Linda and Thandiwe’s wedding


  1. Adm this is not funny anymore. whats happening with my comments?no man pls


    28 July 2010 • 12:02 pm •
  2. You looked beautiful on your wedding dress and god bless.


    28 July 2010 • 12:42 pm •
  3. will live it to the experts god bless


    28 July 2010 • 1:24 pm •


    28 July 2010 • 2:24 pm •
  5. Admin where is my 1st comment????????ok ke let me re-phrase my comment,i didnt mean 2 say dat they are a circus wat i meant was dat dey luk lyk 1……nw please tuu…..


    28 July 2010 • 2:25 pm •
  6. you said CIRCUS tjooo aoa KK-fever!

    there is something amiss here though not sure about the circus….


    28 July 2010 • 3:52 pm •
  7. eish not ayoba


    28 July 2010 • 4:28 pm •
  8. Sweetie….not keen on ur wedding gown (too much going on) but may God bless u on ur marriage!!!

    Lil Mama

    28 July 2010 • 6:52 pm •
  9. Ooh….IsiNdebele Attire…kuhle dade!

    Lil Mama

    28 July 2010 • 6:54 pm •
  10. Mrazana khetu!


    28 July 2010 • 9:00 pm •
  11. CONGRADULATIONS on your union and may GOD bless you. NOW……havin an afro pony on relaxed hair is a no! your dress looks like something borrowed, your jewelery something old, and something blue on tradional ur attire which looks good, ciawwww


    28 July 2010 • 9:16 pm •
  12. Makoti, u must be from old school of thought. I have not seen hungry lipstick in a while.

    That jewelery and the dress were ayoba long time ago.

    You both have an innocent look…but not bad looking.

    Congradulations and take good care of each other.


    29 July 2010 • 10:05 am •
  13. This wedding looks almost the same way of my cousin who married in the early 90s. that my dear is more than 15 years ago. Anyway cogradulations my old fashioned friend…


    29 July 2010 • 11:19 am •
  14. Admin please hle I don’t see my comment lenna what is wrong with my comment? Ok fine what is important is now I can view the pictures Makoti your ndebele attire is ayoba gape ya go tshwanela but your DOOR STEP CAKE is not ayoba nkare ke MMETSHE(RAG). Please send more pictures for deco.


    29 July 2010 • 11:34 am •
  15. admin, i meant ‘better than nothing’


    29 July 2010 • 11:53 am •
  16. Eish makoti…u make us sound lyk bad people.
    IsiNdebele sakho bewusivunule kuhle tle!!!!

    The western part……too old school esp yo eyes nd lips-90’s
    If I say anything else abt the rest of the outfit…….I might go to jail…LOL

    Stay blessed nd enjoy the rest of yo lives as hubby nd wifey


    29 July 2010 • 12:10 pm •
  17. Thanks for sharing with us, the wedding was nice, All of the best in your marriage and May God Richly Bless You…


    29 July 2010 • 1:27 pm •
  18. Forgive me father Admin for I am about to sin. Makoti your wedding gown is so 1970s, bride’s maid dresses disaster with a capital ‘D’, you should have put more effort on the hairstyle and as for the groom’s men suit, I rest my case. Anyway who am i to judge, you chose to wear what you wore,all the best guyz!


    29 July 2010 • 2:59 pm •
  19. Iya ne umshado!owalonyaka or 1985


    29 July 2010 • 4:27 pm •
  20. You look nice in ndebele traditional attire
    Your wedding is also not bad
    Plastic bouquet is so 80’s


    29 July 2010 • 4:54 pm •
  21. What happened to the raising agent for the cake?


    29 July 2010 • 11:14 pm •
  22. You all look beautiful in your traditional attires, it really outshines the white wedding. Haai I dont like the matron of honour’s clutch bag/ mini suitcase on picture 23 lol…


    30 July 2010 • 7:46 am •
  23. God bless u on ur union.


    30 July 2010 • 2:44 pm •
  24. hai makoti that cake looks like amanapkeni (towel nappis) and the hungry look hai im shocked and why did u choose goofy looking groomsman the will forever toucher ur wedding pictures and stsy blessed


    30 July 2010 • 2:55 pm •
  25. Your white wedding attire is super-old fashioned, tradition was good. God bless you


    31 July 2010 • 12:36 am •
  26. Congratulations, may the good Lord bless you abundantly in your marraige.


    2 August 2010 • 10:10 am •
  27. Admin,Where is my comment? The Wedding looks beautiful but the flower girl looks like unethwe imvula in her dress shame ingane encane bantu……….

    God bless!


    2 August 2010 • 10:33 am •
  28. guys there is no story attached to this wedding so we dont know the details of when was this wedding so i am assuming that it happened somewhere ka bo 1987 because there is no way anybody will wear that white dress in this time and ages especially le jewellery ya teng and la bona le suit ya the hubby ke tsela tsa bo 198…. mang mang so before we continue ka di comment re kgopela ba re botse story gore when did they get married. and isindebele sona sihle.


    2 August 2010 • 10:50 am •
  29. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm very interesting:
    Firstly i’d like to congradulate the newly wedds! and all the best on your marriage. It truely shows that there was alot of work done to organise this wedding.
    I love the nails, they are well done – they look beautiful. Your traditional outfit is amazing! your wedding gown… eeehh i think there was alot of searching as they dont make those types any more – i guess you wanted the 70s look, ke bona le ka lip liner and the afro, le di talama (your “pearl” neck piece and earings), di bridesmaids’ dresses in peach, digloves and batjie ya gago.
    To me, i wouldnt be cought wearing that on my wedding day – for me its totally not ayoba, i wouldnt even dream it.

    But for wena it must have been mission accoplised, you might have wanted the 70s/80s ancient look, and you have achieved that,in the 2010, but it doesnt necessarily mean you look great.


    2 August 2010 • 2:19 pm •
  30. I agree with DK, most probably ke lenyalo la 1985, i.e. 25 years ago… Lol!!!


    2 August 2010 • 4:36 pm •
  31. Ao bathong…lets give them a break bantu.We’ve been ranting about their outfits and surely she has been checking these comments.I feel for her stru!

    @ADMIN…Please try keep us updated and try to make it more interesting my letting us vote for Wedding of the month.At least that will bring more excitement instead of just us commenting.Phela,le rona we feeding u with journalism.So,consider this suggestion!!!

    Lil Mama

    2 August 2010 • 4:38 pm •
    • Thank you for that.. We will definitely consider this! 🙂


      4 August 2010 • 10:31 am •
  32. All the best to the couple and God Bless.


    3 August 2010 • 10:19 am •
  33. People hayi, hayi, hayi if you cannot spell congratulations just say “well done” or do your spelling checks b4 sending messages especially when your comments have strong language


    3 August 2010 • 10:30 am •
  34. i love the cake because it is so extraordinary and out of this world


    3 August 2010 • 10:43 am •
  35. Ha when i read the comments i thought ukuthi heysh thes women are super bitchy but after seing your pics sis Thandi where do i start?Ok so its all been said all i will say if you are on a budget isnt it best to just go to the registry office nd then have an after party ?Surely its better than getting a substandard affair?Saying that maybe THIs is actually wot Thandiwe has been dreaming of you know the wedding of her dreams.I wish you God’s blessing and happiness in your marriage sisi


    3 August 2010 • 11:51 am •
  36. God bless ur marriage,blk and white 2 piece not great for the event!


    3 August 2010 • 11:51 am •
  37. Hae all said makoti BIG NO!!!!!


    3 August 2010 • 1:45 pm •
  38. No guys this is not ayoba,the colours no guys not ayoba


    3 August 2010 • 4:52 pm •
  39. Hei! iyaa nee


    4 August 2010 • 11:00 am •
  40. @RTMZ, welcome back, you have been gone for too long… I hope you are here to stay.


    4 August 2010 • 1:23 pm •
  41. @RTMZ I thank the Almighty for bringing you back mo this blog to hear your comments I’m not biase but this lady comments justly. WELCOME BACK MAMA.


    4 August 2010 • 3:24 pm •
  42. Eish go busy moo;anyway is their look beautiful may god bless you .


    5 August 2010 • 4:48 pm •
  43. never mind about those who have criticize you,your weding is ayooooooooooooooooobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    6 August 2010 • 3:05 pm •
  44. never mind about those who criticize you,your weding is ayoba and GOD BLESS YOU


    6 August 2010 • 3:07 pm •
  45. Aowa lenyalo ke bona nke ke la 2009 August ka di 8 le 9 just check the dates on top of each photo its like they were saved by dates gora gore o ratile style sa di eighties
    May GOD bless their union!!


    12 August 2010 • 2:08 pm •
  46. The wedding was definately not in the 80’s guys, check the double cabs and the dstv dish on the house.


    12 August 2010 • 5:34 pm •
  47. Thembela noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lmao


    13 August 2010 • 1:27 pm •
  48. Hao bathong! Makoti who did your hair and make-up? You need to feed them poison!


    13 August 2010 • 4:45 pm •
  49. congratulations guys’ but please don’t go around sending such pictures to the public please, this is degrading others with taste. Thandi sisi hay uyimoshile mntakwethu… no offence.


    10 September 2010 • 1:26 pm •
  50. Haaikhona mara yazi to be honest with you ne, if the budget is tight please guys rather go sign at home affairs, or do only tradition wedding. The western one is a bit expensive. Please, i really dont think this is nice at all, and what were you thinking mara? I’m also Ndebele, i think the outfit is not appropriate at all, Ndebele outfit is beautiful jong.


    6 January 2011 • 2:08 pm •