Precious Madisa and Eazy Sebiloane


  1. Of all the weddings I have seen so far, this one is one of the best, it shows that a lot of planning went into this one and I love everything, the dress of Umakoti is too beautiful, bride maids and the flower girls out fits and hair is to die for, I really love the traditional wedding outfits as well. All the best and God bless.


    3 June 2011 • 2:49 pm •
  2. God bless you.ngwana ko kgobokwane…….walkraal.wish u al de best


    3 June 2011 • 3:00 pm •
  3. I like your traditional attire makoti………..


    3 June 2011 • 3:37 pm •
  4. eish!!!the month of April ends on the 30th every year aus’precious…


    4 June 2011 • 10:29 am •
  5. too much accessories on pic 4, we should see the bride before the pins, pearls, gloves (is that a watch on the glove?), the busy necklace and all that. do not disguise your beauty with a crown, pins oh, the veil is at the back, behind the mountain of a hairstyle. i like your lavender or purple but overall what matters is when i look at your pictures, i read love in motion. you truly love one another and God bless you all.


    6 June 2011 • 8:25 am •
  6. Wow a bontle bo bokana.You guys looked beautiful and I love your white gown and traditional dress awesome.
    Decor pic’s please. God bless you all the way. I like I like


    6 June 2011 • 8:42 am •
  7. Traditional outfits are to die for , good luck on your marriage. God bless you guys.


    6 June 2011 • 8:53 am •
  8. Benibahle and congratulations!!!


    6 June 2011 • 9:33 am •
  9. High school sweetheart, thats sweet.

    Busi Maluleke

    6 June 2011 • 10:16 am •
  10. beautiful girl. this is all planned. nice one.


    6 June 2011 • 11:29 am •
  11. @ss
    u made my day yooh hay ne uhlakaniphile

    makoti’dress is nice its just that she accessorised to much.ku busy entanyeni


    6 June 2011 • 11:33 am •
  12. you were beautiful, and a beautiful wedding indeed, just too much accessories there her!.. there was too much going on there.. too much of accessories doesn’t do you much justice. We want to see the decor Sister’s waka…


    6 June 2011 • 11:33 am •
  13. @Mafloza

    shame that means you havent seen anything ne sweety


    6 June 2011 • 11:36 am •
  14. colour combination is vavacious

    mamsi says

    6 June 2011 • 12:46 pm •
  15. Beautiful body & dress baby girl, but you don’t have a smile! Cute little girl like mummy! Traditional wear 100%! All the best guys!


    6 June 2011 • 1:16 pm •
  16. wow nice wedding girl u look b……..ful i like i like mmmmm hey man take care of ur woman,woman love u’r husbby as much as u can, GOD BLESS U’R Wedding GUYS & ur baby girl she’s so cute all the best MR & MRS SEBILOANE. LOVE U


    6 June 2011 • 2:02 pm •
  17. Mafohloza clearly you haven’t been to many weddings, Honestly this wedding is a bit old fashioned. IO don’t know what was the importance of the gloves, that chunky necklace let alone the crown. Girl i believe you could have done far better than this. None the less you are married now and i believe you are happy, you have something that many woman only have in their dreams. Congratulations babygirl all the best. Remember to love,care,respect and humble yourself to your man.


    6 June 2011 • 3:03 pm •
  18. Beatiful i love everything about this wedding,im not sure about the gloves thou but everything is perfect


    6 June 2011 • 5:51 pm •
  19. the colours are too bright.i dnt like the wedding dress,actually everything about the wedding.not sophisticated…..sorry darling,dats the way i see


    7 June 2011 • 10:18 am •
  20. Beautiful bride and nice dress…… umphathe kahle umyeni wakho sisi. God Bless….


    7 June 2011 • 10:20 am •
  21. Wow!!! your dress is stunning and is a perfect fit, I like it, I love it – but those gloves nope and the top part of the dress was beautifully accessorised so there was no need for the neckpiece…

    God bless your marriage


    7 June 2011 • 1:32 pm •
  22. oh no this purple is way too much, it was suppose to be toned down wiht some other colour, n the bridesmaid’s dresses da design looks terrible n too many of them, where is the decor? it looks very busy on the bride,gloves, dress, necklace, beading on hair

    anyway as long le le happy

    Miss E

    7 June 2011 • 2:04 pm •
  23. Le ke lona,ai lenna ke a nyala.u guyz inspired me thanx God bless!!!

    Boyza ke Bafana

    7 June 2011 • 2:08 pm •
  24. why u’re wearing venda tradition?


    7 June 2011 • 3:06 pm •
  25. stunning makoti …am not sure abt the suit ka mkhenyana ..but all that matters you guys are married …God bless ur union


    8 June 2011 • 12:27 pm •
  26. Nice dress makoti but the colour purple is not good at all it needs some colours to break it


    9 June 2011 • 12:15 am •
  27. Everything is too much but as long as le le happy.


    9 June 2011 • 8:13 am •
  28. Lenyalo le leshota ka spark. Everyone seems to be deep into thought, including makoti. Guests are dreesed awfully.


    9 June 2011 • 9:53 am •
  29. o montje mona fase, ene lewena o atseba gore o be ole botse. Ba mona fase bona ba tla ipona.mafetwa.


    9 June 2011 • 12:26 pm •
  30. Nice wedding guys,,Mkwenyana hayi bhuti you should have done better with your outfit,,but what matters,Umakoti ngowethu,siyavuma,,


    9 June 2011 • 12:28 pm •
  31. congrats girl,i like the coluor it was so beatifull.well done man


    9 June 2011 • 1:03 pm •
  32. Congratulations on your marriage, God bless you.

    And thank you, thanks to you I now know why im obsessed with ‘matching’ things, because it makes photos look better. Ivory suit and deep purple clashes on more ways than one!


    10 June 2011 • 11:55 am •
  33. too much accesories darling…beautiful dress


    10 June 2011 • 4:18 pm •
  34. u must just all stop bein so jealous. This wedding was beautiful. the problem with you critics is that u want to compare a simple, elegant marriage with a millionaire’s marriage. Stop the jealousy.
    Preciuos baby, you were beautiful. I loved everything.


    14 June 2011 • 6:33 pm •
  35. Mafloza bhwagagagagaga yhoooo hayi sisi uyaziva yhoo??


    15 June 2011 • 3:52 pm •
  36. sisi o motle but I dnt know why you were sooo stingy ka smile. in future, ignore using too m any accesories as they take then limelite away from you. congrats


    22 June 2011 • 2:51 pm •
  37. what e tradition u a killing me softlly makoti!!


    23 June 2011 • 5:17 pm •
  38. To those who decided to comment on my comment, please note that this comment was not meant for you, it was for the owner of the wedding who posted the pictures, which I happen to think was really beautiful and this is my opinion,please respect it and if you have seen better, then good for you!


    24 June 2011 • 11:31 am •
  39. Mafetwaake le thole ma’an, le di tire di tdibi-tsibi tsa manyalo, since wen u morons ar wedding experts? Dis guy has taken dis beautiful gal and no I will not be surprised if all pf u critics are not married ene nishonelwe lilanga u walking in d dark luking 4 potential men nd cnt succeed dat’s why u boiling nd exploiding jealousy, it’s not our fault dt u single nd miserable nd dey all come and go hamba uyogeza isinyama moron!


    2 July 2011 • 11:45 pm •