Presenting Our Perfect Wedding was tougher than I thought: Tumi Morake

She is the first to leave the house in the wee hours of the morning and usually return home when everyone is already in bed.



Such is the busy life of Tumi Morake, who managed to squeeze in an interview with Sowetan in between the voice-over recordings she has to do during the day.


Life has become busier for Morake with her new gig on Mzansi Magic as the fourth host of Our Perfect Wedding which first aired on Sunday. The show is religiously watched by South Africans and is a sure-fire hit on social media.


All the preparations leading up to the wedding happen with the couple being followed by Morake and her crew. This makes for enjoyable authentic reality TV.


Morake steps in the shoes of forerunners Thuli Thabethe, Brenda Ngxoli and Phumeza Mdabebut for Morake, it has not been as easy as the cameras might make it seem.


“It was tougher than I thought it would be, really, kudos to Phumeza who made it seem easier than it really is,” she says.


“I’m out of my comfort zone. What I like about it is that I’m conscious of every moment on set, because I’ve never presented before. I’m not a presenter,” says the 33-year-old comedian, actress, and screenwriter.


  1. Big up Tumi no matter how much you think its hard, but you are doing great and i love you wen you are presenting My perfect wedding because you even make it more fun with the little jokes. You have it all and in case you want to know TV loves you more better than you love it because you are unique.

    Juliet Otsogile

    14 January 2015 • 10:51 am •
  2. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here
    by searching for


    17 January 2015 • 3:00 pm •
  3. Hey Tumi girl you are holding it down like proper!It may be tough for you but you make us smile and enjoy the show each week! Big ups girl!


    19 January 2015 • 12:16 pm •
  4. hey tumza i really like u n ur show


    26 January 2015 • 7:45 am •
  5. Big shout out to u tumza i started to enjoy perfect wedding since you arrived…….i really like dat episode of bikers.


    26 January 2015 • 7:49 am •
  6. Hey Tumza u r the best and i really wish u could just stay there a little longer even though is tough but u r are always calm and funny.HIGH 5 ON YOU SISTER

    Sherley Matlala

    30 April 2015 • 10:25 am •
  7. Hey Tumi It might be tough on you but yei you are the best, I cannot afford to miss your smile and jokes, I like it when you say “HA uweng”.Hope you stay a little longer. you really are good at what you doing.

    Maves Tau

    22 June 2015 • 8:29 am •
  8. you are doing a great job TUMI. Big up. i think they should add a spice by a male co presenter. i can perfectly fit in co presenting the show. nice reality show

    daniel pelo

    8 July 2015 • 2:38 pm •

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