Mr Mogale and Mrs Mologadi Tebeila


  1. mhmhmh make up,cake and not smiling spoiled your day a bit….but you’re married thats all that matters god bless…


    1 September 2010 • 11:16 am •
  2. is it ur culture vele to do those things in pic 2,3,4 & 5 wearing ur wedding gown?


    1 September 2010 • 11:27 am •
  3. a smile wuld have done wonders in ur serious faces


    1 September 2010 • 11:31 am •
  4. I am Michael Jackson here SPEACHLESS!!!!!!


    1 September 2010 • 11:57 am •
  5. Wow!I love the decor very much, simple but yet elegant. Makoti your attires are very exquisite especially the tradition. You are a perfect match guys, invite God in everything you do in your marriage. Good luck!


    1 September 2010 • 12:15 pm •
  6. last Pic is bad what happend to your make-up artist,


    1 September 2010 • 12:39 pm •
  7. Sesi Mologadi, seisemane ga se sa borena. Ge se pala o se gapeletje. Mang le mang o a bona gore ga o leisemane. Sa bobedi ke gore dinepe tjeo tja metjega le all the traditional things, ke bona o kare nkabe go bile go go botse ge o be o ditjere ka your traditional wear and this is giving me ideas for my wedding. Suit ya mokganyana is a no no. Le di groomsmen ga di ayobalitious.

    Otherwise, re a go lebogisha, ngwanesho. Se bohlokwa ke ge o ipsinne ka letjatji le. Modimo a go hlogonolofatje.

    The one

    1 September 2010 • 12:54 pm •
  8. This is beautiful. May God bless you in your union!!!!


    1 September 2010 • 1:35 pm •
  9. Smart and may the lord bless your unity and trust in him. Congratulations.


    1 September 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  10. Decent looking couple. Banyana ba metseng, Bo Ga – Something they are very fortunate in white weddings but they get lost somewhere, some how.There is so much going on mo lenyalong lena “Moferefere” Bo-busy.

    Your dress is very stylish and unique, but your braid maids are not so Ayoba.

    Decent looking hubby God Bless your union.


    1 September 2010 • 1:40 pm •
  11. Your second dress is so ayoba. ge ele tse dingwe my dear, ke metlholo fela. ge ele make-up ona le paletswe e le ruri. black and white e ntshofatsa lenyalo bathong….


    1 September 2010 • 2:28 pm •
  12. @Makoti I think sister you took all the money to prepare your clothes and forget your husband’s clothes, since in the morning until night wearing that trouser no no ke sono maan. What you were doing there with you gown is not ayoba you should have done it with your tradition gear kapa le lebetse gown is western and magowa ga sili mabele. Not Ayoba in colour combination entlek go busy mooo.


    1 September 2010 • 2:29 pm •
  13. May your marriage be full of blessings


    1 September 2010 • 2:30 pm •
  14. Hawu hawu hawu, isuidi yomkhwenyana. hawu hawu hawu!!


    1 September 2010 • 2:31 pm •
  15. This is a ZCC inspired wedding. Nice


    1 September 2010 • 2:33 pm •
  16. Your dress is beutiful. I also like the second dress…i.e. the red and cream dress. It was beutiful.


    1 September 2010 • 2:36 pm •
  17. Makoti, all the traditional drama you did with your gown is meant for traditional attire. Y was the groom wearing the sam trousers the whole day?

    Your wedding dress is beautiful. I like the red & cream dress as well.
    You are a lovely couple. Invite God in evereything you do


    1 September 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  18. This is not ayoba, whats up with the green and gold not forgetting plastic flowers. Mmmmm the groom suite yona, I have no comment. The flower girls are beautiful.

    May the good Lord bless your marriage


    1 September 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  19. what is the color scheme,i am a little bit confused,i c green on the decor,but the stroys are wearing a different color.


    1 September 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  20. i think on your wedding day, you should smile smile and smile, look happy, you make it a happy day by wearing happy faces, i don’t know about all that happenings still in your wedding gown….
    besides as long you guys are happy and blessed then all is well


    1 September 2010 • 3:03 pm •
  21. EEISH azangengiyibone into enje especially 2010.MKWENYANA DID YOU ONLY HAVE 1 PAIR OF SHOES.MAKOTI HOW COULD YOU KNEEL LIKE THAT WITH YOUR WHITE DRESS.You should have planned a traditional wed.

    Anyway your dress is better.I just cant stop laughing see pic 6,yo yo pic 15 what happened there nibukeka nithukiwe.

    God bless you


    1 September 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  22. mmmmmmmmmmmmm~!!!!!!!!!!! u r a blessing


    1 September 2010 • 3:09 pm •
  23. Mogaga Makoti le Mokhwenyana….the dress is beautiful, Aowa keagana new wedding poses pic 18-22, tjo!!!…I wish all of the best in your marriage and may the Good Lord Richly Bless You…thanks for sharing…


    1 September 2010 • 3:09 pm •
  24. im wedding is coming in 2 years time…n i think its so nice to be married

    kulani mtileni@medun

    1 September 2010 • 3:10 pm •
  25. I do like the wedding gown together with the maroon and white dress. My question is, were you not supposed to do the traditional demonstrations, e.g sweeping in the traditional gear? My believe is that if we go traditional, it should be fully traditional, the same goes with western. May you enjoy your marriage life and God bless!!!


    1 September 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  26. may God give u all abraham ‘s blessings, may he lift u high & high, may he shower u with more wisdo, congratulations guyz on uar union, u are now 1 in flesh,,,,,,,,

    keep trusting his name alwayz


    sheila kgatle

    1 September 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  27. re tla reng bjale…….go fetile.


    1 September 2010 • 3:44 pm •
  28. The couple does not look happy…:0(


    1 September 2010 • 3:44 pm •
  29. How can you be so cruel monna wa gago ka borokgo bo bo tee the whole day hai khona.Why a sa apara tradition ka jean atleast. Anyway congrats o mma Mogale.The deco green,gold and white i think it is too much..not ayoba.


    1 September 2010 • 3:45 pm •
  30. Im speechless!!!!Yo na Bouquet!!!!


    1 September 2010 • 3:57 pm •
  31. Mkhwenyana, i do not like your suit. And why are u guys carrying those basket with the green material?. And that material on your shoulder makoti with ur traditional attire, a ke ya masangoma or kenna ke sa di tlhaloganyeng? I like your white dress though makoti, but ke dumelana le SWEETY about hubby’s attire.

    Anyway you did what most people can only dream of, you got married, and celebrated with people you love, and most importantly you enjoyed your day.

    You both look like a decent and matured couple, may God bless you richly.


    1 September 2010 • 4:11 pm •
  32. u realy making a good couple…


    1 September 2010 • 6:30 pm •
  33. You should have been more happier, it was your wedding day. I am sure it’s not the nerves I think you should have walked them away as soon as you appeared in front of the crowed for the first time…..


    2 September 2010 • 7:09 am •
  34. ey mara dilo tse dingwe ????? anyway may God richly bless you


    2 September 2010 • 7:38 am •
  35. The wedding is fine its our culture go shila mabele le go fiyela,and also your tradition dress was nice makoti. you have done everything according to your budget and ke ka mokgo o be o le nyaka ka gona.all the best


    2 September 2010 • 8:17 am •
  36. The white gown is western and as for what u did starting from pic 2….u should have done that with your traditional attire,otherwise have a blessed marriage.


    2 September 2010 • 9:16 am •
  37. no no no, everything is just too busy, the color decor, the brides maid are horrible, the make up, eish no man. but love the white dress



    2 September 2010 • 9:24 am •
  38. Mr and Mrs Tibiela

    Love the decor, love the brides outfits (white dress and traditional). My God shower the newly wedds abundantly.


    2 September 2010 • 9:25 am •
  39. bedroom suits inside the wedding tent…aowa owa owa owa bathong. djoo

    atli les

    2 September 2010 • 9:26 am •
  40. Mogotsi, God does answer our prayers when we give ourselves 2 Him in spirit & in truth. I am so happy 4 both of U, U deserve 2 b happy, may God bless this union. I love U girl.


    2 September 2010 • 9:55 am •
  41. i think those traditional performances were to be done by the time you were wearing traditional outfit not white dress.the decor what is that green for since no one is wearing green.di stroy ga di match.


    2 September 2010 • 12:19 pm •
  42. Nna never kagumama ka leshira! And as for so many stroois!! I have 1 NB request, brides please do away with the bolero jacket! It is so overdone and unnecessary if the weather is warm! Asseblief maan!
    Its important to attend bridal expos, taba tsa gore ‘solanka ke nyetse’ is NOT aynoba!!


    2 September 2010 • 12:48 pm •
  43. Re ale lebogisa ba ga Tebeila. Ke a kgolwa le enjoyile letsatsi la lena la lenyalo. Dioutfit tsa gago makoti, di be dile botse ebile o swanelwa. Modimo a le hlogonolofatse ale fe lethabo lenyalong la lena.


    2 September 2010 • 1:30 pm •
  44. mgotsi the wedding was ayoba you look beutitiful, may God send blessings to you and yo family. dont 4get to trust God always. anything is possible through GOD.

    thandi mongwe

    2 September 2010 • 1:47 pm •
  45. you look mwaaaa……….

    thandi mongwe

    2 September 2010 • 1:54 pm •
  46. Go go ntle jang go bona lenyalana .ke kopa modimo go le sereletsa ka metla………………..Le seka la lebala gore modimo o teng ke kgotso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2 September 2010 • 2:55 pm •
  47. Admin: Where is my comment?


    2 September 2010 • 2:58 pm •
  48. For sure cant please them all but i think you shouldnt have done the traditional things with your white gown because u had ur traditional attire mosss, but i like vele thina sasazi imishado yasemakhaya inje, uNkulunkulu anisikelele anibusise ngabantwana abaningi


    2 September 2010 • 4:01 pm •
  49. nice, but the colour combination not so nice.


    2 September 2010 • 4:32 pm •


    3 September 2010 • 8:28 am •
  51. Admin kante why o lwa le Boss, please ke ya mo kgopella add his comments.


    3 September 2010 • 9:38 am •
  52. Great! so you heard we’ve reached the finalist phase for the best entertainment blog right? :-).. This is all thanks to you, our lovely fans.. But, we are not there yet. We have posted a new link for you – to vote for us. Please do!.. It’s at the top of the weddings blogs home page and on the blogs home page

    Thanks! Much appreciated..


    3 September 2010 • 9:59 am •
  53. Smile atleast


    3 September 2010 • 12:16 pm •
  54. I really dont know what to say except to with the couple the best in their marriage. As for the pictures, well…*shaking head*

    Sgojoz – u-worse! ZCC pho??? lol

    Fancy & Mz – My thoughts exactly! Wedding days are supposed to be all smiles!

    Jeany – go Jacko! I can relate…

    Kulani – ????? inspired? *shaking head again!*

    Boss – try to rephrase what you said, i have a feeling you were moderated!


    3 September 2010 • 1:40 pm •
  55. @Ice Tea, wena o e one wa bora. Dnt generalise, Check your sentence before you can even think about submitting. wa bona gore ke wena a borang nnana! kwakwakwa!


    3 September 2010 • 1:45 pm •
  56. AO tlhe! maybe i dont understand but this is not ayoba. diaparo di beterenyana but everything else, fa e le kneeling down with your white gown yo! mapedi ba etsa jwalo vele?


    3 September 2010 • 3:00 pm •
  57. Hae makoti I dun understand the colour of the day was it green or black and white……No smile n even the way u look @ ur husband u dun have that fire in ur eyes to show that there is love and happiness.Not impresses at all.


    3 September 2010 • 3:02 pm •
  58. Isbe says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 3, 2010 at 3:02 pmHae makoti I dun understand the colour of the day was it green or black and white……No smile n even the way u look @ ur husband u dun have that fire in ur eyes to show that there is love and happiness.Not impressed at all.


    3 September 2010 • 3:02 pm •
  59. what is wrong with bride isnt she happy. may god the almighty bless your wedding.

    triple t

    3 September 2010 • 3:32 pm •
  60. Haai bo. Le phoqa ba phedi. Too many pictures, too many people. You could have selected few nice ones and leave the rest. Thanks I was not invited. Ke tswere ke mala ke di tshego. Sho


    4 September 2010 • 12:43 am •
  61. Where is KK(new) we know K-fever has left the blog but where is copy cat KK


    6 September 2010 • 8:28 am •
  62. Your wedding gown is nice n simple, I like it.
    May God bless your union.


    6 September 2010 • 10:07 am •
  63. Guys i can’t see a smile from both of you
    You were suppose to smile and be happy this was your greatest day ever
    May the lord bless you


    6 September 2010 • 1:32 pm •
  64. le a tseba ke eng batho ba modimo stop gore poula (mapedi) WHAT WAS YOUR COLOUR SCHEME?or were you using the colour of you uniform at church(zcc)because e off,yuor wedding day comes once make use of it it will never come twice so you must go all out.

    may god bless you because you dont look happy together no smiles.

    ke kgotso……..


    6 September 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  65. How cam they do that mara, how can i be crusified for voicing my opinion. God forbid admin.


    6 September 2010 • 2:06 pm •
  66. nna ga ke tlhaloganye gore y makoti sila mabele ka di manicure,was this necessary?


    6 September 2010 • 4:35 pm •
  67. ZCC people they dont have a choice. Bhekani umntwana wabantu looks like she is in prison. White dress and cooking where do they mix… As for the deco, I reserver my comment.


    7 September 2010 • 12:42 pm •


    7 September 2010 • 1:38 pm •
  69. Your wedding is ayoba!I like your dress and the maroon and cream traditional dress. You look stunning guys, god bless you.

    Nonhlanhla Masilela

    7 September 2010 • 2:40 pm •
  70. Your wedding is ayoba! I like your dress and your maroon and cream traditional dress looks stunning. You look nice guys. God bless you.

    Nonhlanhla Masilela

    7 September 2010 • 2:44 pm •
  71. both the bride n the groom dnt look happy…no smiles or even a joyous look nyana ke!


    7 September 2010 • 2:59 pm •


    7 September 2010 • 3:23 pm •
  73. I know everyone is intitled 2 their opion but is wrong to judge our church and stop talking things you don’t know.I am a the grandchild of the Lekgnyane clan and proud to be ZCC.

    To the couple I wish you all the best and may God bless you always.


    7 September 2010 • 4:08 pm •
  74. beatiful wedding indeed, but makoti,did you have to do that in your wedding dress?, not ayoba at all, and about your tekkies in your sepedi,aowa kgadi di befile kudukudu.anyway congrats and enjoy


    7 September 2010 • 10:30 pm •
  75. eish next tym try to smile


    8 September 2010 • 12:45 pm •
  76. Oh Gosh!Are ZCC brides not allowed to smile?


    8 September 2010 • 4:11 pm •
  77. kgane colour ya letsatsi ke efe?Sho gape wa tla wa poula bapedi?


    10 September 2010 • 2:11 pm •
  78. a re tlogeleng go nyefola dikereke tse ding pls guys


    10 September 2010 • 2:13 pm •
  79. Suit ya Monyadi is not ayoba. In you next annivesary dira gore o dire di reseach any way GOD BLESS YOU.


    10 September 2010 • 3:04 pm •
  80. Hey guys,well done and all the best for the future.I like the thing about the whole culture with the pedi broom,lwala for grinding food and the dish used to serve each other.Never seen it and thanks for the experience.

    I think you two are cute as well.Be blessed always.


    11 September 2010 • 2:27 pm •
  81. I think colour of the day is fawn and black,


    13 September 2010 • 1:29 pm •
  82. Batho ba gaMatlala (Legopane) re a le lebogiša. Mologadi o sware mokgalabj’o wa Mogale gabotse. E sa le ke go bona o sa le o monnyane mara ke a go bona o kgona le go šila mabele. Mogale le wene o šetše woo Mologadi. Modimo a le nešetše pula le buduše mabele.


    15 September 2010 • 11:39 am •
  83. Aowa,aowa,banna ba kgotso,go direga eng mo lenyalong lee,mablom a out,colour out,Aowa banna,le isha mapedi fase,


    17 September 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  84. Nope! but NO Thanx!!


    19 September 2010 • 3:07 am •
  85. Aowa hle, go sana le Basadi ba go shila mablele ka nako yee. Nooooo. May the Lord bless your marriage.


    21 September 2010 • 7:23 am •
  86. Tjo this was a disaster,Pic.No 28,ne gorileng make-up and mablomo,ai le isha setso sa bo lena ko tlase yong.


    21 September 2010 • 11:36 am •
  87. tse diswantso a se tsa go iswa dipampiring, e le ruri le a re poula


    22 September 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  88. bo mrs tebeila ba gona aowaa nke le smileng le be le ke pitse bo mrs mogale


    22 September 2010 • 2:19 pm •
  89. sutu ya monyadi ruri, aowa batho ba ga matlala, eishh sutu yeuwe ase ya go tshatha papa


    22 September 2010 • 2:21 pm •
  90. eish mara…archee ka nnete


    27 September 2010 • 4:14 am •
  91. hahahahahahahahaha go etsagalang moo????suit ya monyadi ke mathata…hello fellow bloggers nys 2 visit u c der r som new bloggers here!..ah admin nys to knw dat my vote counts!


    27 September 2010 • 9:00 am •
  92. hawuuuuu madoda u hambile u kk we fake?yoh haai ke guys il try n blog more jst tym is nt on my side nowadays….kante wat is with Zcc comments?do we have 2 attack each aders religions?nw nw dat is just plain dirty!


    27 September 2010 • 9:20 am •
  93. Gabotse go direga eng mo??? Eish,decor is a cluttered mess. Plastic flowers,no colour coordination and why combine western and african themes.And Mr Tebeila,aowa monna wa gesho,o ka be o rekile sutu ya go se kgabisiwe.I’m so dissappointed. May God bless your union.


    27 September 2010 • 1:17 pm •
  94. @Thithi, Wena o ne le tshele. Nke o tlogele batho ba gaMogale ba te phsine ka monyanya wa bone. Re a ba lebogisha batho ba ga Mtlala ‘a tshwene. SHATE!!! Yo a sa rego shate o wa duma, Shate!!!

    Masheleng Diponto

    29 September 2010 • 1:33 pm •
  95. Please smile!!!!

    kiki sebapu

    30 September 2010 • 12:43 pm •
  96. can someone tell me whats going on here?????????? ai ai ai bathooooooooooong!!!!


    1 October 2010 • 10:22 am •
  97. nice wedding sisi……God bless


    2 October 2010 • 7:40 am •
  98. u look surprised all of u(i mean the bride and the groom).dont u prepared urself for that day.remember wedding comes one’s not twice just encourage ur not to repeat ur mistake when he /she get maried


    4 October 2010 • 1:58 pm •
  99. the shoes tsa monyadi aowa owa i wonder gore how tired wer they after the weddding aowa


    9 October 2010 • 5:33 pm •
  100. Aowa bathong, jwale makoti o kgunametseng ka mangole ka mosisi o mosweu.what exactly we you guys up to. Please guys lets try and differentiate the western & traditional weddings.


    10 November 2010 • 10:27 am •
  101. Mr Mogale and Mrs Mologadi Tebeila, trust ea other. N be 1 flash Ayoba Ayobaness. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!


    4 January 2011 • 12:34 pm •