Muzi Ronald Hlongwane & Exenia Ntshepuwa Makwanyane


  1. Makoti you have a nice body,you should have done better,why matron of honour a ntshitse cleavage???mokgonyanas’ shoes blue nonono,unique but not nice,hairstyle ya bride not suitable for the day le those lacy things on your hands eish…your groomsmen look hungry and why le apesitse di strooi tsa bana such big suits mara why?you have a nice smile o tlhomphe monna mma le ena a go rate a go tlhomphe,,..good luck


    28 December 2011 • 11:47 am •
  2. do ppl understand mara gore lenyalo its a once of thing??i mean pictures must be great,ppl especially the best man n bride’s maids must look the part everything,mara methlolo e re e bonang mo shooo


    28 December 2011 • 1:17 pm •
  3. Congratulations!!!!!

    Ousi Ntshepuwa you really looked Beautiful, your dress is stunning. What a beautiful wedding.

    Wish you all the very best and may the loving Lord give you all your hearts desires and see you through any situation.
    Thanks for showing us how it’s done, really proud of you…. 

    Nokuthula khanyile

    28 December 2011 • 1:57 pm •
  4. what’s going on here or what went wrong ,what was the colour scheme here ?the lady who is wearing blue matric dance gown that was too much sisi or you wanted to beat umakoti that bling was too much for day time dress that is the reason why u wore shades cause your dress made u c your future to be toooo bright,the brides made that colour was dull and did the person who made them was blind or couldn’t take correct measurements ,huh your cake had another theme as for the groom hope those shoes are not from Lucky’s shop in Jozi but I hope you didnt go there but I won’t be surprised if you did ……makoti ne (shhh)I wish i could comment but my keyboard is running out of letters …God bless your marriage Amen


    28 December 2011 • 2:10 pm •
  5. Hai le tlhakatlhakane man…what where thinking. Ag just have a blessed marraige and take care of each other


    3 January 2012 • 11:50 am •
  6. Guys planning for these occasions goes a very long way especially if you going to paste pictures on this website,,
    Wedding is a beautiful thing enjoy each other,,


    9 January 2012 • 3:09 pm •
  7. The simpler the better….there is too much going on with this wedding. Ladies, this is your one and only time an chance to out-shine, out-do, out-class every other wedding that has ever taken place…regardless of the budget. It’s out the ladies JUST search for it, choose it and USE it.

    Congratulations to the both of you and may God our creator put his hand on this marriage and bless it for eternity!!!!


    11 January 2012 • 9:13 am •
  8. This one revives my hope. If they could get married at their age!


    18 January 2012 • 4:25 pm •