Mr and Mrs Setshedi


  1. Guys u’re sooooo hot!!!!!


    14 May 2010 • 12:50 pm •
  2. Nice one Mr and Mrs Setshedi, the bride is so beautiful. i like the gold colour, the bridesmaids and the traditional wear. well done.all the best for your marriage.


    14 May 2010 • 1:09 pm •
  3. Congrats and may God bless you guys with happy and blessed wedding days. love everything bout the pictures…colour combinations…..alles………


    14 May 2010 • 1:33 pm •
  4. Beautiful wedding and your hubby’s traditional outfit very smart. The two little girls were very cute. Take care and trust in God.


    14 May 2010 • 1:41 pm •
  5. great wedding may God bless the union….


    14 May 2010 • 2:09 pm •
  6. nyc wedding i like the groom’s colours,i mostly love the little girls sooo cute.

    where is the smile makoti you looked like u were nt enjoying your big day!!!!!


    14 May 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  7. Nna ga kena pala balo maaka a diang mara!!!this ws lovely ooooh i lov hubbies first dress shoes and i loooooooooooooov ur second attire shoe wow!!!!da maid of honour also looks lovely….this is good and Good lck in ur marriage!!!!!!


    14 May 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  8. uar wedding sesi was a bom, keep hapi, keep praying 4 uar hapiness & 4 uar comitment, God is gud & alwayz will, trust in him alwayz he is a gud God la tshwanelana, u suit each other , well done & congratulation im falling in love with da groom’s atire 2geder with da cutest flower girls demself & deir dresses also da groom’s maid & da bride maid’s dresses..

    all da best in uar journey!!


    14 May 2010 • 2:29 pm •
  9. mmmmmh!!! i like the tradition atire is soooo nice,wish u all the best.


    14 May 2010 • 2:37 pm •


    14 May 2010 • 2:59 pm •
  11. Mosadi omopela so onomeile kayi? I must say, the bride qualifies to be umakoti. She is humble and beutiful. The brides maid dresses-AYOBA!!!!!! Everything is tops…. May the lortd bless your marriage.


    14 May 2010 • 3:00 pm •
  12. Mona phansi, this was indeed a beautiful wedding. Flower girls are sooo adorable. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are all beautiful. Mrs Setshedi o pabala, Mr Setshedi o thlokomele mosadi wa gago, she looks like she is a very sweet person. A modimo a lethlogonolofatse ka dilemo tse ding, tse dintsi. May you forever be happy.


    14 May 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  13. hi kk its gertty,this is my wedding day and i enjoyed every moment of it.Thank you every one.


    14 May 2010 • 3:37 pm •
  14. @ Gerty, I have anxiously been waiting for your pictures. I am so glad to see that the day was clear and sunny with no rain. It was raining so hard on my side of the world and when KK and I woke up in the morning, we were just praying that the rain does n’t ruin your beautiful day.

    You looked beautiful indeed and those flower girls looked good enough to eat. Love the bridal party outfits too.

    All the best to you and Mr Setshedi and God bless.


    14 May 2010 • 3:49 pm •
  15. Preciuos!!!!


    14 May 2010 • 3:50 pm •
  16. i like u makoti, u didnt even put make up but u still managed to be a bom, u r so great, evrythin perfecto.

    Modikiseng Mohlala

    14 May 2010 • 3:54 pm •
  17. Woooow……… otherwise comment from KK…….Mrs Setshedi u really have outdone urself. Halala Mogaetsho. Nice everything.


    14 May 2010 • 4:26 pm •
  18. fabulous
    very stunning
    it looks like a well organised wedding
    i need info about the cake please
    very very nice guys
    traditional outfits-well executed
    God bless ya


    14 May 2010 • 4:37 pm •
  19. the bouqet is ayoba fresh


    14 May 2010 • 4:47 pm •
  20. B
    i agree with you
    the bride qualifies to be umakoti
    she ‘s got that thing, you know, that thing
    her make-up was not well showing but still she was
    Mrs Setshedi you have the spirit of God shining on your face


    14 May 2010 • 4:56 pm •
  21. Lovely wedding congratulations and may your love last forever.


    15 May 2010 • 12:36 pm •
  22. verybeautiful makoti may God bless your marriage but can you send more pictures of bridesmaids traditional dresses.


    16 May 2010 • 8:48 am •
  23. Lovely! 3 out of 5. Makot could’ve put some effort in hair make-up and hairstyle. Other than that looks lovely.


    16 May 2010 • 2:30 pm •
  24. He…he……he… botse baratani,bona fela nko ya monyadiwa,kere ke lenono ka nnete.Masogana bapalelang kgakala gobane o tseere ke senatla sa dinatla.Le wena mokgonyana bofa difeisi gobane ke legadima monyadiwa o swana le legodimo.


    16 May 2010 • 4:18 pm •
  25. everyone this gertty and thank you very much for your comments.especially kk.


    17 May 2010 • 7:30 am •
  26. hi everyone this is Gertty,thanks for your comments i enjoyed every moment of my wedding.kk this is me on the photos.thanks.


    17 May 2010 • 7:44 am •
  27. Am so inlove with your traditional attire,your bridesmaid looked lovely and they were not too many thank god!

    and also the cake nice simple and elegant…

    nibahle maan good luck in your matrimony!


    17 May 2010 • 9:11 am •
  28. Nyc wedding,some ppl ba na le style maaan,mosese wa the Maid of honour,haai e ntle go gaisa………Modimo o le segofatse a le okeletse masego mo kopanong ya lona


    17 May 2010 • 10:24 am •
  29. Hi Gerty its now dat i see dat dis ur wedding.Eish gal lovely lovely…we were so worried ka weather but it looks lyk all wnet wel….gud luck ba ga Setshedi!!!


    17 May 2010 • 10:35 am •
  30. hi everyone i would like to know how long it takes the admin to publish your photos


    17 May 2010 • 11:22 am •
  31. Makoti read your bible and all the answers that you want for your life and your marriage is in there.Enjoy


    17 May 2010 • 11:23 am •
  32. everything is beautiful, well researched Gerty and congrats, i can see some of the designs i also searched for on the internet in your fotos, im on the right track:-), im getting married in october


    17 May 2010 • 11:24 am •
  33. Please Gerty send more pics, o etsa hore re kgalle ho bona more. Hubby ha a na brother my sister is single and looking.


    17 May 2010 • 11:39 am •
  34. WOW Makoti you pulled it off i love everththing about your wedding. i for one dont love make up and you look lovely without it,natural beauty.mahlatse le mahlogonolo.


    17 May 2010 • 11:52 am •
  35. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Ipeleng Manoko

    17 May 2010 • 12:06 pm •
  36. Your cake is so beautiful. God bless you


    17 May 2010 • 12:58 pm •
  37. Hey can I have one of the twins the one on the left is good looking….!!!


    17 May 2010 • 1:15 pm •
  38. Beatiful Wedding & God bless!


    17 May 2010 • 1:28 pm •
  39. Beautiful Wedding, God bless!


    17 May 2010 • 1:31 pm •
  40. Wow! You guys looked so stunning. Mokgonyana hamba wena you look very excited especially your last photo. I Wish you all of the Best in your marriage and may the good Lord Richly Bless you. Thanks for sharing

    Tebogo M

    17 May 2010 • 1:36 pm •
  41. The cake was too much, and the brides maid on the left hairstyle is not AYOBA… The one thing I liked here was your bouquet.

    2/5 from me

    Congratulations and God bless!!!!!!!!

    Miss M

    17 May 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  42. A beautiful wedding indeed. But i beg to differ on the wedding dress…it is rather old fashioned.


    17 May 2010 • 1:49 pm •
  43. pila pila! You have represented pretoria indeed. Good luck Mr and Mrs setshedi…


    17 May 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  44. Jealous down. everything is ayooba


    17 May 2010 • 2:46 pm •
  45. Everything is lovey. Congrats may the Lord Bless your marriage.


    17 May 2010 • 3:03 pm •
  46. can i have a piece of that cake.
    nice wedding


    17 May 2010 • 3:22 pm •
  47. You look so great, nothing is too much here, God bless your marriage, Halala The Carousel Casino it give nice pictures.Hola Hammanskraal!!!.


    17 May 2010 • 4:09 pm •
  48. If you will put GOD first in your marriage HE will take you both from this glory to another glory. May GOD bless you and your marriage.


    17 May 2010 • 5:09 pm •
  49. Girl I like. It was beautiful. May the gracious Lord bless you. . . . .


    17 May 2010 • 5:14 pm •
  50. Gertty, nice wedding Doll well planned everything was AYOBA, in everything you do, you and your husband put God first ask for his advice he will never lead on a wrong path, I love the cake when we talk about weddings this is what we are talking about.


    18 May 2010 • 10:16 am •
  51. the bride you looked beautiful and relaxed, nice clead make up, not over done.
    the dress suits your body and the bridesmaids looked beautiful.
    All the best in your marriage


    18 May 2010 • 11:01 am •
  52. mrs setshedi u look gud-may de Good Lord bless u


    18 May 2010 • 3:28 pm •
  53. U were so ayoba,perfect wedding.May God guide you through your marriage.


    18 May 2010 • 3:29 pm •
  54. Yah this was perfectly done very very very nice, from bridemaids your flower girls look cute bathong dipontsonono makoti o motle groom o motle ai man alles is ntle


    22 May 2010 • 12:26 am •
  55. Miss M,i suspect that you have a problem here when are you getting married,everything is ayoba here.That lady she is so cute.


    26 May 2010 • 9:10 am •
  56. that’s ayoba, you are so so beautiful,may God bless you


    26 May 2010 • 3:26 pm •
  57. this is more than ayoba! gud people look at that million dolla smile my Man you gad a wife there to look after i like the outfit grooms and bridgesmaid u are fab guyz

    Makoti please look after your Man praise him to people than making negative comments about him remember u guyz you are not perfect so mistakes will always be there! but love will overcome all that everything is perfect!!! Lil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lil


    8 June 2010 • 1:39 pm •