulations.

    was his suite tailor made or was it bought?


    10 January 2012 • 11:38 am •
  8. Too much of the purple colour


    10 January 2012 • 12:14 pm •
  9. Yaa ne!!!

    The groom’s outfit … hmmmm


    10 January 2012 • 3:32 pm •
  10. i just love them they look alike as if they are brother and sister, both slender and tall oh my!!!! perfect together what god put together let no man seperate, god must bless your marraige and protect your future, you look stunning!!!! Oh the broom’s outfit is unique, look at the jacket not from here and dont talk about the rose on his neck thats unique and different


    12 January 2012 • 9:02 am •
  11. Groom’s suit is the highlight of the wedding….

    NICE SUIT!!! o tswere style bathong


    13 January 2012 • 3:06 pm •
  12. I love Makoti’s dress and the groom’s suite. Am not sure about the shoes though, it is a bit too much for the outfit that is already colourful.

    Too many children, I hope the were not flower girls. You look like you have fun together and love each other. I wish you guys all the best. . .


    24 January 2012 • 5:38 pm •
  13. Guys you look beautiful and Sammy I love your suite bro, this was a beautiful wedding unfortunately I could not attend.

    Take care Mr and Mrs Nkabinde


    26 January 2012 • 9:57 am •
  14. Hi

    Guys your wedding was great but the pictures not visible enough.You luk great both of you guys!!!

    God bless your marriage.


    26 January 2012 • 2:04 pm •