Mokgele & Boikanyo Malepe


  1. Aowa bathong!le bo mang pila pila?ijust like ntho engwe le engwe,it looks like your wedding was BMW wedding,your rings are expensive and nice I saw them sumwhr,you did it,why you did not write who was your designer your dress its out of this world,did you have wedding planner?your chairs are expensive to hire I love you le ge ke sa le itsi.may God be with you all the way!!


    23 March 2012 • 6:44 am •
  2. nice wedding, the garden concept is always a good idea. The colour combination was nice and the decor was nice too. But your dress was not ayoba, it was a bit old fashioned.

    God bless you marriage


    23 March 2012 • 2:31 pm •
  3. Beautiful wedding sisi, dress is a bit old fashioned thou, decor is on par, colours are so cool. Well done makoti….Thanks for sharing


    26 March 2012 • 1:37 pm •
  4. @ tkay!jeoulas down the dress its so a yoba its for the first time I see this kind of design,o ne o le montle ngwana batho ga ke go itse but nna ke tswa Mabopane tlogela ba dipelo tse ntsho ba wele kwa!di ring tsa gago di expensive ke di bone sumwhere you bride mate and groom mate I like the combination of the not choice assorted dear,please check my invite on FB I need your help.did you have a profesional wedding planner?I am getting married lenna plz help me,


    26 March 2012 • 6:04 pm •
  5. Ni bahle shame,I like your dress please write who was your designer the groom and the bride. Your killing me,bride mate and groom mate it looks like you had audition before selection nice nice,decor,venue was just out of this world,your rings I just can’t shift my eyes,the dress with a is very classy,may God bless you!


    26 March 2012 • 6:12 pm •
  6. Nice wedding Makoti o Montle mosese wa gogo ga isi ke go bone gope,please write the name of the designe,the one who says its old fashion live him/her rona ra go bolella Mrs Malepe o botlhoko wa baba di rings tsona di a mpolaya!!nice decor,make up and the venue!!


    26 March 2012 • 6:24 pm •
  7. Ngwana everything was just perfect e seng dilo tse batho ba bang ba di dirang I like mosese wa gago you o re bontsitse gore even if your a bride you can still were nice lenght dress with no crown and veil but still looks yummy!ke rata suit ya ntate le mose wa gago they are just out of this world,the decor,make up,the venue and dipalamonwana,Satane o swabile Maatla a gae a fedile.


    27 March 2012 • 6:27 am •
  8. the groom i know you ko from school always humble what a wedding i just like everything your suit mfana and the dress ya madam its a killers AK47.your a boom,the rings you didi it hope your parent are proud of you!! may God bless you.


    27 March 2012 • 10:59 am •
  9. Nice wedding well planned,Makoti your dress le ring dey are very nice,


    27 March 2012 • 9:17 pm •
  10. shoooooooo!! wht a wedding i like you dress le suit ya hubby they are jst killing me,wht is happening on the head ya makoti? i like it so much.yr ring, dibotlhoko if yo could say ke R100,000 ke nka tshepa they look so expencive and nice decor sho!! please give us contacts ke the chairs they are ecpencive to hire,ne le i kemiseditse ka the bride i am from Mothutlung please tell me o ngwana wa bo Jabu Khubeka or wa ko bo Kgathatso? your so beutiful ausi.

    nice wedding!!


    28 March 2012 • 12:03 pm •
  11. Nice and well planned wedding and very stylish attire,venue and attire!


    29 March 2012 • 6:18 pm •
  12. beutiful wedding indeed,i am very close with your photographer he said your wedding was the best and i could see le ka pic quality ka nna Mmakau gaufi le ko Sekwati and the bride your face ka itsi o pila ngwana batho,your dress and your rings,you have planned this ka nnete i just love ntho engwe le engwe ka lenyalo la lona.

    modimo a le tshegofatse.


    30 March 2012 • 9:55 am •
  13. bontle! montle makoti,nice dress and makeup,decor its so ayooooooobaness.i like everything va lenyalo la gago,nice venue i wish i was there chomy!!

    modimo ke oo!!


    30 March 2012 • 11:24 am •
  14. beutifull and classy


    5 April 2012 • 12:44 pm •
  15. beutiful wedding and well organised one,nice dress makoti rings are out of this world,suit ya mokhonyana e ntle tota!!


    12 April 2012 • 8:09 am •
  16. nice decor,nice dress,nice attire both bride mate and groom mate nice suit,you whr well prepared shame!!!


    12 April 2012 • 11:24 am •
  17. nice wedding,makoti your so beutiful and your hubby he is hot,whr did you find him?ya your rings its a statement,like everything with your wedding,nice decor and nice wedding dress i have never saw it anywhr,well organised!!


    12 April 2012 • 11:51 am •
  18. Thank you guys, I feel honoured and humbled!


    16 April 2012 • 4:56 pm •
  19. sharp mothotlung sharp,well organised wedding nice dress makoti the groom’s suit it was well designed,love your wedding so much.its talk of the town.shooooo mfana wa Kasi.


    17 April 2012 • 2:37 pm •
  20. nice dress ma bebeza,the grooms suit well designed,love everything about this wedding,its talk of the town.shapa mothugasti shapa,well done mfana kasi.


    17 April 2012 • 2:40 pm •
  21. Shapa kasi shapa,you did it my bra n madam wa hao ke ena yong you will not be ashamed go tsamaya le ena anyway she is so beutifull,your suit was well designed and di groom mate di a e baka,mfana lenyalo la gao ke talk of the town,love everything about it,.


    18 April 2012 • 3:32 am •
  22. Nice wedding,nice dress the bride,love yonke into nje,de decor its world class I fully agree the rings are indeed expencieve,love you a lot Guyz,may God be with you all the way!!you look so inlove.


    20 April 2012 • 5:39 pm •
  23. shoo wedding of the year


    10 July 2012 • 3:09 pm •