Liza and Mkhuseli’s wedding


  1. where is the bride and the groom?


    25 October 2012 • 3:56 pm •
  2. only one photo of the couple out of 41, nice wedding though.

    the big boobs exposed like that?


    26 October 2012 • 1:43 pm •
  3. Nice wedding God bless you where decor


    26 October 2012 • 10:28 pm •
  4. who was taking ur pics makoti? ai they really loved ur boobs, nonetheless i love ur color scheme probably cos its the same as mine *will post pics soon* overall beautiful wedding makoti, may the good Lord richly bless ur union, modimo a le etse hantle


    29 October 2012 • 3:38 pm •
  5. Bridemaids dresses are absolutely stunning, I wish I could say the same with u makoti.Big boobs are an asset but u failed to use the asset effectively. Your make up is perfect, flawless and nawe umuhle. Colour coordination was really good, thats wat I call creativity, the ability to make some extra ordinary out of the usual thing. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    29 October 2012 • 5:32 pm •
  6. wait… isn’t that Chwayita Madikane i just saw? looks like the wedding was in Bizana too “think i saw Daph’s BnB.. anyways beautiful wedding guys to the bride n groom. please respect, love, honour and listen to each other. I’m one person who still believes in love and successful marriages. play together, PRAY together.. be the best BEST of FRIENDS and be willing to forgive and the only third party in your marriage shud b God!!!


    29 October 2012 • 7:32 pm •
  7. hawu my comment wasnt added tjo, anyway i said the breasts showing like that was a no no, it made the dress seem small,sometimes less is more makoti really. anyway you are very beautiful and enjoy ur new life,Congrats!!!


    31 October 2012 • 1:05 pm •
  8. @ Zandi, even my comment was not added, I was just being honest as well as another upcoming bride. Anyway uMakoti is very pretty as well honestly and her make up looks natural which is very important. I also love the dress but had a problem with the top part as it is too reaviling thats all. Anyway all the best in your marriage.


    31 October 2012 • 2:58 pm •
  9. the top part is very revealing, its a no no


    1 November 2012 • 2:44 pm •
  10. @MaFloza ay ziyabuya mfazi lol, anyway yena muhle and looks happy


    1 November 2012 • 4:29 pm •
  11. Why my comments are not added. But anyways God bless you with your marriage.

    Miss K

    8 November 2012 • 11:59 am •
  12. cleavage bathong!!!!!!!!!! nice make up, bridemaids dresses bt the makoti’s dress looks small. stay strong mo lenyalong la hao ausi.


    8 November 2012 • 3:53 pm •


    12 November 2012 • 10:15 am •