Malambula & Julia Madida`s Wedding


  1. The bride is cute so is the groom cannot say the same about the wedding.Good luck


    15 December 2011 • 11:37 am •
  2. the bride’s maid dresses are nice and the colour combination is good. i dont know abt you makoti u lack something on ur neck esp 4 boop tube,and leshira la gago its unique in a bad way its not nice. mokgonyana yena! mazaza no!no!no!

    helly R

    15 December 2011 • 3:09 pm •
  3. you looked nice guys


    19 December 2011 • 3:59 pm •
  4. Picture no.1 why le yetsa ngwana so mara yeh? lemo apesa di leggings, dietsa tse kgolo, lephondo lele telle so…she also looks uncomfortable!


    21 December 2011 • 11:39 am •
  5. I like the groom’s suit but am not sure about your dress Makoti. Maybe if you can send more pics it will be clear.

    Anyway congrats


    21 December 2011 • 1:37 pm •
  6. pic 4 Aowa makoti that dress make u look like motho hlapi, the brides man looked stunning and clean with a clean shave, i wish i could say the same with those hairstyles tsa ur ladies…..but good luck in your marriage.


    22 December 2011 • 12:17 pm •