Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
38 Comments July 9, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Vilakazi

38 Comments on "Mr. and Mrs. Vilakazi"

    Nnete ya baba!! says:

    EH go tsamaya ke go bona ankere?????a manchi ga kena ona, Modimo a le tshegofatse ba ga Vilakazi.

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      Blessing says:

      go tsamaya ke go bona sure case

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        Moneylover says:

        And then u have the decency of telling us we comment nasty things while u yourself says ” Go Tsamata ke go bona sure case” arent u contradicting yourself ???

    Noni says:

    God bless the Vilakazi’s….

    Mahlako says:

    Was this a 2 days wedding because i see tiffany chairs on one pic and another pic i see covered chairs…But anyway wishing you all the best in ur marriage.

    Sowetan please post weddings hle, we are so looking forwward for new weddings.

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      Nnete ya baba!! says:

      lala gape nna ke founile maabane ba re ppl ba retractor di weddings coz we r bring rude so I guess we have to be nyc to get weddings……so bloggers no more negative comments only nyc comments in other words LIES #claps once

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        Mahlako says:

        lol Nnete Ijooo haai gona re mathatheng gee…..i thought is becuase it is winter now and there is no lot of weddings taking place, i guess u guys will have to wait for my wedding pictures then. i can take any kind comments.

    Zandi says:

    so i go for maternity leave and this is what i come back to?hhayi you guys are way toooo young to have done something enjena, ur centerpiece in the tent is realy not ayoba, i also c you didnt have bridesmaids or groomsmen nje as its just chaos in those pics.i luv de colours ku your dress thou and it fits you nicely and u r naturaly beautiful sisi, anyway congrats kuwe no baby wakho

    Lee says:

    Aus wa meriri e me gold/blonde….haaai
    Eintlek Im confused but God bless your union!

    reggie gal says:


    Nonny says:

    God bless your union Mr & Mrs Vilakazi!!!

    Phophi says:

    Nnete ya baba you can say that again! Le nna a manchi ga kena ona. God bless your union Mr & Mrs Vilakazi.

    dk says:

    Haebo, I fail to understand gore why spending so much money on d├ęcor e be o sa apare white gown, this traditional wedding thing ga dintshi ka yona, anyway modimo a le segofatse

    Christy says:

    Congrats, Mrs Vilakazi u are beautiful. Eish mara yo pic are too busy, i don’t see bridesmaids & groomsman. The decor is not up to date but i like the cake “very nice”, but the rest i lost words for it.

    Zalanjalo says:

    If they did white wedding and tradition it was going to be nice , manje I dont understand whats happening here. 2 traditional attires that are not even nice. dissapointed. I give this 2 out of 10. 2 because ushadile atleast.

    Moneylover says:

    That red duku is it for zangoma’s or is it a swati tradittion ????

    Content Soul says:

    Different strokes for different folks! Batho ba ka se fetse go bua! It looks like u enjoyed your day, may the same apply to your marriage. Pretty dress by the way.

    Blessing says:

    some people likes go buwa dilo tse snaks I wonder gore bone ba nyetse or nyetswe any way congra guys wishing you all the best

      Replied to Blessing

      Moneylover says:

      @Blessing u dont want to start ngama bloggers , they will eat you alive. Dont be worried about other people’s comments just say what u need to say and leave others to comment as well. This is a public platform. If u cant take comments then leave the blog. and whether they are married or not how is that your problem ???

        Replied to Moneylover

        Nnete ya baba!! says:

        Great advice she better take it bfr she is skinned alive….Sa tlo re foka ne Blessing!!

    Trueteller says:

    your pics are too much busy……..anyway congrats

    rene says:

    tjoo ok. main dress was def not made for you. not ayoba
    God bless your union

    ZOZOZO says:

    Sisi we dye e blonde , tjooo. lol

    nnete says:

    be leswanela ankere baga Vilakazi. God bless your union.

    Manthe says:

    I love your deco on your brown and cream traditional wedding and 1 of the guest/ladies on the last pic, is wearing a beautiful dress, a blue and white one!! wishing you all the best on your marriage hope you enjoyed your wedding!!

    Adeline says:

    Beauty at its best, I like everything about this wedding, including the Tswana dance…..

    Miss Lee says:

    ke le lebogisa mme le ntate Vilakazi, o kare nke le etsitse a touch of a wedding gown or cream. go didimetse thata.

    Craezy-Lin says:

    Good work guys, Red cloth is for Swati tradition (Vilakazi, Makoti must be Motswana. Proudly African.

    mandi says:

    May I please have the details of this wedding. Where did it take place, your designers, decor people etc.

      Replied to mandi

      friend says:

      it took place at zola 2 the designer ke IBRAHIM,Decor guy ke fanyana


    nyc wedding

    Maisa says:

    Ne ke le teng!!! bontle feela…

    Beautiful says:

    May God bless your Marriage.I dont understand why people set high standards and expect perfect weddings.whereas they dont know the budget ya banyadi.You did what is best for you.As long financially you will be able to cope after wedding celebration, coz the expects dont foot the bill they just critisize.

    boledi says:

    some weddings tjoo

    Mmabatho says:

    Hi and congradulations.Beutiful wedding.Like the Tswana traditional dancers,can i pleasw have their contact details.

    Maria says:

    Congradulation Mr AND Mrs Vilakazi you guys you looking WOW

    Sweetness says:

    Ag shame mara what can we say. Mara re tla buwa re sa fetse. God bless u guys.

    Licy says:

    I only like mkhwenyana’s outfit!!

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