Nomvula & Rodgers Maringa


  1. Its your big day guys but you dint show life,as for attire ke mathata fela.Let God bless your marriage though.


    23 January 2012 • 2:33 pm •
  2. your make up mmmmmmmmm


    23 January 2012 • 8:52 pm •
  3. guys did u just recovered from some kind of sickness? what went wrong no smile whatsoever


    23 January 2012 • 10:51 pm •
  4. come on guys it is ur wedding day a smile wont harm anything where u forced to get merried anyway i lyk ue brides maids


    24 January 2012 • 11:24 am •
  5. le tswa le le kae gae,im sure its somwehere in the farms,kganthe y le a pesitse flowergirl masokisi,y didnt u jst buy her pantyhose/fishnet instead n di stroy tsa gago o kare ba be baya kgonyeng.

    n hu forced u to get married coz u seem very angry,no smiles.

    modimo a hlogonolofatse motse wa lena a le godise n da only third thing e tsenang gare ga lena e be bible.sateeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


    24 January 2012 • 4:36 pm •
  6. Am not sure about purple (well it’s not my favorite color). Anyways it was about the two of you. My little advise for you Makoti is “Makeup is what makes a woman extremely beautiful or the oposite. if you choose to put it on get proffessional advise or ask them to put it themselves.” The reason I say this is because “you might not see it on the mirror but pictures will always tell”. use this next time Makoti.

    I love the dress but I sensed a lack of energy and excitement that comes with getting married just by looking at the pictures. In short ” a little smile goes a long way”. Anyway May the good Lord bless your union.


    24 January 2012 • 5:17 pm •
  7. awu cha, ngeke. make -up, iroko lakho alihambelani nomzimba wakho and believe you me you have a beautiful body. angisholutho ngo matron – ngathi i-christmas tree. cha sisi impela ngabe uziphe isikhathi sokuhlela kahle izinto zakho.
    wishing you the best in your marriage


    25 January 2012 • 8:21 am •
  8. Your dress is gourgeous….but the hairstyle is not for a wedding but to go to spaza shop to buy brown bread.

    The groom bathong…did he buy the suit from Marabastad?

    Maid of honor : disaster and the hairstyle…kikikiki

    Your day was special to you but you should be disappointed cause there is no smile on your face at all….



    25 January 2012 • 11:33 am •
  9. hmm ok your wedding dress is nice.
    mara y unga smile?
    the person who did your hair should be fired and never touch someones head ever again.


    25 January 2012 • 2:10 pm •
  10. God bless your unity.


    25 January 2012 • 2:19 pm •
  11. ao hee what happened at this wedding – why are these people so sad. Is this an arranged marriage….


    25 January 2012 • 5:46 pm •
  12. Hey mr & Mrs maringa, Congradulations, i wish u the best in your wedding,

    Bujomujo and Thembi you are jelous, Good things need to be appreciated, Wedding is a blessing from God.You might find that you have millions of boyfriend or girlfriend or you are not getting mr/mrs right. stop talking bad things to other people. im sure u dont even have god in your life.let me leave u and concentrate on the newly wedded couple.

    Guys you derserve the best, lililililiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii raaaaaaaaaaaaa.congradulations, it takes guts to take ur pics to sowetan, u r a 1st people to see at sowetan dat i know about, once again congradulations


    26 January 2012 • 8:20 am •
  13. Uqinisile wena Princess! I think those two (Thembi and Bujomujo) have got something against the couple and now it pains them that they are finally going down the aisle.

    Jealosy is like a desease. Rather pray to God to also give you ‘ubambo lwenu’ (the ribs of your ribs) and stop criticizing other people.

    This wedding is ayoba and nothing wrong about the bride’s gown.


    26 January 2012 • 12:10 pm •
  14. eish first of all congratulations and I am gonna start with the bride, you look beautiful in that dress but the hairstyle no-no-no, the make-up a BIG NO, now moving to the groom haikhona that suit looks bigger and makes u look dehydrated and for both of you if only u smiled on this day I think we wouldnt have seen the mistakes on your picture. The flowersgirl’s socks its soooooooooooo 90’s.


    26 January 2012 • 2:37 pm •
  15. haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii makoti mayb you did not have enof tym to preapare…….. Im sorry but this is not ayoba


    30 January 2012 • 3:12 pm •
  16. Hi Mr. and Mrs Moringa. I am impressed that u took effort to strengthen the love u have for each other. Its a perfect step most pepople would like to take (Many are broke to afford to go down the aisle. God bless your marriage. Hureeee!!!!!.


    8 February 2012 • 11:47 am •
  17. Congratulations


    22 June 2012 • 10:47 pm •