Baby Khanyi
Baby Khanyi
42 Comments May 5, 2014

Mrs Tshepiso Octavia Khoza and Mr Nevelle Hanyane Khoza

My name is Mrs Tshepiso Octavia Khoza, recently got married to Mr Nevelle Hanyane Khoza. Catering and Deco was done by Mabels CS Moyane Creation (Shatadi Moyane).
Cake was done by Cakes for Afrika, The bride, the groom, bridesmaids and the grooms men were dressed by DM Classics.


Our story is a very long one, sad and happy but at the end it was all worth it. We met in 1992, I was still in Senior Primary School and my Husband was in High school. I am now 33 years and my husband is 38 years old. It’s very sad to say if my Mom hadn’t divorced my late father, I probably wouldn’t have met my Husband. During the processing of their divorce, my Mom moved out of the house and we then moved to my grandmother’s house in the same location as my husbands.


We then met when I was on my way to the shops, from that day onwards, each day we were given money to go to the shops, I would fight with my siblings because I wanted to go to that particular shop, I took the same route everyday just so I can see my husband. We’ve had our ups and downs but we came out of it better and grown up. Today he is the father of my two daughters and my husband and I am so thankful to God.

42 Comments on "Mrs Tshepiso Octavia Khoza and Mr Nevelle Hanyane Khoza"

    Paulzen says:

    Nyc wedding

    Adeline says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful bouquets, beautiful decor, beautiful wedding….May God bless your marriage!

      Replied to Adeline

      Phaahlagadi says:


    Adeline says:

    All I’m seeing is beauty here….beautiful viewers, beautiful cake e.t.c

    Lebo says:

    wow!this is classic

    PHUTISB says:

    wow ……beauty at its best , lovely couple and i love the table decor its outstanding . what i see here makes me wanna get married a million times , may God Bless the union

    Spantanious says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! Such beauty for once bathong, all we see on this blog ke mehlolo fela. Well done! The photographer, the make up artist, the cake, the outfits, the bride, the groom, the brides maids, the grooms men, bathong I’m lost for words.

    Fundi says:

    Makoti you such a beauty. Your table decor is outstanding. Congratulations

    Enza says:

    The picture quality is mhwaaa!!!

    Tshidi says:

    nice decor, all the best for future

    Candra says:

    this is very nice hey, makoti you look wow! may God bless your marriage

    Miss K says:

    This is beautiful, makoti dress and decor I like i like. God bless your marriage :)

    Mhhh says:

    Lovely everything here makoti , I like , I like , I like. This is the best wedding kule blog not the jokes we always see. this was properly planned and its very evident. Siyabonga koti for washing our eyes.

    Khomotjo says:

    I’m so in love with picture 9 on page 2. everything is beautiful.

    rene says:


    Nunu says:

    Beautiful, stunning, yesses style mama. God bless you.

    Miss O says:

    omg… this is beautiful

    Ribs says:

    wowwww love everything, the make up, Deco, dress, Everything was perfect

    Zuzo says:

    hoooooooo!!!!!! you look stunning Makoti, I love your deco, your brides maids look beautiful in that attire and the colour is out of this world, I also love the lady in red’s outfit, is she your maid of honour? “i’m actually thinking of making an outfil with that design” love it……

    Lu says:

    Woooooow!!! God bless your marriage

    zululihle says:

    Nice wedding , mara koti why include pictures of dirty kasi people namaduku. Cha they ruined your pictures.

    Lou says:

    beautiful indeed, well done

    Oratile says:

    Beautiful. loved the decor

    tsholo says:

    mmmmhh bopila fela!!!

    Zee says:


    Everything is a wow here, its seems as if you do read comments in this blog.Thank you for giving us more info abt your decorators,etc thats nice of you.

    You are such a beautiful woman…natural beauty.. umhle sesi and ur hubby too, please be more than happy together you are such a beautiful couple made in heaven.May God bless you guys…only a kissing part we didnt see lol but adawize no complains i like evrything I can do d same.God bless ur union.

    Zee says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i mean.. sorry typin error

      Replied to Zee

      Adeline says:

      For sure they were not even aware of that error Zee, they are such a smart couple who would focus on your message and nothing else, nice one hey!



    mandy says:

    beautiful, dats all i can say

    Didi says:

    Beautiful wedding dear. mahlatse le mahlogonolo. And thanks for proving to some of this bloggers that a beautiful wedding is not always western. Tradition is wooow.

    Lee says:

    Nice one!

    ITU says:

    WOW!! simple and elegant.

    your pictures reflects the warmth of your personality. i just felt like i know you. you are beautiful and so was your wedding.

    modimo a le tlhogonolofatse

    Kentse says:

    Wow what nice and simple wedding!

    Aggy says:

    beautiful wedding makoti, loooove your decor and your maid of honour’s outfit….tops!!!!!!!!! Congratulations

    KGABO says:

    beaty at its best

    MinaMyself says:

    stunning wedding

    Kay says:

    Beauty @ its best. May God bless ur union.

    Khomotso says:


    SWEETYK says:

    Makoti you met your husband when you were 10 years old? Iyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Owami says:

    Nice wedding, love makoti’s dresses

    Boss says:

    Stunning wedding, i like umakhelwane pic 4 in a stripe t,shirt hahahahah.

    Sweetness says:

    Nice nice

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