Mr and Mrs Xaba


  1. Im loving the grooms attire. Nice wedding.


    26 January 2010 • 10:09 am •
  2. Beautiful wedding indeed. Nice colour combinations. I have seen weddings but this one tops it. Sisi respect your husband, there are vultures out there who break other peoples marriages, but you know what never give up. Fight for your man. He wedded you, he chose you in this world. Hold onto him. May God bless your marriage with lotsa happiness and lotsa kids. lol


    26 January 2010 • 10:14 am •
  3. Wow very nice , God bless you both


    26 January 2010 • 10:29 am •
  4. If they do have have two kids, why the veil on the face?


    26 January 2010 • 11:05 am •
  5. 14 years yhoo its a very long period. Yhooooo but we happy for them that finally they made it official. All looks simple and nice and well organised.


    26 January 2010 • 11:31 am •
  6. the groom cud have jst worn a black suit instead of the shiny one


    26 January 2010 • 11:35 am •
  7. Mrs Xaba your wedding was beautiful,I am just concerned with covering of your face with a veil since you guys already have 2 kids.Bride covering her face is a sign of purity,if you got a child already you can’t cover your face.May God richly bless your marriage.


    26 January 2010 • 11:50 am •
  8. hi’
    ke rata the way le hlophileng mokete wa hoa ke teng.modimo le segofatse.Rosina

    itumeleng shilubane

    26 January 2010 • 12:13 pm •
  9. Mr and Mrs Xaba, you had a lovely wedding, very well planned. but the bride and groom are not smilling. it was a BIG day never to be repeated again. everything was beatiful except for the table ya banyadi, aint you suposed to sit next to each other not lyk you are at a resturant?
    all in all i wish all teh best and may God shower you with blessings!


    26 January 2010 • 12:23 pm •
  10. Nice garden wedding. Ayoba!!! may God bless ur marriage


    26 January 2010 • 12:29 pm •
  11. nice!


    26 January 2010 • 12:47 pm •
  12. you look beautiful guys, hope you enjoy your marriage. Please tae cre of on another and everything will be okay. GOD Bless you


    26 January 2010 • 12:53 pm •
  13. Benibahle kakhulu and your garden wedding is perfect and you are so lucky to have such a friend who would do this for you which means she appreciates your union completely ningamlahli…God Bless


    26 January 2010 • 1:13 pm •
  14. lovely wedding, but why did you put your husband in charge of his suit and the bridesmaids’ dresses? He almost ruined the whole thing for you, great decor and you looked wonderful Mrs, congrats!


    26 January 2010 • 1:44 pm •
  15. this people look good, nice wedding.
    to the friend who posted this pics: well done, this pics are worth to be seen, fantastic!!!!this shows that you have no jealous to your friends,Nice wedding indeed


    26 January 2010 • 1:57 pm •
  16. Hi let me help you if have kids with the man you marry you do cover your it means his the one ophule ibele lakho that what it means by having a veil covering you,Mrs Xaba you look stunning enjoy your wedding and stay blessed by the grace of our lord Jesus


    26 January 2010 • 1:58 pm •
  17. Congrats!! Beautiful must say, I wish you all of the Best in your marriage and may the Good Lord Richly Bless You Guys…thanks for sharing..

    Tebogo M

    26 January 2010 • 2:06 pm •
  18. Eish I hate to do this to the thoughtful freind who sent da pics.hubby’s shiny suit is not ayoba,why are you wearing a veil if got 2 kids?(the veil over your face symbolises the fact that you dont have kids),the ribbons on the bouquets,the frills on da arches & the flowers on da pillars are so 80’s not ayoba………Nonetheless good luck in your journey!


    26 January 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  19. Beautiful and god bless.


    26 January 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  20. KK, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, ARE YOU NORMAL???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    26 January 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  21. Congrads on your big day Nonkosi, Shwabade, you both look stunning and beautiful. Veil thing is not an issue, people use their own discretion please. If you wanna cover yrself up do so if you don’t want to fine nobody will crucify u. People cover themselves even if they are not virgins so please stop complaining.


    26 January 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  22. Where was the wedding held i’m loving the venue.


    26 January 2010 • 2:50 pm •
  23. @Kgothi, no dialogue either you comment about the Mr.& Mrs. Xaba, everybody has a freedom of speech,and we need to respect each others comment, say your saying my dear…and leave KK alone, he/she’ll post his/heir’s soon as promised…..

    Tebogo M

    26 January 2010 • 2:51 pm •
  24. KK uyangibulala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    26 January 2010 • 2:53 pm •
  25. Batho Ba Modimo everything was perfect.Wish all the best. Modimo a le hlonolofatse lenyalong la le nna


    26 January 2010 • 2:55 pm •
  26. KK is right most of the times, it’s just that she says things most of you are afraid to say!!!


    26 January 2010 • 3:17 pm •
  27. @ kk i think you shud be a wedding planner, u d throw some real weddings great at that u have such an eye, i saw the shinny suite and i was like what were u thinking? as for the veil good people she used a wrong one, that is meant for virgins, its too long, she cud have wore a cream white dress with a long veil no problem ,white dress with a shorter veil on the face that cud have worked.


    26 January 2010 • 3:18 pm •
  28. Lovely wedding! Nice colours. And very nice venue… where was it? God bless your marriage.


    26 January 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  29. No matter how you can critisize,this wedding its really ayoba,the only thing bad, a veil,so far everything its perfect 98%,u look nice & your colour combination very stunning,tired of pink


    26 January 2010 • 3:43 pm •


    26 January 2010 • 4:04 pm •
  31. kk wena o rata go balabala (KGOTHI EXATLY MA POINT)


    26 January 2010 • 4:12 pm •
  32. Too shiny 4 me. but anyway, may god bless you


    26 January 2010 • 4:38 pm •
  33. i agree with Boni. the veil is not an issue – it’s a personal choice cos i doubt that even the people who cover without children truly qualify. congratulations Mr and Mrs Xaba, your wedding was lovely indeed. tx to your friend for sharing the pictures with us.


    26 January 2010 • 4:43 pm •
  34. Eish batho ba rata dilo, why are all concerned about the veil thing mara?
    There is no problem with someone who has kids to wear a veil bathong, show me in writing where that rule comes from and I’ll be convinced, you people have been brain washed.
    Mr & Mrs Xaba very beatiful wedding indeed and to the friend who posted the pictures thank you.
    Wena KK I’m loiving to see the day that you post your most perfect wedding pictures.


    26 January 2010 • 5:15 pm •
  35. Ayoba KK, wa ntlatsa, your comments are always true its just that people feel offended buy the fact that you tell the truth accorcing to you judgement. Ayoba KK,


    26 January 2010 • 5:38 pm •
  36. Tjo the suits is too blingy. What with the bling bling suit,


    26 January 2010 • 5:40 pm •
  37. Khomotso you need a man in your life, maybe it will help you stop being jelouse. That’s a nice wedding and everything is just perfect. The bride and groom are happy, that is the only thing that matters. If you don’t have anything nice to say about other people’s weddings just keep your ugly commands to yourself. NICE WEDDING CONGRA!!!!!!!!


    27 January 2010 • 6:47 am •
  38. Beautiful wedding. 14 years is a long time and i hope God blesses you with even more years of a happy marriage. The veil thing is really not an issue, it is up to an individual. From what I know, if your husband is the father of your kids, you should cover your face with the veil.

    History of the veil, from white people’s culture:

    In ancient cultures, a bride wore a veil for protection against dangerous sand storms and evil spirits that could cause her harm. From a practical perspective, the wedding veil kept the groom in an arranged marriage from looking on his bride’s face until after he had taken his vows

    When the groom lifts the veil at the end of the ceremony, it symbolizes that he has taken over for the care of his bride. A modern bride may lift her own veil to symbolize that she is giving herself away as an equal partner in the marriage.


    27 January 2010 • 8:03 am •
  39. According to their Zulu culture or tradition, she had her first child by then she was married by customary law & the second child they were legally married and because they were both from the same father kuthiwa “wa zala izingane emshadweni”, hence she was covered.


    27 January 2010 • 8:27 am •
  40. @Thandi

    Thank you so much Thandi for sharing with us such information. We really appreciate your knowledge.


    27 January 2010 • 8:41 am •
  41. The groom’s suit was too “bling bling” with cream shoes not ayoba at all…the wedding is just okay, what were the archs for? People if we cant do western wedding properly can we please stick to traditional weddings instead of embarassing ourselves on the website.

    KK I like you for the fact that you are telling it like it is, AYOBA!!
    We should not feel offended by the comments because everyone has a right to express their opinions, if you cant handle the heat then dont view this website.


    27 January 2010 • 9:56 am •
  42. @ Lee, it seems you know your stuff. maybe I should hook up with you when i go shopping for my wedding dress and the veil neh!! Thanks for the info.


    27 January 2010 • 10:00 am •
  43. i agree with KK,konke akushoyo its true,ayoba KK


    27 January 2010 • 10:06 am •
  44. i knew it was gonna come to dis, guys gv people a break,it is all about affordability, some of them are probably not even aware, preparing for a wedding is hard work,especially if u dont hv support,but pls,stop being this rude!!!!! My suggestion is to sowetan: pls try to look at the pics b4 being published,then we will know that we citisize the best!!!!!!!!


    27 January 2010 • 10:22 am •
  45. I say everyone has their dream wedding….. This is Mr. & Mrs Xaba’s. Weddings cant all be the same. This is what they wanted to look like on their special day, so we must just appreciate the fact that God blessed them and it happened. Lets stop critisizing other people’s dreams. To them, it’s beacutiful and special. Congrats!!!


    27 January 2010 • 11:00 am •
  46. enough u all perfectionist,all that matters is that they are happy,beatiful wedding and all the best to the Xaba’s


    27 January 2010 • 11:22 am •
  47. nice wedding and God bless. But the groom’s suit eish. and also the veil on your face was unnecessary you have kids already, remember the reason for veil: purity,u sa se intombazana.


    27 January 2010 • 11:32 am •
  48. nice wedding,may the Almighty bless you and your not take criticism into your head.let them talk until they get tired.No one is perfect,even millionares.


    27 January 2010 • 11:50 am •
  49. This wedding is beautiful and Im sure Mr and Mrs Xaba were satisfied.And this is what they could afford. I have 1 kid and no longer with tha father.Im gonna gquma cos of the way Im conducting myself.Im proud and I’ll show it on my wedding day by gquming.Second virginity is POSSIBLE.That’s in my case and Im sure she’s got her own reasons zokugquma. Otherwise Wedding is beautiful.Jus photo quality.


    27 January 2010 • 12:10 pm •
  50. i fully agree with Revas please check the photos before publishing,because we end up seeing all the mistakes


    27 January 2010 • 12:15 pm •
  51. People as human beings ,we don’t have the same taste of things.After all its all about what the bride and groom like no what we like pls. Lets just congratulates them and wish them a good life.


    27 January 2010 • 1:07 pm •
  52. Haaibo were are all the haters coming from?This new bloggers are a headache man…to all my fellow bloggers thnx 4 comin to my defence.Let me say this again:WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH,NOTHING IS PERSONAL,BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST & MOST IM NOT OBLIGED TO GIVE GOOD COMMENTS.a lot of you c what i c it’s jus yall aint got a back bone to say it…..i rest my case.


    27 January 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  53. Yho kwaze kwakuhle. Nam ndatsho ndakwazi usika i pattern!



    27 January 2010 • 2:37 pm •
  54. Guys jealous down this couple rocks, stop nasty comments if you don’t have something good to say.
    Mr & Mrs Xaba Congratulations!!!!
    All the best in your marriage.


    27 January 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  55. I guess common sense is not common after all.It’s about affordability and we seem to missing the most crucial point here UNKULUNKULU akasibusisanga ngokulingana hence neminye ingalingani… Sowetan does not need to pre-qualify any pics.

    Yes I’m 100% sure that we all understand the notion of blogs kodwa some comments are insensitive & uncaring 🙁

    Mr and Mrs Xaba umdali anibusise emshadweni wenu. Congratulations


    27 January 2010 • 4:12 pm •
  56. tjo tjo guys 14 years i’m so touched, God bless you in everything you do and dont shut him out he is your everything, nilana nikhona kungenxa yakhe mbongeni njalo njalo futhi anigcinele izingane zenu nizifundise nokuthandaza


    28 January 2010 • 9:58 am •
  57. Hai aretse,,,
    Edioba ka gore batho ga re bone ka go swana.
    Baga Xaba, lenyalo la lena e be e le lamaemo a godimo. sa bohlokwa ke gore le kopantshitswe pele ga Modimo le batho ebile lena le thabile. Ga re kgahlwe ke go bona batho ba itira o kare ba thabile efela dikgwedi tse mmalwa ka morago ga lenyalo re kopana le bona ga magistrata ba hlalana.

    le seke la ela hloko bao ba sa ratego go bona tse di botse.

    Modimo a le dire ka go loka!!!


    28 January 2010 • 12:04 pm •
  58. I think people are very brave to put their pictures on the internet. I personally would never put mine up for everyone to see. It doesnt matter how beautiful your wedding looked to you, people will always find something negative to comment about. Congratulations on your wedding.


    28 January 2010 • 1:05 pm •
  59. Like everything about your wedding.God bless you,take care of each other & Good luck for the future.

    Zanele K

    29 January 2010 • 11:29 am •
  60. i dont understand why people like to send bad comments, i mean abanye abasoza bashade but they cant keep their mouth shut, may God bless you Mr an Mrs Xaba!!!!!! siyanibongela!


    29 January 2010 • 11:35 am •
  61. Sis i wish u all the best, may the almighty god bless you all the time guys. u look stunning nothing wrong.

    Lydia Bochum

    2 February 2010 • 9:25 am •
  62. Guys you planned your marriage properly. Yanga inkosi inganibusisa kobubomi busha nikubo kunye nengane zenu. Dont worry about ngaba babawela ukuba nini especially wena Mrs Xaba. Good luck


    3 February 2010 • 12:33 pm •
  63. Ma Xaba why o kwetse lesira ka pele its for batho ba senang bana wena u have two of the best, u should opened ka moo pele


    13 May 2010 • 2:54 am •