Masabata and Johnson Matsetse


  1. you guyz look beatiful i like the dress & grooms suit

    bt are all these people ur bridesmaid?o kare ke choir yakokerekeng


    9 October 2009 • 4:10 pm •
  2. Le ba ba botse. Ke kgahlwa ke background yeo ya gaMantšhwahleng. Thanks for putting Radingwana on the map. Ke bona mfanaka Morris fao and it’s refreshing. Modimo a le tiiše go ya go ile. Mmaswi from Mphanama.


    10 October 2009 • 9:04 am •
  3. Joooo almost 20 bridesmaid, i have never seen this before.


    12 October 2009 • 8:49 am •
  4. Hi Mr and Mrs Matsese, your wedding was very nice except the number of your braidmaids. God bless you. ha khensa.


    12 October 2009 • 11:12 am •
  5. You guys looks beautiful. And there is nothing wrong with 100 bridessmaid as long as they entertain your guest and dance so much to make your day the most memorable one. God bless


    12 October 2009 • 1:50 pm •
  6. Good Luck

    I wish you all the best.


    12 October 2009 • 2:32 pm •
  7. Congradulations you guys looked very beautiful’ GOD BLESS


    12 October 2009 • 4:01 pm •
  8. You are so beautifull both bride and groom. But I don’t think the whole village was neccessary to be the bridesmaid.


    12 October 2009 • 9:49 pm •
  9. Bride and Groom you look stunning, This shows go re ne o kgaola tshele – ka go tseya, Cousins, friends, neighbour, classmates and colleques to be your maids – mmmm is too much- They ruin everything especially your beauty.


    13 October 2009 • 8:27 am •
  10. le nna kekgohla ke batho ba ba babedi ba ge ba fehleletse maemo a mabotse so,Modimo a be le lena.


    13 October 2009 • 3:24 pm •
  11. reply to karabo. everything is wrong with 100 bridesmaid because they take all the fame, look at pic nr 9 the newly weds are in the middle and the people could not see the couple, they were too many lets just face it……rather than that a great wedding


    14 October 2009 • 2:41 pm •
  12. so many people, girl u must have a lot of willing friends neh?!


    14 October 2009 • 5:55 pm •
  13. Too many brides maids not sure whether it was a church choir or what but girl with less of them the wedding would have been much more beautiful….


    14 October 2009 • 7:05 pm •
  14. gal u look stunning, o botse facially nd bodily u hv all da qualities of a real woman.ur hubby is indeed a lucky man. wa nkgatlha


    15 October 2009 • 8:13 pm •
  15. guys you what in the pedi culture you don’t select brides maid by yourself only the elderly do if your the bride they take brides maid from your father’s side and mother’s side and even if you the groom they do it like that b4 you friends could come. in pedi culture the maid of honour is not you best friend nop e swanetse ebe ngwana wa ragwane hoba wa ramoholo


    19 October 2009 • 11:26 am •
  16. Fifi, thanks for shedding some light on Sepedi culture. I think the whole idea of this blog is for people to see and learn how other people do things. The Matsetse’s wedding is a typical Pedi wedding, period! There are of course exceptional cases like ourselves, we went for six ladies and six guys (see July weddings Mr & Mrs Makubung). Some of our family members were not happy about it but we could not compromise it. We were happy. If the Matsetses were comfortable and happy with the arrangements then let’s congratulate them. Again congrats, Tlou!


    20 October 2009 • 12:45 pm •
  17. too many brides maids but otherwise everything looks beautifull.


    21 October 2009 • 9:48 am •
  18. eish!!! ke gore everybody in the family o batla go stroya ? ai man ba sentse ntho e ntle.


    21 October 2009 • 9:53 am •
  19. makoti, o botse hle


    26 October 2009 • 3:08 pm •
  20. but why so many bridesmaids..aowa its too much


    3 November 2009 • 1:43 pm •
  21. E…Rea leboga gele sharile le rena dinepe, we really appreciate it.

    Ye asarego shate oa duma, goaaaaa!!! 🙂

    Dannis Mohlala

    4 November 2009 • 4:12 pm •
  22. Where are groommaids, e.g sefahle in the picture? I like your humble approach to life. Look now our village is on the map. keep it up. Wish you all success in you married life. bingo


    12 November 2009 • 3:29 pm •
  23. wow! It really feels so good to look at a diffent wedding celebration, we clearly have many different ways of celebrating weddings in south africa and many of us dont know of it, guys you have showed me something new (another side of my country). what a lovely and different wedding plan. I am proud of you, nice. Hope you all enjoyed it and may the good Lord bless your wedding with many more years of love,joy and peace. love you guys and thank you for sharing your wedding pics with us.


    13 November 2009 • 8:38 am •
  24. yoh i lost the bride & groom somewhere in the sea of bride’s maid.


    16 November 2009 • 3:08 pm •
  25. yo a sareng Šateee wa duma halalala!!! A’ Modimo wa Kgotso a le hlogonofatŠe. from Maphake Tshepo Sekgala, Ga-Matebane, Mphanama.

    Maphake Tshepo Sekga

    24 April 2010 • 5:25 pm •
  26. no offence guys mara di bride made tsa lona di ngata if nele tlo nyala gape i was gona sugest gore le fokotje,i was d with matolo crew from Mphanama n i mus admit dt it was a nice wedding n nice foods lol i even meet dis Hansum guy ko lenyalong la lona.

    Boledi Mologe

    10 October 2010 • 9:24 am •
  27. co-congradulations and may GOD bless your marriege

    Herry mmako

    17 November 2010 • 12:51 pm •
  28. Hi guys you looks so beautiful and may God bless your marriage forever.
    thanks for shadding some light on Radingwana village….


    1 March 2011 • 12:10 pm •
  29. tooo much Brides mais aaowa,ke choir!


    25 May 2011 • 10:37 am •
  30. wow that was a beautifula wedding indeed. ke ditlogolwana tja sarah le thomas ka sebele.

    mahlako matebane

    12 June 2012 • 10:54 pm •