Mr Jabu and Mrs Lucert Chabalala


  1. Wow madam I Love everything about this wedding. Your dress, decorations,colours etc. You guys looked very beautiful and may god guide you through the journey. Wish you happiness all the way.


    19 June 2009 • 3:25 pm •
  2. This is what i called beauty, Your colours are stunning dear,Never thought of these colours. Anyway you guys N-joy ur marrige., afterall it is God’s thing and am sure you’ll be blessed


    22 June 2009 • 2:51 pm •
  3. Woow! i like that ring is too nice & cute acualy i love everything about this wedding. Uthixo anisikelele ngabantwana nangobomi obungunaphakane Amen.

    Patience Kutoane

    23 June 2009 • 10:11 am •
  4. Lucert ur wedding was beautiful girl,Enjoy your marriage and don’t forget ku nuna wa wena i Hosi eka wena, you must respect him, then he will love you. God bless


    23 June 2009 • 1:36 pm •
  5. i like the colour combination….


    24 June 2009 • 3:57 pm •
  6. You luk gud guys i hope that uThixo abenani all the way, a marriage is from God that means you must pray to him to help you all the way nibahle…especialy tha cake.


    24 June 2009 • 4:06 pm •
  7. This was really the day the Lord has made for you guys.You all look beautiful, the cake wow! and the decorations as well.May God Bless You Abanduntly…


    29 June 2009 • 12:31 pm •
  8. This was great guys.You look fantastic together guys.The decoration and the dress was very beautiful.I wish you happy long life together.

    Mrs Hlungwani A

    1 July 2009 • 12:47 pm •
  9. im proud of you sesi lucert, well never forget this day at bulwini, god bless you

    ntsako ngobeni

    2 July 2009 • 4:48 pm •
  10. this is so beautiful… wish u all the happiness in the world guys


    4 July 2009 • 1:45 pm •
  11. it is GOD desire to see human beings fullfilling what he has created,4 in the ribs of a man HE created a woman,that a man shall live his familly and go and cleave with his wife…in this word i wish u guys a bless familly, covered with the blood of JESUS.LOVE U

    grace Baloyi(Teleni)

    30 July 2009 • 6:03 pm •
  12. wow!!!,guys u luk stunning u know.i luv ur decoration.may our almighty bless ur mariage 4ever more.


    12 August 2009 • 2:02 pm •
  13. i wish god to tie you with a hard thread untill the end of the road. put your trust in god because he’s the one. enjoy.

    terry hlungwani

    19 August 2009 • 8:20 pm •
  14. Wow madam I Love everything about this wedding. Your dress, decorations,colours etc. You guys looked very beautiful and may God bless your marriage all the way. Can you please send me the number of that person who done the deco. I am desperately, mine is btwin Feb / Mar 09. My e-mail address is


    21 August 2009 • 11:30 am •
  15. ke agana.what is the steps on da cake???the gold jackets???the ruffled gold dresses???the only thing nice here is the maid of honour’s dress and the bestman’s suit.


    21 September 2009 • 3:11 pm •
  16. the bride’s maids dresses are not ayoba the wedding is ayoba,i like the designer at picture no 17 for brides maids it was going to be faboulos,


    5 July 2010 • 1:27 pm •
  17. That was indeed a great and remarkable experience to me, a good example to me and other people who believe in purity,i will always look up to you as my aunty.You made the village proud,especially us:’THE HLUNGWAYOOS’.I remain ‘XIDUMU THE GREAT’;TREVOR.

    Trevor Makhanani Xid

    30 August 2010 • 5:20 pm •