Maggy and Kenny Molepo


  1. Was the pink on your dress necessary?


    22 November 2011 • 11:26 am •
  2. please add more pic, umshado wakho ubukeka umuhle


    22 November 2011 • 12:14 pm •
  3. four pictures?


    22 November 2011 • 1:17 pm •
  4. @Tee, yes it was necessary, it is my favourite colour and i wanted to be different.I did not want a plain white dress
    @bets, i send more but they only put 4 dont know hy hey?
    @ Sturra, Thank you


    22 November 2011 • 2:32 pm •
  5. Pink on a dress was overdoing it a bit. Your wedding was well planned and beautiful, you just tried too hard to be unique.
    Congratulations and God bless your union.


    22 November 2011 • 3:50 pm •
  6. Not feeling the dress at all.


    22 November 2011 • 3:57 pm •
  7. iyo le dlala ka rona. 4 pics ka nnete??

    u ruined ur dress with that pink dear


    22 November 2011 • 4:32 pm •
  8. Not Ayoba, wats with the pink, bathong? Le the fabric looks very cheap, haai maaan. Dis is ur wedding day gal, u should have done a bit of research for more ideas. Anyway, wisshing u all the best to ur wedding. God bless…..


    22 November 2011 • 4:45 pm •
  9. guys pls stop being negative about other peoples wedding. Every person have their own theme for their wedding. Maggy and Kenny this is what yoy wanted and that what matters most. Congrats on your marriage and may the good Lord bless you more.

    Miss diva

    23 November 2011 • 7:37 am •
  10. the dress could have been beautiful if u didnt add the pink


    23 November 2011 • 7:52 am •
  11. i love the pink on your dress. its unique and it gels well with your hubby’s attire. it looks like a nice wedding


    23 November 2011 • 9:55 am •
  12. Hairstyle? Really tho? razor??


    23 November 2011 • 4:04 pm •
  13. God bless you marraige and may u have may happy years together.

    The dress looks different and its actually beautiful.Big up to u for getting it right ofr ur day!


    24 November 2011 • 9:38 am •
  14. in my opinion a white dress must remain white and nothing else.

    complementing colours are used on bridesmaids dresses, decor, cake, etc.
    The decor is very beautiful.



    24 November 2011 • 9:45 am •
  15. I really don’t like the Pink on the dress. I get the idea that she you wanted to be unique but that was just not it. Sorry girl.


    24 November 2011 • 3:20 pm •
  16. I really dont like the Pink on your dress. Sorry lady.


    24 November 2011 • 3:22 pm •
  17. Congrats!

    The pink was however a bit too much. But then again I guess that is the way you wanted it to be.

    The one

    24 November 2011 • 5:09 pm •
  18. You negative people, jealousy makes you nasty. Ur ugly comments are not necessary.

    Maggy, you and your husband looked strunning. I so love your dress and ur decor. You looked gorgeous my dear. Ignore those negative comments. People never get satisfied whether you do good or bad.


    25 November 2011 • 8:03 am •
  19. Dear you looked stunning ku that pink dress, stylish akufani you gave abanye bethu ama ideas, unlike plain white wedding dress yamihla le.people will always complain always negative umona nje wonke lowo bazoku bhora bafuna bona eyabo i colour MxM forgetting i liking yakho, dont be discourged bowumuhle kakhulu

    @Dee: wena ke bowufunani iphondo, bonding ubu stereotype lobo dear.
    @Maggs post more Pictures to us abantu abathanda izinto ezinhle..


    25 November 2011 • 8:31 am •
  20. I actually like this dress – it didnt even need the two flowers pinning the ‘organza part’

    May your days together be beautiful and blessed


    30 November 2011 • 3:56 pm •
  21. Looks like you had a beautiful wedding, wish we could see more pics. I am happy that you allowed yourself to be adventurous on your special day. Lovely dress. I don’t think many people could have pulled it off the way you did. God bless you and your husband. Wishing you decades of a life of love, joy and happiness.


    3 December 2011 • 6:36 pm •
  22. Maggy you chose what you wanted for your wedding, and it’s good, no matter what the rest of us say. People, it HER wedding not yours, so who are you to be dictating what she should be wearing or not. You’ll dictate who wears what at YOUR OWN.


    4 December 2011 • 7:20 am •
  23. U both look stunning…hope you enjoy your entire life together


    7 December 2011 • 12:15 pm •
  24. Maggy,you don’t have to answer to anyone,it was your wedding.If they don’t like your dress,tough luck,and they are lucky , because it was not their wedding,but yours.
    you paid for it,it was your time to shine.So they will make their choices when its time for them to get married.

    I am right

    8 December 2011 • 8:28 am •
  25. The pink on your dress is overwhelming.

    Congrats on your wedding wish you all the best.

    Mrs M

    10 January 2012 • 10:20 am •
  26. You guys need to seek medical help,this wedding is not about you,she loves the pink because it was her wedding.At your wedding you’ll wear plain white.The dress is beautiful Makoti,very unique


    28 April 2012 • 3:57 pm •