Mr and Mrs Mtshali’s Wedding

Kitso and Nkululeko managed to have their perfect wedding and made better with a surprise gift of a new car from the bride’s mother.


SOURCE : My Perfect Wedding


  1. Was this on OPW , unfortunately I will only watch it today. Mara the main picture looks nice , I love the outfits. And the couple suit each other very well. AmaHlabangane akithi lawa , Halala bo Mtshali


    8 April 2015 • 12:47 pm •
  2. I watched the episode , everything was nice and well planned. Mamezala (Bridesmom) mara ushaya izithupha too much yet your daughter and son in law are very humble. Thats the only thing that was off for me. The rest was okay.


    9 April 2015 • 8:00 am •
  3. The wedding was nice, lovely couple but the brides mother was a problem, hayi she was too much maan! There was a point where she wanted to say how much she paid for her daughters wedding dress but fortunately Tumi stopped her. And the car was it necessary to make such a big deal out of it? wa phapha lo mama she just wanted ispotlight!


    9 April 2015 • 10:54 am •
  4. i hpe the mother of the bride won’t be running their family because everything was about her. never saw the groom’s family and I wonder why, hope they were not running away from the bride’s mother. wedding was nice but the mother hayi

    Lady D

    10 April 2015 • 6:24 am •
  5. YOH Kitso’s mother though?? you outshined the poor groom, how do you do that???you made him absolutely useless!!hai maan calm down .


    13 April 2015 • 9:40 am •
  6. Does anyone know how old the bride and groom are? I missed the beginnining of the program, and I’m just curious. Thanks 🙂


    13 April 2015 • 11:13 am •
  7. Missed the wedding, was travelling, congrats


    30 April 2015 • 2:06 pm •
  8. The wedding was lovely, Kitso your Mum though, she is too Jajarag, she is too much, hai Kitso ure Mum is a problem, full of herself, i hope you will stamp ure foot and control her not to be too much at ure house like she was the only one who was planning ure wedding, where was ure in-laws Kitso, why were they not there. and as for ure mum bragging ka gore o rekile Mosese, iyoo o tla tshegwa ke batho, who said Mosese o rekwa ke ure Mum,mosese is suppose to be bought by the grooms family not ure mum. too Jajarag mannn. if u dont stamp ure foot down o tla tshwana le ne and end-UP being Divorced. ga ke makale a le divorced o too jajarag Mme o, probably o ne a controla monna big time, then monna a mo sia, ka bo jajarag bo ba hae.


    11 May 2015 • 8:51 am •

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