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Baby Khanyi
44 Comments May 8, 2014

Ncebakazi Nkantsu and Musa Msomi

By Sino Majangaza
It was a joyous celebration for one member of South Africa’s most famous gospel choir, Joyous Celebration, when she tied the knot at the weekend.
Ncebakazi Nkantsu, of Mdantsane in Eastern Cape, married Musa Msomi at a ceremony held at Orient Beach in East London on Saturday.

Like any other bride, Nkantsu kept her guests waiting, but it was not in vain. She appeared on the other side of the beach, accompanied by her mother Nontuthuzelo and her eldest brother, Mziwethemba, while former group member Ntokozo Mbatha sang her popular song In the Shadow of Your Wings. Women ululated to welcome her, while some used their cellphones to takepictures as Nkantsu walked towards her groom.

Her morning gown was designed by Mthatha-born fashion designer Asanda Madyibi, who has designed garments for celebrities like Unathi Msengana and Minenhle Dlamini. “She (Asanda) showed me three dresses to choose from, but I did not really like them, and she designed another one and I loved it,” she said. The afternoon dress was designed by popular New York City designer Vera Wang.

“She is the same designer who designed the wedding dress for Kim Kardashian. It was just perfect,” she said. Nkantsu and Msomi go to the same church, Assemblies of God, and that is where they met. “I used to see him and I never thought he would be my husband one day.

I am a career-oriented woman and my focus at church was on God, and nothing else,” she said. The reception, which was held at the Burning Bush Ministries, turned into a mini gospel show when Joyous Celebration took to the stage. The bride joined in.

44 Comments on "Ncebakazi Nkantsu and Musa Msomi"

    Lizo says:

    Beautiful wedding indeed , you look amazing together….!!!May God bless you excedingly , Wow i m so impressed very elegant wedding.

    Miss O says:

    beautiful attire. mara go shota decor

    congrats on your unity

    XOLE says:

    ziphi izitolomisi??????????????

    Fofoza says:

    Nice attire, where is deco,cake, o kare go a shota katota, pls send more.

    Phophi says:

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Msomi.

    Lovely wedding, your main dress is very pretty, very princess like. I also like the head peice it makes you look so innocent. Your hubby’s suit is spot on. Makoti I know less is more but if you wore subtle earings it would have completed your look.

    Would have loved to see the decor and cake as your wedding seems like it was classy. I take it you had no bridal party.

    Nonetheless wishing you and your hubby God’s abundant blessings.

      Replied to Phophi

      tshepitabs says:

      @Phophi Assemblies Of God they dnt wear earings dear,,the wedding was beautiful indeed,,the dress splendid umkhwenyana your dress code spoton ,,we still want to see decor though,,congra babes

    missis kay says:

    lovely, i love both your dresses. May the Lord bless your marriage and trust him to sustain you both

    Kuki says:

    beautiful wedding indeed
    god bless you guys

    Mhhh says:

    Beach weddings are always windy and make the photos look otherwise. This is just a normal wedding nothing out of the ordinary

    Trueteller says:

    Deco, bride mates? where are they? kerata jacket ya ntate…..

    AusDee says:

    Hai mara what’s so exciting about posing pictures of umakoti putting on makeup??
    Otherwise looks very beautiful, organised and elegant

    Nnete ya baba!! says:

    The work of Sowetan online team u fail to even post the rest of da pics…ur wedding was btfl makoti.Sino did did she buy the dress from a bridal shop or Vera wang specifically designed it for her??a re beng honest moo tuu.

    Lady D says:

    nice clean wedding.don’t see a need for bride’s maids or deco get to the point and finish lol. but were you a worship team leader? just wondering since i see you singing with backup singers

    Zee says:

    Nice wedding,though one does it the way she wants and not forced to do like others, I respect that but I wuld stil like to see your deco rather than make up stylist doing her job but its looks like a nice wedding if we could see more pics. Im your fan in JC and u know wht? you are so PRETTY and innocent lil btfl woman. May God bless ur union.

    Tshidi says:

    Nice and sample wedding, like man suit anyway all the best for future

    Lungile says:

    Wow God is good and He is worthy 2 b praised, umakoti ohlotshiswe a jst a natural woman of God but u a stl beautiful. I wish u Mr Msomi akuphathe kahle..Wish u all da best hey..

    Lovelygal says:

    Uhlotshisiwe ngobungcwele nibahle, m sure kwakwehlile izulu uqobo lwalo..muhle kodwa umshado wama krestu. Ningamulahli u Thixo.

    Peaches says:

    @ lady D yes shes a worship team leader and member of joyous celebration.
    it was a beautiful wedding indeed.

    Kuli says:

    Wow beautiful wedding I love everything

    Miss R says:

    Decor, cake, bridal party pics tsona dikae. A lot is missing here so that we can comment fairly

      Replied to Miss R

      Nnete ya baba!! says:

      Online team ba utlwana le di haldf baked stories in the news section and limiting pics on da blog.

    Lebo says:

    I love ur 2nd dress Makoti & the hubby’s suit. The rest is just ordinary

    Ntebo says:

    wow my God whats so beautiful is love because what i see now is the love that God has given you may Gods love be upon you always what God joined no men can distroy it for its covenent its on the rock which is the Lord almight.

    Bongi says:


    Congrats!!!! Please where did you hire your his and hers chairs pretty please the ones i get in east london they are not ayoba

    zelma says:

    Ncebakazi WOW!!
    Congratulations dear!!! I love you so much. Your wedding was just perfect,I love it.God bless u more and are a blessing man mntanabantu.#halala mkhaya halala.

    Christy says:

    Congrats in deed, beautiful wedding. Bongi i have a lady who did my decor at Richard bay if you don’t mind you can call her “Xoliswa 0733546586″.

    Nomfusi says:

    Whooooooooaaaahhhh am so speechless my dear,u guyz luking so so beautiful hey.May God richly bless u both and kee u very safe under his wings_love your wedding pic kakhulu

    What a cute and nyc couple maan ncooohhh, into entle iyanconywa cc-love u always klk kwi Joyous Celebration keep it up on what u r doing (umculo) it is a talent akuphe yona uThixo


    MD says:

    Haibo Sino- She appeared on the other side of the beach, accompanied by her mother Nontuthuzelo and her eldest brother, Mziwethemba, while former group member Ntokozo Mbatha sang her popular song In the Shadow of Your Wings. Nope Sino uyaphosisa Ntokozo sang “Great is thy Faithfullness”. Only sang In the Shadow at the reception.

    Boss says:

    uKim Kardashia ungenaphi? We are not interested in the designer and this is not as WOW but just a normal wedding with less decor

      Replied to Boss

      Ndo says:

      Seconded, theres nothing that screams Kim on any of the pictures, ai mense though!

    sibaphiwe says:

    you look sooo beautiful dearest may god be wht you nigcinane sana anisebahle mahn ingathi niyinto etyiwayo please pray for ma marriage m gettng married too in august bt izinto zi complicated bathi ndimncici bt m ready kudala mdiwuthandazela ngk ufikile kuvela ingxaki bt m gettng married devil is de liar

    Ralodza says:

    Nice dress but where the hell is the decor etc. There is nothing to comment on here beside the dresses

    Bongi says:

    Thanks Christy but my own will be in east London ayikho kunde irichards bay

    Khumo says:

    Wow see you guys make me wana get married lyk now…dis is a beautiful thing,may God bless u…my ideal wedding#dreaming…wow cnt stop picturing myself…i dnt knw wt 2 sy bt everythn abt dis wedding was super fabulas

    Khomotso says:

    I am not a fan of beach weddings, the bride dresses are ok but where is the decor and more?////

    Thuthu Ndimande says:

    Guys let’s not be jealous, ozendazamshiya bongelani uSisi eshada. As if eyenu imishado ibingaba ngcono. Ay maaaarn grow up!

    Ncebakazi you are so beautiful Sisi, love you lots

    makgotso Mphahlele says:

    wow this surly looks nyc , considering my wedding to be a beach one …. as I really like the them and all and most of all u guys look amazing . God bless u

    GP says:

    For more wedding pictures check her profile on facebook. Ncebakazi Msomi

    Sandile Msomi says:

    Ewu bafo ufumane umakoti ngempela. Makoti siyambonga uThixo ngokuthi afake ubambo lasemasomini lapho kuwe. Okuhlanganiswe oMdala wezinsuku akekho ongakuhlukanisa. Congratulations

    Diva! says:


    Nonkuh says:

    Wow wow wow alililililili, kwaze kakuhle and it also looks that there is the signature of the blood of Jesus.

    Intokazi says:

    Beautiful Wedding indeed…mara mna im not a fan of beach weddings, the wind makes it difficult to capture elegant photos and its also makes it uncomfortable for those guests wearing stilletos coz of the beach sand thing.

    Eunice says:

    wat a beautiful wedding …….hey couples u have done ur research i like te pictures aspecially 10/10 ooops congrats ….. have a gud life 2geda

    mpilo says:

    Wooooow nyc wedding may God protect, keep u in the shadow of His windows#love you so much#God bless you

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