Ndivhuwo Nngidi and Ambani Matibe


  1. banuza! congrats tlheng. clearly you guys enjoyed yourselves waitse. it was a nice bathong. jeeze you had a number of bridesmades hey sho!!!May god bless your marriage dearly!


    28 March 2011 • 11:58 am •
  2. The wedding is ayoba. Makoti’s dress and the bridesmaid’s dress is to die for. Your body is to die for in that beautiful dress. You took your time to organise and prepare your wedding babygirl. Truelly this is ayoba. I’m bored about too many brides maids,is everyone close to you asked to be part of it?


    28 March 2011 • 12:14 pm •
  3. Congratulations on your wedding.
    Bridesmaid dressses are cute, but did you have to take your entire relatives/village to strooi for you?


    28 March 2011 • 1:00 pm •
  4. love the venda tradition but eish too many bridesmaid and groom’s men and am not sure about your wedding dress but you had fun god bless you in your matrimony..


    28 March 2011 • 1:08 pm •
  5. Wedding is a gift from GOD, Makoti pls respect ur man. You look beautiful. Everyting is perfect.


    28 March 2011 • 1:27 pm •
  6. ok


    28 March 2011 • 1:44 pm •
  7. i love pic 14 beautiful-darlings


    28 March 2011 • 2:06 pm •
  8. great traditional outfits. beautiful colour. you guys look superb. wish you all the luck


    28 March 2011 • 3:10 pm •
  9. congrats on your marriage. pic 23 kills me, its nice hey. may the almighty guide you. have an everlasting one, stay blessed


    28 March 2011 • 4:13 pm •
  10. I have never seen so many brides maids, in a long time. The person that made the outfits made a fortune out of this wedding


    29 March 2011 • 5:45 am •
  11. picture 28 the gals are looking good,overall the picture quality was not good.


    29 March 2011 • 5:58 am •
  12. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!


    29 March 2011 • 8:10 am •
  13. Nice gown sisi!!


    29 March 2011 • 9:13 am •
  14. May the almighty BLESS ur marriage…..you looks so happy 2geda.


    29 March 2011 • 9:30 am •
  15. I like ur traditional attire and it suits you gal. I like that you have planned your wedding well and it shows……nice wedding guys. May the Lord almighty bless your union.


    29 March 2011 • 10:05 am •
  16. Girl your gown is very stunning and you two look so happy that is nice.
    The Bridesmaid’s tradition is very delectable.
    Nice wedding and God bless.


    29 March 2011 • 10:14 am •
  17. Congratulations Ndivhuwo Nngidi and Ambani Matibe on your wedding. 2nd thing dinepe di dark, i guess camera man forgot to use flashlight. 3rdly camera man back dated his camera to 01/01/2008 or maybe the couple forgot their wedding date hence they say they got married on February the 26th,2011. Ndaa!


    29 March 2011 • 11:07 am •
  18. The pics says 01/01/2008 but you say its 2011 wedding – it looks like the 90’s wedding to me. Everything is old school; the cake, the wedding dress shiny material, the choir (bride’s maid and groom’s man) oohh the list is endless… What tradition is that surely is not Tshivenda – no offense, it just not my taste.

    May God bless your marriage…


    29 March 2011 • 12:07 pm •
  19. congrats!!!!


    29 March 2011 • 12:20 pm •
  20. i love the traditional outfits,true muvenda but the wedding gown,the cake and the deco was totaly out.but u looked very happy though

    santa mdore

    29 March 2011 • 12:50 pm •
  21. God bless your marriage and be the example to people who think that marriage is no longer there.enjoy your marriage.


    29 March 2011 • 2:32 pm •
  22. WOOOOW….Amazing. This shows how wel u have prepared.. MOsadi ke go fa letsogo.
    Ur man mas be proud of u. Pic 2 das it for me ‘Clean,glam and organised”…Wel done and May our great Lord bless u 2 greatly so…much love


    29 March 2011 • 2:39 pm •
  23. Wow guys you looked very beautiful. Congratulations and god bless.
    Respect each other and all will be in place.


    29 March 2011 • 2:55 pm •
  24. god bless ur marriage guys.


    29 March 2011 • 3:35 pm •
  25. Beautiful tradition, God bless your marriage


    29 March 2011 • 4:05 pm •
  26. A bontle bobo kaka.may god bless u so much in you marriege………………


    29 March 2011 • 4:53 pm •
  27. wow – well planned –
    God bless your union


    29 March 2011 • 4:57 pm •
  28. Nice wedding, may God bless your unioun and let no man or woman put this assunder.
    Enjoy your lives together as one.


    29 March 2011 • 5:08 pm •
  29. wow this is beutifull i love brides maids dresses. and vhenda tradition is also nice. gud luck for future wish you guys all the best in your wedding

    lindi kumalo

    30 March 2011 • 8:27 am •
  30. Tjo di stroy tse kana that’s the whole Taxi mos anyway we thank God that he made it possible with you guys 1 Peter 3:1 please read especially the wife


    30 March 2011 • 9:03 am •
  31. I love traditional outfits, however decor ya eggs and fruits not ayoba.


    30 March 2011 • 12:40 pm •
  32. ndaa! first and formost i wissh you all the best in you marrige, but i have a few things that no bride should ever do. NO OFFENCE neh 🙂

    Pic 12: the deco is so decades ago and the friut curving is onlng a waste because no one gets to eat them (sad)

    Pic 14: God you looked like some looser choir with a bad colour, the is no need to get the whole village to be your brides maid i bet you forgot some of them (please its your wedding you dont have to feel bad if you CANT accomodate everyone)

    Pic 15: you are the BRIDE and you have to outshine everyone at your wedding, always remember that the spotlight is on you never mind your hubby.

    pic 20: LOl it remindes me of BONA magazine back in the days.

    Pic 21: Jesus Chirst you look like your the queen of drum majorates.

    Pic 24: Are you sure you got married this year? this looksl like 20 years ago NO way garl.

    this is not meant to offend anyone but to share some good weeding pics that you would like to look at even 5 years from now.

    may the good lord bless you and keep you.


    30 March 2011 • 12:54 pm •
  33. stunning!nami wen i get merid ngfuna ama stroy amaningi yaz…lovely wedding guys


    30 March 2011 • 12:57 pm •
  34. what a beautifull wedding!God bless ur union.


    30 March 2011 • 2:23 pm •
  35. nice wedding.may God bless you guys.and pls dont worry about batho ba di comment tse negative.eish batho ba gona ba tsenya Jesus christ ka dicomment tsa moona wa tseba bahedene ba lapisha hle.


    31 March 2011 • 10:25 am •
  36. wow nice one. all prepared for. GOD bless


    31 March 2011 • 10:42 am •
  37. in most wedding such decoration are for traditional wedding. anyway U made it, marriage is a blessing. be blessed


    31 March 2011 • 11:00 am •
  38. I like your attire and colour combination. But you must admit, having the whole village as strooi is not a good idea.


    31 March 2011 • 1:29 pm •
  39. Bathong ba Modimo! shooo! where on earth did u get all your maids?


    31 March 2011 • 4:35 pm •
  40. Bridesmaid too much sana i’m sure u spemd a fortune on them yho call me stingy but will stick to my 3 bridesmaid ngekhe sana.anyway their dresses stunning not sure about yours though.


    31 March 2011 • 5:14 pm •
  41. what a beautiful wedding,u a de match made in heaven.i wish everyone was de 2 witnes yo marriage , dat was wel organized .God bless you! lovely couple!!!


    31 March 2011 • 6:52 pm •
  42. zwonakesa……speechles.nia fanelana.Mudzimu vha ni tonde!!!!


    31 March 2011 • 6:55 pm •
  43. u look great guyz.nice pictures,decor.anyway everything was stunning!!GOD bless u!!!


    31 March 2011 • 7:11 pm •
  44. mr & mrs nngidi!dis is beautiful.proudly vendas.thanx 4 sharing.god bless you!!!!!


    31 March 2011 • 7:16 pm •
  45. God bless u Vhavenda vha hashu.I wish u all the best. muta wa vhoinwi u fhatutshedziwe and also communication is the motto.


    1 April 2011 • 12:01 pm •
  46. Congratulation Guys GOD bless you in your Marriage, Guys we all know that some of you like PHANTHI are very good in critisizing,but you irritate some of us,in future if you dont have anything Good to comment,please just dont comment at all,the speech you wrote it shows that you are single and can’t find anyone to be married too or your married but your marriage is a mess.no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in life,so please dont embarrass your self with useless comment,if you dont have anuthing good to say just keep it to your self.we all know that your very very talented in bad comment,so please dont share it with us.marriage is a bleesing from GOD. but bad comment is from the devil.


    1 April 2011 • 12:26 pm •
  47. You guys are so rude, for heavens sake. this people are married already. they cant correct anything, besides there is no wedding which is perfect.PHANTHI, you are such a diffirent human being who is not sensitive at all.be civil and diplomat.I dont think the perpose of this website is to critisize people like this. “Ndivhuwo Nngidi and Ambani Matibe, May God bless your marriage. you are a wonderful couple. please dont take negative comments.


    1 April 2011 • 1:59 pm •
  48. loverly wedding indeed i wish it was me,god bless u


    3 April 2011 • 12:44 pm •
  49. guys i dont think ill ever post my wedding pictures on this blog. you are so negative all the times


    4 April 2011 • 12:25 pm •
  50. nice wedding. U look very beautiful in that dress.

    Wow your wedding choir seem organised!


    4 April 2011 • 1:42 pm •
  51. Guys mara y le na le jealous? firstly inlife we dont see things ka the same eye, the reason this couple chose lot of people as their maids is because they wanted to, we dont know their decision based on that so why critiseze? and if wena you want 3 maids ka your wedding then good for you, akere its something that you want? Ndivhuwo and Ambani, you guys were rocking, ne le le bantle, remember negativities doesnt break anyone but makes them stronger. this wedding was well organised i must say, the bride’s maids dresses were stunning, i have learned a thing or two ka ur pics and they will assist me a lot in planning my marriage. Modimo ke oo guys, invite him in ur marriage on a daily basis. Ndaa


    4 April 2011 • 1:50 pm •
  52. your tradition rocked guys..iyo that was awsome Tradition, beautiful


    4 April 2011 • 2:36 pm •
  53. Great wedding indeed, yah you guys are turning this whole commenting thing in your own way. boPHANTHI speak like there is someone payingthem to comment, well girl/boy you can be a good edito/Khuli Roberts just do it constractively not here. like Rato and Lebo said your good but please find the plot to exprese your talents. honestly the was no need for you to be so straight in there poor “married” couple face like that. i did notice that you said “NO OFFENCE” this is a wedding blog not REAL GOBOZA.

    To the couple, i wish you all the best in you union.


    4 April 2011 • 3:38 pm •
  54. Thanks for sharing as this will give me a light as to which mistakes to fix and not to repeat the same mistakes when planning my own blesing ceremony,I have always known though that as a bride you are suppose to outshine every one, the focus is on you for that day.. and you must stand out to gether with your hubby, make sure you speak to your camera person that the date is set corectly, your day must be perfect.don’t be nervous and forget to be happy and to enjoy your day to the fullest.

    May God bless both of you


    5 April 2011 • 10:17 am •
  55. Nice wedding guys….God bless


    5 April 2011 • 2:04 pm •
  56. Guys its not a matter of being rude, if u post ur pictures on national whatever obvious not everyone will say its nice even there’s perfect alles they’ll find negative things to write about so guys lets leave bana ba bang to their opinion if u don’t want us to have negative response to ur wedding the don’t post them u r not forced to, anyway marriage is from God and no one else


    6 April 2011 • 12:46 am •
  57. beautiful wedding i like the traditional dresses.


    7 April 2011 • 9:17 am •
  58. this was beautiful. May your marriage be showred with blessings.


    7 April 2011 • 3:11 pm •
  59. Hai , hezwi zwithu zwovha zwonakesa,,nice


    7 April 2011 • 4:59 pm •
  60. Congrats on your wedding, mara so many bridesmaids and groom shoo a whole football team!!!


    8 April 2011 • 1:38 pm •


    8 April 2011 • 1:48 pm •
  62. Dini u have a point my dear,i couldnt have said that better myself…..


    8 April 2011 • 2:26 pm •
  63. I don’t see anything wrong here…….
    Ri a ni livhuwisa ndivhuwo na mufarisi wanu

    The wedding planner

    11 April 2011 • 2:06 pm •
  64. That’s it Dini tell them. LEBO and ALL the offended one’s please if you guys can’t stand the heat do yourselves a favour & stay out of the Kitchen. Mpaaaaaaa. Divhuwo and Ambani was there a need for the whole Village?


    12 April 2011 • 2:29 pm •
  65. I think the wedding was well planned both traditional and white…asinobunceda ububi bona. Wishing you guys all the best in your marriage.


    12 April 2011 • 10:45 pm •
  66. vhavenda va haxu vho nakesa,ur wedding was ayoba bt 2much braidesmaid and groomsman.God bless u guyz


    13 April 2011 • 11:36 am •
  67. very beautiful, may God bless you marriage and remain blessed


    13 April 2011 • 2:37 pm •
  68. Purple is never good colour fo a wedding! otherwise congrats guys,,you look so much happier and inlove,,,may God keep you safe under the shadow of His wings.


    14 April 2011 • 8:16 am •
  69. Its a nice wedding.Marriage is devine and its from God.I am heart broken by PHANTHI’s comments.Really sad.As a former bride i will tell you a few things 1,I am sure this pictures are not from the real (paid)camera man,probably a friend had a camera and reality is the date setting is a very complex this for some ppl and its not everyday you check that its correct if you have a camera you will know.2, The brides maid number goes with their taste, some ppl have a wedding with 20 ppl, some 2000 ppl and some 20000 there is no basic rule for this. I also think the more the merrier. As for the comment about the dress being shinny, thats lack on knowledge,the marerial used for wedding dresses is called satin dear how can it not be shiny? Eish go se tsebe ke kotsi.I am a professional wedding planner, decorator and I say what the bride wants is perfect for her.


    14 April 2011 • 9:15 am •
  70. Aowa hle, di stroy tse ntshi so. two to 3 it’s enough. anyway re tla reng.Modimo a be le lena


    15 April 2011 • 12:11 pm •
  71. Eish Dini, se re tshaba le ho commenta coz tle be re bitswa mafetwa. Well-said dear!!!


    15 April 2011 • 2:56 pm •
  72. I love this! Absolutely Stunning!


    17 April 2011 • 5:08 pm •
  73. o thixo if these were my wedding pics and with these comments i would be in tears by now. Nngidi family may the almighty bless & strenghten your love, may he let no spear formed against you and yours prosper.

    All the best


    18 April 2011 • 4:39 pm •
  74. what eva negetives u sayin we dnt care dts wt we wntd.for the positive ones we tnk u kip it up.da main point we lv ich ada dats what metas.


    19 April 2011 • 1:16 pm •
  75. this shows real commitment mara frienship was too long till its reach destination which means ne ba mo ja pele gago morena


    20 April 2011 • 12:48 pm •
  76. The pirple colour….yoooh…but nice wedding..enjoy


    20 April 2011 • 1:37 pm •
  77. The purple colour….yoooh…but nice wedding..enjoy


    20 April 2011 • 1:37 pm •
  78. There is no way that i can have a choir of brides maid!!!!


    20 April 2011 • 2:56 pm •
  79. Who said purple is never good for weddings, I organise my friends wedding at people were going cracy. To the couple everyone of us has his/her different and I for one I love it, Congrats


    21 April 2011 • 2:16 pm •
  80. I wanted to say beautiful colour combination. All in on all your wedding was beautiful. My friend had 14 bridesmaid and groomsman. My word they maid a guard of honour for the bride it was so beautiful.

    Hurting comments get a life.


    21 April 2011 • 2:20 pm •
  81. I love your wedding traditional attire.


    21 April 2011 • 2:23 pm •
  82. that was a powerful wedding.I like it!!!!!


    3 May 2011 • 8:47 am •
  83. nice wedding hey.


    4 May 2011 • 2:52 pm •
  84. wow guys the pics are escatic dat was de wedding


    5 May 2011 • 3:51 pm •
  85. Every one likes to be different and beautiful,pls let’s stop critisizing other people ‘s point of views,we can’t like the same things as we are not the same.May God bless your union and fill ur days with laughter and happiness for ever.


    12 May 2011 • 2:25 pm •
  86. I like your wedding photos, i got married in 2009 and the person who was supposed to decorate my tent did not come, so we had to do the last minutes things that did not look nice, all i want to say sisi is that dont mind people because they will always talk, just enjoy yourselves as husband and wife.


    17 May 2011 • 10:35 am •
  87. hi.
    i didnt’t want to comment,but guys please, those who are wedding planners or Metron of Honour, please advice correctely. why silk wedding gown and the groomates were horrable. please shop around before you choose the colour for your wedding.


    31 May 2011 • 2:14 pm •
  88. A beautiful weddin dat i wil neva 4gt, we a wana mufumakadzi o tondwa nga yehova….ndaa!


    2 June 2011 • 4:02 pm •
  89. Your wedding was stunning guys,people must understand that every person has his/her own personal choice,for personal reasons, be it the colour,design,number of b/g maids, so does this couple…this was their plan, so who are we to judge,infact it is not lyk they will be doing anada wedding..thumbs up for u guys

    Mr gentle breeze

    3 June 2011 • 10:01 am •
  90. Ke sure dijo di feditse ke distroi…


    8 June 2011 • 2:01 pm •


    20 June 2011 • 1:32 pm •