Mpho & Tshego’s wedding


  1. Ok the couple looks really good, brides maid dresses they nice but why did you include the grey colour it doesnt look good & yaa guys are looking good aswell. anyway may u have a succesfull wedding…


    3 November 2011 • 2:13 pm •
  2. Gorgeous,lovely,nice, i have no perfect words to describe ur wedding.
    I love it, may your love be as perfect as your wedding celebration. Love,cherish and always invite God in every situation. God bless.
    Ai man this is lovely


    3 November 2011 • 2:21 pm •
  3. your wedding looks awesome and u girl, you look beautiful angel. take care of the guy, he’s your Husband and not your friend or your brother. lovely pics i must say.


    3 November 2011 • 2:21 pm •
  4. Girlfriend, you and your hubby make a very cute couple!!! I am crazy about your shoes, and your hairstyle is very nice and neat … Everyone looked nice! Congradulations to both of you …


    3 November 2011 • 2:35 pm •
  5. Hai suka man! i’ve been longing 4 a beautiful wedding on de the blog bt finally. Makoti ur day was well planned outfit and makeup woooow. i like it. i wish i can reverse my day. Mara camera man was not dat much perferct. please nxt time ppl look 4 proffessional cameraman. rather pay too much than regret later. i was also a victim of amatuer cameraman. like i said i can’t reverse my day. God bless you n take care of him n mokgonana look after her plssssssssss. She is beautiful


    3 November 2011 • 3:07 pm •
  6. Beautiful wedding and good combination on colour.


    3 November 2011 • 3:16 pm •
  7. You looked stunning makoti & your dress was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.


    3 November 2011 • 3:32 pm •
  8. Hi ,lady i know u from the train ,i used to see u everyday ,u look lovely ur wedding was beatiful ,All the best


    3 November 2011 • 3:55 pm •
  9. Mpho le Tshego wow u look amaizing bathong, le pila ba nong le a twanelana mmmmm.E ele di roko tsa di brdemaid ejo awa they are not ayoba bana ka diroko tsedi telle yoooo no no no, my love di dimpe the short one is nice at the end of the day is was ur day wena le monna wagago le hot hot hot good luck my dear may GOD BLESS U & UR HUSBY MMM I LOVE U GUYS WOW


    3 November 2011 • 4:01 pm •
  10. Congrats Mpho le Tshego, your wedding was beautiful. God Bless you!!!


    3 November 2011 • 4:03 pm •
  11. beautiful flowergirls, the bride is stunning , the briadsmaid are perfect and everything is just to beautiful


    3 November 2011 • 11:49 pm •
  12. GOD BLESS.

    sheila Ramatsoma

    4 November 2011 • 8:32 am •
  13. Le a tshwanelana bana beso. A bontle tota!


    4 November 2011 • 9:03 am •
  14. Le ba ba botse le a swanelana, cameraman o paletswe ke go dira mmereko wa gagwe. God bless n good luck!!!

    Boyza ke Bafana

    4 November 2011 • 9:23 am •
  15. Beautiful young ppl


    4 November 2011 • 9:29 am •
  16. oh nyc…cute little dolls


    4 November 2011 • 10:06 am •
  17. Makoti wa za wa bamuhle ngane. Congratulations dear…..


    4 November 2011 • 11:19 am •
  18. May God bless your marriage u look stunning


    4 November 2011 • 12:23 pm •
  19. wow may God bless you


    4 November 2011 • 3:02 pm •
  20. I really don’t like your flower girls dresses as well as your bridesmaid dresses but i love what you have in your hair is very nyc (neat). Congradulations may God shower you with his blessings and regardless of what went wrong that day the fact of the matter is you are now husband and wife.


    4 November 2011 • 3:13 pm •
  21. Best Wedding for 2011

    asanda longweni

    4 November 2011 • 3:27 pm •
  22. wow!bontle bo bo kana!may the Lord bless your marriage.beautiful!


    4 November 2011 • 3:30 pm •
  23. God bless your union


    4 November 2011 • 3:42 pm •
  24. nice wedding.Wish you all the best.


    4 November 2011 • 4:24 pm •
  25. Woooow, I like the dress. I was there, it was a great wedding,Beautiful couple. May God bless your union….


    6 November 2011 • 1:57 pm •
  26. The bride is beautiful and the groom handsome. Your wedding was just normal… pic 30??? what exactly were you doing guys? The tall guy please do not ever do the jumping dance whatever….! doesn’t suit your height. Any way all is well the groom and the bride stay blessed in your marriage.


    7 November 2011 • 3:46 pm •
  27. Bontle bomotlogolo. O berekile ou seun, o tshwana le nna malomago. Monna o itshwarele, o mo tlhokomele, motho yo galase wa thubega.
    Bontle tota. A pula e le nele. Ke feditse.

    Mr Mor

    7 November 2011 • 4:20 pm •
  28. Ao makoti you are so beautiful.


    7 November 2011 • 8:56 pm •
  29. Yoooooo, yooooo, yooooo the husband is ravishing. Jonna mme we…anyways beautiful wedding, beautiful bride. May this young couple be blessed.


    8 November 2011 • 7:11 am •
  30. halahala you guys rock hope you enjoy every moment together, love you guys , you look cute together. ive always known tshego was the one from the first day i met here, mose take care of the madam


    8 November 2011 • 9:14 am •
  31. hi guys congrats ur wddng ws perfct ,i lyk everythng


    8 November 2011 • 9:41 am •
  32. hi guys ur wddng ws perfct , i lyk evrythng congrats


    8 November 2011 • 9:43 am •
  33. You guys look alike, are you twins by any chance? You are one of the few cutest couples that are married. The little ones are also very cute, God bless!!!


    9 November 2011 • 11:06 am •
  34. Wow congradulations guys,You look stunning woman of God,I have no perfect words to describe ur wedding.
    I love it, may your love be as perfect as your wedding celebration.
    Love,cherish and always invite God in every situation.

    God bless


    9 November 2011 • 11:16 am •
  35. You are a beautiful couple – take care of each other and GOD bless your union.


    9 November 2011 • 1:14 pm •
  36. The couple looks lovely…The bride’s maid dresses are a no no and those of the little ones – I like the bride’s maid shoes though

    God bless


    15 November 2011 • 2:54 pm •
  37. aowa aowa I did not know that ladies can be so jelous aowa Tinah, Cinny and Masego la bora, go perfect moo, colours and all dresses, Masego accept that Mpho took the best one and what I like Tshego was not after the man. You need to accept and do not propose. Mpho ne a sa batle wena. Mpho & Tshego have no doubt everything was perfect and I you going to make it because you fear the Lord. dont worry guys 97% worth it, that 3 I wish……. but God will deal with them, they are so evil.


    21 November 2011 • 3:58 pm •