Molebogeng and Olefile Kotjokoane


  1. Whatever your photographer was trying to do with your photos did not work, jesus. He over did what ever he was trying to do, he ruined your beautiful pictures.That is not ayoba man.


    8 February 2010 • 12:25 pm •
  2. Whimsical le Popo jealous mona down.Le bantle,le bantle.You guys look happy & ur combination of 2 bright colours & black was done elegantly.I love ur bouquet……….tswaranang ko feta moo.Modimo o mogolo a godise lerato le lelapa la lona.A le tlhonolofatse go ya bosakhutleng.


    8 February 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  3. What a beautiful story. You seem very happy 2gether.May God continue 2 bless u guys.Picture quality poor but Im sure this was a beautiful wedding.


    8 February 2010 • 12:33 pm •
  4. Like everything about your wedding,take good care of each other,good luck for the future and may the GOOD LORD reachley bless you.

    Zanele K

    8 February 2010 • 12:34 pm •
  5. wow Sis u look pure exactly like a woman on a happily ever after mission


    8 February 2010 • 12:42 pm •
  6. It seems your wedding was nice,unfortunately I can’t see,I don’t know if it is my PC or your photos.The qulaity of your photos is not good at all.


    8 February 2010 • 12:44 pm •
  7. I like the combination of your colours. Please resend the photos. These are not very clear.

    Beautiful wedding!


    8 February 2010 • 12:49 pm •
  8. you really looked beautiful & Happy Popo.
    May God bless u & ur Whimsical.


    8 February 2010 • 12:52 pm •
  9. Wedding of the year.Everything was unique.Tlhompa Monna wa gago,o mo nee Lerato,o mo rate lerato tota.God bless u guy’s until the end.

    Ausi Maki

    8 February 2010 • 12:57 pm •
  10. Your wedding was veery beautiful, nice colours. I love the bridemaids dresses they are so beautiful. Everything was very nice, but y did u do that to your photos.


    8 February 2010 • 1:04 pm •
  11. The wedding is beautiful but the pics not AYOBA. What happened sis


    8 February 2010 • 1:07 pm •
  12. let me be first one to congratulate you and wish you the best marriage life has to offer.Ausi your wedding was beautiful, well planed and just purely perfect.I love your pictures, it showes that they were taken by a proffesional.AGAIN ALL THE BEST.


    8 February 2010 • 1:13 pm •
  13. Your wedding was beautiful but your pics are not clear, pls send the other ones where we can be able to see clearly.


    8 February 2010 • 1:14 pm •
  14. Beautiful Wedding!!
    But Photos Definately NOT AYOBA!!!!!!!


    8 February 2010 • 1:23 pm •
  15. @Boss, please mind how you use and write about the Son of God.Next tym please capitalise the first letter.
    anyhow i think the wedding was superb, whatever they did to the pictures is probably sumthin new to sum of us.GOD BLESS


    8 February 2010 • 1:44 pm •
  16. Very beautiful,may God bless your union


    8 February 2010 • 1:46 pm •
  17. Beautiful indeed! I wish you all of the Best in your marriage, and may the Good Lord Richly Bless You..Thanks for sharing…

    Tebogo M

    8 February 2010 • 1:48 pm •
  18. Beautiful and take care of each other and respect your Whimsical.


    8 February 2010 • 1:49 pm •
  19. woooow this is unique, u look so happy together. monna love ur wife & wife submit to your man. may the God be the pillor in ur family


    8 February 2010 • 2:01 pm •


    8 February 2010 • 2:05 pm •
  21. Can see the photographer was trying to do magic with ur photos, this is unprofessional photos. ur story tells me that ur deep in luv so I expected to see every perfect thing in ur photos, but am not convinced. U opted for cheap things dear. U r photos are many and not nice. God bless you in your marriage


    8 February 2010 • 2:07 pm •
  22. How I wish the photos were not so much photoshoped/tampered with. I didnt see a thing to write home about.

    Anyway, behind those fancy whatever, it looks like it was a beautiful wedding. You sound so inlove with your hubby, hope it stays that way forever. Stay blessed!


    8 February 2010 • 2:16 pm •
  23. beautiful wedding,wishing you and your hubby a good life together…God bless


    8 February 2010 • 2:25 pm •
  24. may God be with u guys, look smart and happy, just dat the photograph is not look clear,
    thanks for sharing.

    Sylvia Mothwa

    8 February 2010 • 2:27 pm •
  25. I hope you guys have clear photos stored somewhere for memories and to share with your grand children in many years to come. Otherwise, Its looks like it was one of those outstanding/beautiful weddings where everyone wish was there….Nibahle and yiyafanelana….

    May the good Lord richly bless you….


    8 February 2010 • 2:39 pm •
  26. Beautiful everything, but the photographer decided to ruin everything. I hope you have original pictures that he/she not tamper with. God bless


    8 February 2010 • 2:46 pm •
  27. Kodwa Nkosi yami bantu what up with the groom and a bottle of champaign, I can’t see the some of the Pics, please send clear ones


    8 February 2010 • 2:47 pm •
  28. whatsup with ur pictures…haai good luck popo le whim…


    8 February 2010 • 3:03 pm •
  29. Your photographer ruined ur pics..i mean really what do u call this…this is not AYOBA ….


    8 February 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  30. This is killing my eyes …i mean really now..or is it my Laptop…


    8 February 2010 • 3:08 pm •
  31. pictures are a wedding is beatiful


    8 February 2010 • 3:08 pm •
  32. I mean really who loaded this pictures???…haikhona…ur wedding ws mwaah bt pictures ke mathata fela…


    8 February 2010 • 3:14 pm •
  33. firstly let me comment on your original names they are beautiful one would traslate them as Molebogeng Modimo gonne Olefile each other, that marriage and the blessings to come.Never forget to thank him.”popo” your wedding was nice but picture quality zero…Congradulations to both you and Whim.


    8 February 2010 • 3:18 pm •
  34. @Tiso i agree with u, everything was ayoba, but the photographer decide to ruin everything. May God bless you with many children.


    8 February 2010 • 3:19 pm •
  35. halalala!!!you look good together guys,congrats… wishing all the best in life,may the good Lord Bless your wedding,izithombe zona ziyasiphandla kodwa ziyazama kancane ukubonakala,no need 2 complain about them guys, just don’t look 2 close then you be able to see okay…halalala!!!!!


    8 February 2010 • 3:48 pm •
  36. it looks like ur wedding was beatiful bt im not sure cos i csnt c clearly kindly send original pics if this is all u have damn the photographer ruin ur day

    now other fotos plz im waiting………..


    8 February 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  37. whats wrong with u too now, ur pictures hayi boooooooooooo.


    8 February 2010 • 4:00 pm •
  38. no coment on phot,bt ur weddng was nyc….what happning wth that champaign sis ngabe wasuwome ngalendlela u cant liv it wth sum1 els


    8 February 2010 • 5:00 pm •
  39. Tiso you are right these pictures are tempered with shame, you know people try to be creative but eish they over do it sometimes man, it takes a proffesional photographer like Alice Swanepoel from the Gorgeous wedding to do that, not Dick, Tom & Harry.I am telling you to consult your optometrist with immediate effect if you dont have one i can appoint one for you.


    8 February 2010 • 5:06 pm •
  40. Laoh I am telling you to consult your optometrist with immediate effect if you dont have one i can appoint one for you


    8 February 2010 • 5:07 pm •
  41. There are more positives than negatives in this wedding. The wife’s passion for her hubby, the groom’s simple suit (are you a Buccaneer, broer), colours and enthusiasm are some of the positives. However, you should’ve stuck to simplicity on the pics, I mean I couldn’t go through all of them because they aren’t so eye-friendly and they are too many – almost fourty. Much is less at times.

    That said, enjoy your marriage and God bless.


    8 February 2010 • 5:45 pm •
  42. Beautiful and unique wedding guys,God bless you,please ignore the negative resposes….


    9 February 2010 • 8:23 am •
  43. Beautiful and well planned wedding….the photographer did an amazing job…pls give me his numbers

    May u be blessed in ur marriage!!!


    9 February 2010 • 8:56 am •
  44. Mr. & Mrs. Kotjokoane,congratulations on ur wedding.My advise to u is that people will always focus on the negatives.Ur wedding was beautiful and you guys look happy together and that’s all that matters.

    May the almighty God bless you in your wonderful future together as husband and wife!!!


    9 February 2010 • 9:01 am •
  45. Beautiful story indeed, u guyz had a fabulous wedding and God bless. Maybe the Kotjokoane family can educate us on the ‘leave nothing to the imagination shoots’.What is it called and what purpose does it serve other than blindness and I’m not saying this in a bad way.


    Boss which school did u go 2?I mean really,u need to go back and get all your school fees money. The number of your brain cells, hai kona isono lesi.


    9 February 2010 • 10:26 am •
  46. P.S. the bride is good-looking bathong.


    9 February 2010 • 10:30 am •
  47. haibo! what is wrong with you pics, where you guys traying to came with a new style no it didnt work,but any way God bless.
    pics not AYOBA!


    9 February 2010 • 11:24 am •
  48. Guys I have to agree the photographer tampered with the pics but o di sentse….Nami I really hope gore Popo le Whim hav other pics.


    9 February 2010 • 11:54 am •
  49. @ boss im still waiting for ur business prop broer….


    9 February 2010 • 11:56 am •
  50. I can imagine how you must hev felt when the photographer came to deliver the pics……m sure was gonna kill him there and then!

    B blessed in ur marriage guyz!


    9 February 2010 • 12:44 pm •


    9 February 2010 • 2:31 pm •
  52. @ Boss, You forever critises other people and have something bad to comment about. Know the saying in isiZulu “indlu yegagu iyanetha” therefore your comments says a lot about you and who you are.

    STOP Critisizing and be happy for other people’s Happy Moment. If you think your wedding is/was a Top Billing Material then share with us.

    REMEMBER! Whether the pictures were visible or not, but they are in loved & have been joined in a marriage with or without the setbacks.

    You could be out there dying to be married if not to be loved.


    9 February 2010 • 2:33 pm •
  53. Nice wedding,Colour combination wow May God Almighty bless you. As for Boss,Laola,KK and Tiso if you want to chat just go to Face book or somewhere.


    9 February 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  54. Kamo, su dika,

    KK… mail urgently, i want you to see something before i post it cause you are the only person with real eyes.

    Kamo what’s the catch?


    9 February 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  55. Haibo what’s happening here? Eintlik what’s up? it looks like its a Wedding but ‘m not sure my eyes just shrunk. Sisi why did you have to do this to your big day mara, because you looked like you were beautiful haibo this day only comes once!!!!!!!!!!!! or your photos were taken with cell phones? not Digital camera?

    Eish, God bless anyway.


    9 February 2010 • 3:35 pm •
  56. Guys,your wedding was very beautiul,i love the bridesmaids dresses and the colour pink i love it.God bless!!
    never mind people who are posting nasty comments,they should do what they think is best for them in their own weddings.

    Lindiwe Melinda Nkun

    9 February 2010 • 3:44 pm •
  57. haai khona….pictures pls


    9 February 2010 • 3:57 pm •
  58. Mina I love what the graphic designer did with ur pics.Pic # 31 see how nice the black and white and colour are intermingle. Look thru da eyes of a graphic designer and u’ll see how beautiful this is to some ppl obviously. Congratulations Kotjokoane God bless your union and thank u for sharing.


    9 February 2010 • 4:19 pm •
  59. guys stop complaining about the picture the quality its good becouse they have made backgrounds with computer so that it can appear like that. my photo are also like this but will not send them to sowetan coz you guys has a lot to say nice wedding Molebogeng


    9 February 2010 • 5:27 pm •
  60. EYOOH! guys enough about the pictures, why dont you just congradulate the couple and leave it at that, I mean the wedding was beautiful. Molebogeng and Olefile Kotjokoane congradulations you have done very well.May the good lord bless you and bring you happyness.


    10 February 2010 • 5:44 am •
  61. Wow! Great wedding, the photographer was just being creative bathong. God bless you guys!


    10 February 2010 • 7:59 am •
  62. Guys everything about your wedding was perfecr. I love the picutres unique and stylish. People, you need to change, nisemva.god bless you guys

    Mlondobozi H

    10 February 2010 • 8:54 am •
  63. Hey Gal. I like the deco u did on the photos. They r suitably unique to your interest. I believe this is what u chose to have, to decorate them like that is really stunning Gal.and you and ur girls look great.May ur marriage be blessed and many more years to come.G-Luck


    10 February 2010 • 10:01 am •
  64. The photographer may have gone over board with pictures,but the important thing is you look happy & in love .Enjoy your marriege .God bless!


    10 February 2010 • 10:09 am •
  65. Eeish! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding , I hope you have
    the original pictures please send them. Congrats, may good health
    & fortune be at your side too!

    Mmatau Mamogobo

    10 February 2010 • 10:14 am •
  66. Molebogeng what made u load this pictures??i guess it cud b that,when uploading this pictures u didnt choose the ryt format….

    But honestly u look happy & may the Lord Almighty Bless u more….wish u all the best….


    10 February 2010 • 10:16 am •
  67. Beatiful Wedding sisi, May the God Lord bless youe Union. I know the pictures may be something we are not used to but it does not take away the love you have for your husband and the wonderful day you all had, take that and treasure it. and God bless.


    10 February 2010 • 10:17 am •
  68. I love the style of yr pictures, it is very beautiful.


    10 February 2010 • 10:49 am •
  69. iyo bantu kanti ninjani vele ?sho! has anyone ever heard of the word unique?maybe u should check it on the dictionary …
    as far as i see the wedding was super! ! the pics people complain about were also fine people i wonder what planet u are living inn ?dont u no that things change i mean we have seen the same design in picturesp since forever hayi aniyekeni umona…

    beutifull weding sisi u looked happy and i believe that is all that matters .u love ur man and he loves u that is y he married u ,congra!

    lolo mkahtshwa

    10 February 2010 • 11:13 am •
  70. Hi Guys,

    May the good Lord continue to guide you and bless you abundatnly,
    “8 years a se thaka ya motho”!…..This is sooooooooooo ayobaaaaa!!!!

    Please ignore those silly comments and continue to love each other!!!!!

    All the best!


    10 February 2010 • 11:35 am •
  71. Kittiee, i bet you are 40, and you have no man or a cat.
    That’s how you sound to me.
    I have the right to voice my opinion i didnt know you were offended.Lol


    10 February 2010 • 12:49 pm •
  72. guys you were so beautiful, decorations and the pictures. those pictures are decorated, you guys. the camera man did’nt mess up anything, they are just decorations on the photo, do you get it. you can do decorations as well to your photos!!!


    10 February 2010 • 1:15 pm •
  73. haai mara photographer le wena le ge bare go crooper eseng so. anyway nice wedding may God bless your mirriage.


    10 February 2010 • 1:53 pm •
  74. Wow!! Some people know how to ruin a beautiful thing. What do you call this type of special effect….”Blurred vision effect”. I thought I was going blind. Sue the photographer if you don’t have clear originals. You shouldn’t have sent them from the first place…

    Congrats! Looks like you enjoyed yourselves….if you move a bit further from the screen. You all look beautiful, like flowers on a sunny morning when the eyes don’t want to open due to sunlight coming through the window.


    10 February 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  75. i love how you guys met and the patience, your not going to honeymoon touch my heart. Lebo you beautiful. may God reachly bless you. if i win powerball, you guys i promise to take you wherever you like!!!

    your admire

    10 February 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  76. Speechless!!!


    10 February 2010 • 3:40 pm •
  77. Guys,the pics arent dt gud so what!she’s married,she’s a wife,the whole world knws abt it we cnt change de pics.Having sum1b to cal u lover 4de rest of u life its a blessing.U go girl I wish I were U.


    10 February 2010 • 4:45 pm •
  78. Nolly, just hire the same photographer for your wedding and stop complaining about other peoples comments…Or were you the photographer? Phela it sounds like you are defending him, he ruined a beautiful thing.

    You can clearly see that a lot of organization and class went into this wedding. I mean everyone can see the wedding was beautiful, so was the bride, groom and bridesmaids. But the pictures ruined beautiful memories.


    11 February 2010 • 8:01 am •
  79. This is realy nice wedding bt y good people alwayz concentrate on negetive things instant of good things like this pic yes they r nt perfect bt most of u busy comments about them so please stop it and congratulate this couple


    11 February 2010 • 10:47 am •


    11 February 2010 • 11:40 am •


    11 February 2010 • 11:49 am •
  82. this is something new to all of us, the wedding is beautiful and the colours are ayobaness God bless you both.maybe some of us would switch from using the old style and use the one you and your phographer chose
    HALALA ntombazane HALALA


    11 February 2010 • 12:01 pm •
  83. ok so now we hav 2 sit how long b4 we get a new wedding?????i think my bad comments are chasin all he potential poster away…ai now im worried.eish please guys i apologise no more bad comments im bored & i hav no weddig to dissect……………save me from myself b4 i go cucuuuus………


    11 February 2010 • 12:32 pm •
  84. MR and MRS Kotjokoane you look very happy,i have noticed that the groom and the bride are smiling in most if not all of the pics, please keep it that way,you seem very happy and comfortable together. I love what your photographer did to your photos, it really showed me what kind of couple you are,for me you are not afraid of being unique or going to the extreme without thinking what other people will say.And as for you Makoti i like your HONESTY: loved this man before he even proposed, were willing to track him dowm and didn’t go to honeymoon simply because you didn’t have money.(most women will never say that on the world wide web)

    As long as you LOVE each other and you communicate and agree on whatever you plan to do irrespective of what people say, you are guaranteed a long lasting marriage.I am happy that you guys know God, so invite Him in your daily plannings he will be there to guide you where you get lost and give you strength when you seem to be weak.Take care of each other and do not forget to say your prayers EVERYDAY.

    I have seen too many weddings on this site but yours seem to have touched me as if i was there or i know you.



    11 February 2010 • 3:44 pm •




    11 February 2010 • 4:01 pm •
  86. What a beauty i like the photo’s style,and the brides maids dresses i love them,shooooo makoti your dress is stunning. And the catering i really love the colours. Both of you have bautiful smilez niyafanelana,
    keep the candle of love burning and all the best in you Marriage life.


    12 February 2010 • 8:15 am •
  87. Hey Makoti – you had a beautiful wedding. By the way we got married the same date. May God Richly Bless your Marriage. Take care of each other guys, you look stunning.


    12 February 2010 • 3:42 pm •
  88. outstanding pic’s..true happiness is reflected.I wonder why people just like criticising other people’s work ..nevertheless I believe such people are those are just struggling to find such happiness for themselves..such comments don’t really matter fact is that you both are happy and we can only be happy for you!..hold onto your partner, but put God first in your marriage..the rest will take care of itself..!


    12 February 2010 • 3:44 pm •
  89. Lege bareng batho ba tshwana but the groom ke a moitsi, we used to stay at Ga-rankuwa zone 2 same street, we used to call him Oli, im so proud of you Oli, I will definitely show my mom your wedding pictures and I see your younger brother Oratile has grown so much….. talk about a small world….beautiful wedding indeed!


    12 February 2010 • 9:37 pm •
  90. Beautiful wedding sisi, i wish you all the happiness in your marraige. You, Hubby and the wedding party looked amazing. Gob Bless!


    14 February 2010 • 12:03 pm •
  91. Thanx makoti for uploading clear pictures, those fancy ones were not on at all. Look at how adrable and lovely you are, those bride maids, everything was perfect.

    Next time please leave the effects alone, these latest pictures are SIMPLY the best and so was your wedding.



    15 February 2010 • 1:31 pm •
  92. no comment!!!!!


    19 February 2010 • 3:15 pm •
  93. I am a black female proffesional wedding photographer and every photographer (who has studied photography) know that they are certain rules you dont break (both when you take a picture and post processing). The design (it’s called Photoshop) of the images must improve the image and not make people look like they do in the images above. Its a very expensive software (the latest costs +-R9000).

    Every image must be post processed i.e. go through this software only to enhance the look and it should never be overdone. This photographer is the ones that gives us photographers a bad name. Sisi, pls request for the original images cos he really did injustice to your special day. You are a beautiful lady and you deserved so much for your special day. I love your venue.

    The saying among photographers is “you get what you pay for”. Anyone getting married anytime soon please be careful, if your photographer is too cheap i.e. under R6500…then its a sign…… A lot of people underestimate photography when they do their budget, its equally important, people will forget your dress, decor, shoes, rings, food, drinks…they want images months and years later, and what do you have to show for it??? A good photographer will give you a posing guide, so you start preparing for those important shots. A bride should be made to look like a model on tha day, by the way you shoot.

    Please dont be discouraged by the comments…..siyabona wawumuhle umshado wakho!


    9 April 2010 • 4:24 pm •