Our perfect wedding: Ruby and Morena

Popular Mzansi magic show, Our Perfect Wedding keeps viewers glued to their screen, this week wedding teaches one to plan in advance and it’s ok to hire a wedding dress rather than getting it designed.

Wedding preparation disasters did not stop Ruby and Morena from making their wedding a success.

Sunday night’s wedding show came as a shock, after the bride made it to the matrimonial three hours later due to an incomplete dress.

Couple Ruby and Morena hailing from Sebokeng, dated for six years before taking the next step to marriage.

The pair displaying their wedding on TV had a few falls before becoming officially married.

Disasters went from dress going wrong to no wedding rings at the alter!

Ruby had initially given her mom the duties of designing the perfect dress for her but at the final hour, the gown set to make her a queen was incomplete and a no show.

It took three hours for the groom, Morena to meet his bride and exchange vows, just when one thought the ‘oops’ moments were over, another shocker was the absence wedding rings.

To hide the shame the priest took off his wedding band handed it to Morena rescuing couple.

Unlike many brides, Ruby did her own wedding cake and deco that looked orange, white and yellow.


  1. they looked nice


    9 September 2014 • 10:35 am •
  2. I laughed when I was watching this wedding , I loved the bridesmaid dresses , the different colours and the length was elegant. I loved the cake as well , Mam Ruby u can really bake shame. okunye nje was a disaster starting from that orange hairstyle , i laughed when i saw the bride running across the road with her gown if i was around I was gonna think its a “Leon Schuster movie”. Guys please plan your weddings properly dont rely on last minute things most of the time they back fire.


    9 September 2014 • 11:05 am •
  3. Ohh I forgot to say your traditional attire was lovely , I loved it.


    9 September 2014 • 11:06 am •
  4. I really loved Ruby’s spirit, she is really calm and collected. Some brides were going to freak out if they had to find out that their wedding gowns were unfinished on the day. She only wanted to make sure that her mom is ok, Morena is very lucky to get such a wife. And yes her baking her wedding cake is part of saving but I think it is also special. Thank you Ruby and Morena for a Marital lesson. Yes the negatives will always be there but for me, I took the negative and it became a positive lesson.


    9 September 2014 • 12:13 pm •
  5. Congratulations to them but where are the pictures where is the cake that she made


    9 September 2014 • 12:18 pm •
  6. Oh Morena and Ruby what a drama! but what matters now is that ur married…CONGRATS

    Big nuz

    9 September 2014 • 1:23 pm •
  7. eish our perfect wedding is fast changing it our disaster/ugly wedding….seriously starting to think people are getting paid to create these disasters.

    Nnete ya baba!!

    9 September 2014 • 2:04 pm •
  8. Hai shame Il cry so much if this happens on my wedding day, but makoti se hard is baie sterk she went on and married her man no matter wat! the wedding was beautiful the colours was lovely


    9 September 2014 • 2:08 pm •
  9. for some one who was walked down by MP Mosiua “TERROR” Lekota this wedding was just a huge blunder. otherwise congrats to them.

    Miss O

    10 September 2014 • 6:39 am •
    • and here I am thinking is the father non existant hence da uncle walked her down or was da poor guy sidelined because she has a politician for an uncle???….Ai mina Im confused!

      Nnete ya baba!!

      10 September 2014 • 11:23 am •
  10. i love the original dress, i was looking forward to see her in that but disaster do happen. I felt sorry for her,i like the cake, traditional attire. how can someone forget the bride & groom rings that was bad. all the best for both of you.


    10 September 2014 • 7:25 am •
  11. congrats guys what a beautiful wedding, cake, traditional attire, decor and dress everything i like i like


    10 September 2014 • 8:08 am •
  12. Ge bare basadi ba swara thipa ka bogaleng ba bolela ka batho ba go swana le ruby. I salute you remain calm under a very difficult situation.
    your are an extra ordinary women


    10 September 2014 • 8:22 am •
  13. Ruby ke mosadi wa mampela! she handled all the blunders with grace. Morena you have got yourself a true woman I tell you. The cakes looked lovely very nice Ruby. I agree the brides maids dresses were nice and different. Traditional attire was also nice, mother redeemed herself there.

    Congratulations guys may your union be blessed.


    10 September 2014 • 11:55 am •
  14. I like the way Ruby handled the situation. She was calm n quick to get solutions. Mara bjanong Admin this is how is going to be??Providing us with pics for each episode of Our Perfect Wedding???


    11 September 2014 • 6:22 am •
  15. The issue of rings was not on,the rings are the last things to be forgetten,you cn forget a watch not rings……somethings you dnt delegate really,people must learn this lesson…..

    Mr MS

    11 September 2014 • 8:24 am •
  16. but the bride is got a strong heart….but her haisrstyle wasnot on point

    Mr MS

    11 September 2014 • 8:25 am •
  17. yes Ruby she is a strong woman indeed but her hairstyle was very bad….it was like they organised their wedding in a week…and them wanting to cut the cost/expenses ended them in trouble but anyway it has passed now…God bless your marriage


    11 September 2014 • 8:38 am •
  18. Thé Makoti’s hairstyle was not ayoba for the wedding but i liked the way she contained herself during the disaster time.


    12 September 2014 • 10:32 am •
  19. xem the most important thngs wr nt perfect, bt ths is the real world so these thngs happen. Her mom tried xem bt failed on some parts unfortunately the most important”the wddng dress”. I hweva agree wth ppl tht say the hair ws a disastr;purely out of order n ugly.


    14 September 2014 • 7:57 am •
  20. Suka hairstylle embi apha.


    15 September 2014 • 9:18 am •

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