Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
28 Comments April 30, 2014

Mr & Mrs Mathibela

28 Comments on "Mr & Mrs Mathibela"

    Miss O says:

    happy union… i am not not a fan of the short suits and the cake… the rest m lost for words

    SisTee says:

    Cake not ayoba en theme is too much.

      Replied to SisTee

      Khanyi says:

      Do you know which theme the couple used or you mean the colour scheme of the wedding?There is a difference between the theme of the wedding and colour scheme of the wedding,theme e.g beach theme

    helly says:

    nice….but theme is too busy 4me

    ZIZI says:

    Bridesmaid dresses are lovely , the cake is not bad just the deco surrounding it is very busy.The rest was just okay. Congrats koti

    Bibi says:

    wow this is very beautiful, I am lost for words. Happy union to the couple, as comments our preferences are not the same so do not take it to heart.

    rene says:

    cake bathong tjo
    dont like the shorts idea, di colour di etsa go nne busy too much.

    congrTS mAKOTI

    reggie says:


    Mrs Mathibela says:

    Thank you guys

    Nna Mosadi Wa Motho says:

    Beauty fela as long as you as a couple love it

    Ginababe says:

    Bridesmaids dresses look Ayoba!!! and the hairstyles, Awesome !!!
    As for the rest, No Comment :(

    hlatse says:

    Beautiful wedding makoti, love the colours.Bridesmaid dresses a so lovely but the cake is a no no for me.
    happy union

    Khanyi says:

    Makoti very beautiful wedding you understood what is needed for an outdoor wedding, the fall wedding colours were well incorporated i truly love it. The groomsmen’s suits fitted so well for the outdoor wedding theme along with the bridemaids dresses. The cake is really a No,No but as for the rest beautiful i also love the safarian feel that you brought to the whole outdoor wedding, it looks like a perfect wedding for me.All the best in your marriage

    tsholo says:

    all de best makoti benibahle gal..dont be discouraged just be happy in your marriage my dear…

    Hlami says:

    Congra! Makoti you were so beuatiful,I like the outdoor wedding,your were so nice I love it,everything was organised it was a perfect wedding.All the best in your marriage

    Koni says:

    Wish you all the best in you marriage. Your wedding was Wow! the colours I loved everything, May the good Lord Bless you and your Husband



    Lady D says:

    Husband the shorts no no no. nice for the other guys not for you, u need to be nier than the other guys now.

    Miss Lee says:

    Nice dresses zebridesmaids, am not sure ngemixture yetiffany chairs and the covered chairs, was it because of gatecrashers?

    Congrats makoti, you stressed the little boys though

    Lee says:

    Total fail!

      Replied to Lee

      Mrs Mathibela says:

      Thank you Lee but for the wedding to have taken place it means God’s plans concerning our lives is a success.

    morikis says:

    Nice wedding GUYS…but kegana yadi POTRISI ko lenyalong aooo please…

    fifi says:

    ai!! that cake it looks like it was thrown on the table and landed there its draping and wats with imitating Dr Malinga.god bless you guys.

    Malinga Fan says:

    The short suits were sure inspired by DR Malinga.

    MMK says:

    Nice wedding tlhe, re tlo bua but ke ntho ye o e ratilego ga ego thabisa go lokile

    Khuterere says:

    nice wedding it was perfect for you, May God Bless your union. I love BridesMaid dresses. I love your Colour Theme which I believe where inspired by the time of the year of your wedding. Enjoy

    Kido says:

    Haibo shorts suits not ayoba.

      Replied to Kido

      Mrs Mathibela says:

      Short suits are inspired by the safarian theme i decided on. Gone are those days that people want to see specific design outfits at weddings just like a beach wedding you can’t go there with tuxedos but well i appreciate your comment.

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