Baby Khanyi
Baby Khanyi
56 Comments April 29, 2014

Lufuno and Johannes Ndlovu’s Wedding

We meet @ school hoerskool wondefontein 2007, we were still young I was new @ school so, he sent his friend to come and propose me, if he fails he owes him R50, so the friend failed and he passed……when he approached me he “he dreamnt about me but we will discuss it further during break time, I happen to fall into the trap and we fell in love till date. Our decors  where done by sweet promise events and catering……our designer was tshidiso from westonaria! Photographer vuyo,black child production!

56 Comments on "Lufuno and Johannes Ndlovu’s Wedding"

    Indy says:

    Beautiful wedding

    Zakes Jali says:

    It was a beautiful wedding indeed.

    smatsatsa says:

    LOVE your deco makoti

    Trueteller says:

    I am not a fan of dark colours so I cannot comment more, but I wena le hubby looked so happy and inlove, meaning you enjoyed and its all matters, God bless your marriage

    nthabeleng morakabe says:

    they look spectacular and it was a beautiful wedding to have been part of i must say, you could see how much they love each other by just the look in their eyes

    Thoko Vilakazi says:

    Bride and Groom were very stunning, Beutiful wedding.

    feni says:

    beautiful indeed

    Chichi says:

    Beautiful wedding makoti, Mudzimu vha fhatutshedze mbingano yanu

    lufuno Ndlovu says:

    Truteller we picked those colors because loved them dear………thanx God will indeed bless our marriege

      Replied to lufuno Ndlovu

      Fofoza says:

      nice wedding guys love the decor especially ur table, pls tell me how long did it take for sowetan to publish ur pic.

    Mrs M says:

    Mudzimu vha fhatutshedze mbingano ya vheiwe, ni dzule no farisanana sa zwenezwo.

    Miss O says:

    congrats to the bride and groom on your union. beautiful wedding.
    but i must say i agree with with Trueteller just cos you are having a traditional affair it doesnt meant you should incorporate “dark brown”. i am not a fan of the carpet if its not layed down properly.

    you guys look very happy.

      Replied to Miss O

      Bibi says:

      I will really love to see your wedding colours Miss O cause every colour for you is a problem its either too dark or too much some comments reserve them for yourself as couples have a reason for picking colours they just dont pick cause Miss O is colour blind

        Replied to Bibi

        Miss O says:

        bibi – u post to hear what people say…. brown is too dull.

    MHHH says:

    Nice decor , mara u could have done a different hairstyle. Plain weave is not ayoba. Mara everything was nice and very unique. lovely

    lufuno Ndlovu says:

    Mrs M I only understand mudzimo(God) I m not venda,I m xhosa……thank u dear

    QueenLee says:

    Ngiyazibona izithombe bantu, just trying to figure out what the bride is trying to say on her introduction. Just does not add up/make any sense.

      Replied to QueenLee

      Lou says:

      claps once

    Lebo says:

    You looked happy, that’s what matters but the rest including your dress is not ayoba.

    Miss Lee says:

    Beautiful Couple indeed, you look very happy together. Dripping looks like it can fall anytime and again plastic flowers not ayoba.

    may God bless your marriage.

    Miss V says:

    Woooow m so inlove with the decor Makoti, may God richly bless u n yo husband.

    Fofoza says:

    Pls people help i need to know how long does it take for Sowetan to publish our photos, mare!

    Phophi says:

    Beautiful wedding makoti, you and hubby managed to pull off a great theme.
    The decor was on point but I must say the green and red carpet spoiled the beauty.
    Nonetheless congratulations, may your union be blessed.

    Fuza says:

    Beautiful wedding!! The couple are so in love and enjoying their big day. It truly looked stunning.

    Ana says:

    Everything was perfect makoti God bless you.

    PHUTISB says:

    In deed beauty lays in the eyes of the be holder …..May God Bless always :)

      Replied to PHUTISB

      Lou says:


    NkatekoSgwadi says:

    Beautiful wedding makoti,God bless ur marriage

    TT says:

    Nice wedding but i must say we had too much of this dress here on this blog..let us try to be creative even if u copy something dont copy as it is

    lerato says:

    Sweet Promise Events is doing my decor soon. i guess i should now relax, the decor i perfect, more than i expected. well done makoti, love the colours, you looked beautiful. take care of hubby

    concerned says:


    rene says:

    congrats Makoti

    the deco looked good. loved the lay out on the guests tables.
    your dress neh, the idea behind was great but the execution eish.
    you are pretty hey and im sure a styled weave would have done you very well.


    rene says:

    hahahahahah the INTRO loooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    MHHH says:

    True Queen Lee , i also cannot make sense of the introduction. Makoti should have written in Xhosa as english is a problem sometimes.

    ZIZI says:

    Intro is a joke. kwaaak

    SisTee says:

    Mare ho bua nnete red carpet was not necessary, why not something traditional?

    K-Fever!! says:

    Ga kena mafoko tse nchi ke maaka……Congradulations!

    majenito says:

    Some comments though if u have nothing nice to say sit down pls,it was a beatifull wedding indeed

      Replied to majenito

      Bibi says:

      Exactly my point people do not post their weddings for such critics. This was a traditional wedding and it depends which culture you are from some it will be too colourful some dark.

    Ndo says:

    Should’ve gone easy on the orange, but congrats ;)

    Lu says:

    Hehehe!!! Was hoping anizuyiqala ke eye intro…

      Replied to Lu

      Nnete ya baba!! says:

      go fly a kite ga rena nako ya batho le emotions tsa bona moo……

        Replied to Nnete ya baba!!

        Miss O says:

        yeay!!!!! thanks dear… people just dont understand. you post so that we can critise or complement your attire, decor… we dont attack people personally… but if you decide to make it personal to go personal we will khuza your a$$.

    Mmalelapa says:

    ga re bone ka go tshwana bathong, nna ga ke bone sepe se sentle mo *hiding*.

    Le gale wishing the couple marital bliss….

    Bibi says:

    Mubi lomshado icircus yodwa le , makoti bhala ngolimi lwakho uma ungasazi isingisi njengami nje

    HAHAHA says:



    Guys, its up to the bride and the groom to choose what they like. So if you don’t like it its fine cause bona ba happy.

    DIBU says:

    Some of the commentors on this blog are very rude.I guess it will be ok for no-one to post their wedding pictures online as people have got nothing good to say when they are hiding behind a computer screen. Where’s UBUNTU? If you’ve got nothing good to say about someone’s wedding please keep it to yourself. You didn’t pay for it so I don’t see why they should choose the colours, dress, decor, hairstyle or anything you want or deem suitable. Yours is just to look at the pictures and praise God that there is still true love out and black men who are will to make honest women out of their queens!

    PS: If you don’t understand what she’s written in her introduction, then its fine. You’re not going to write an Exam from her intro so just look at the pictures and leave it there!

      Replied to DIBU

      Nodoli says:

      Dibu sisi , we can write whatever that we want to write on this blog u can’t tell us anything. If u getting offended that’s your own problem. Umakoti posted her pictures for the whole SA to see so she should be strong enough to take our comments. If Sowetan wanted us to view photos without commenting ngabe it didn’t include the comment button uyangiqonda.

      And regarding intro as a normal human being before u write something worse if it will be addressed to the rest of South Africa you should take time and read it yourself to ensure there are no mistakes. Who knows maybe we helping the lady to improve her skills as maybe her friends are scared of telling her that her English ibolile. Xhosa , Zulu etc are official languages as well. Ungazosiqhela wena

    Tumi says:

    Guys were there no other venues for photo shoots other than that dilapidated house and what looks like ‘sefate sa matekwane’?

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    guys lets get 1 thing straight here,if people posts thier wedding photos it means they want other people to comment about it,so u must understand that people will say what they liked and didnt like about the wedding.Dont get angry if people say nasty things about your wedding because thats what you wanted to hear when u post ur wedding photos.1 thing ye e makatsang kudu ke gore dicomments dikwatisa batho bangwe other than makoti le monna wa gagwe.When we post here re tla be re postela bona(the bride n tha groom) so ke nagana gore ko bona ba swanetseng go kwata not batho ba bangwe.So rena ga re ke ra kwatisa ke melaetsa ye e seng ya rena,plz coz i see most of the time go kwata batho ba ba wrong.

    Thah says:

    Ow my God…

    Bride and Groom

    Please don’t worry about nasty comments that people are saying b’cause it’s no longer abt your wedding but its includes your grammar etc,

    People have a right to criticise as you have decided to display your pics in this blog, but let’s criticise constructively and not to say heart breaking things, the fact that you would’nt organise your wed like this doesnt mean it wasn’t a nice wedding for the couple. You are a nice couple may God bless your union as long as you are both happy and you will remain happy forever, it’s doesn’t matter what some people think and you have nothing to explain to anybody.

    Alinah says:

    go botse jwang bathong. maara gwa senya fela ka red carpet!!

    the vu says:

    Lo a bua moooo,di bridesmaids man,design and the hairstyles tlhe mma.

    Shirls says:

    beautiful sisi, people will always have sumthing to say bad or good so dont take it personal..

    Sweetness says:

    True Alinah

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