Mosa and Mbaby Mokoena


  1. Congratulations Mbaby, your wedding was beautiful and ur colours were so nice! May God be with you and ur hubby through this journey. Afm praise city(jhb) is proud of you our beloved sister! Alilili


    12 November 2012 • 2:18 pm •
  2. Le pila guys. Modimo a nne le lona.


    13 November 2012 • 8:03 am •
  3. Nice wedding Mr and Mrs Mokoena, God bless both of u..


    14 November 2012 • 1:13 pm •
  4. Mr and Mrs Mokoena you guys look genuinely happy and in love with each other, Mr Mokoena looks like a real gentleman, keep loving that woman and woman keep being good to that man thats why he is so true to you. CONGRATULATIONS and pray together so your love may grow stronger each day.


    23 November 2012 • 9:41 am •
  5. Your wedding was well planned guys.Modimo ale etelle pele ka gare ga lenyalo la lena. Stay blessed in the name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen….

    Tshepi. Promi

    30 November 2012 • 12:45 pm •