Letty Mmathule Ramphele and Eliphas Kagisho Ramphele


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time, especially makoti. May God bless your marriage throughout.


    4 May 2010 • 11:53 am •
  2. OMG i swear i ws willing to keep quiet but i jus could nt…..u deserve 2 stars from me for that gorgeus ring,whmevr did ur makeup n nails is good it was well done!!!!nw for the downfal sorry i have to do it:there is a trend in Limps ya red and hai da colour is nt ayoba,hubby’s attire was ovrdone da jacket,da red shirt n da stripe waitscoat ijoooo aowa,pls pls pls da little gals??wat in da wrld dat is a serious crime in nid of fashion police yoh,ur dress type is nt 4 a petite figure its for full figures ladies.I wish u could hav had somthn dat compliments ur beautiful petite figure(slim fitting or mermaid cut type),my Gosh som1 is makin a lot of money in Limps ka dose cakes itja aowa banna,pls Limps photographers research and get da correct way of taking ring pictures.This is da 2nd wedding on da blog with a ring pic lyk dat.its not ayoba AT ALL!da black suits le tsona di dull and dose carpets hai 2 much goin on…word of advice to future brides choose your colours carefully and make sure gore u execute it well,always have similarities b2n ur bridesmaids & groomsmen.dat is same hairstyle,same shoe,same jewellery,same dress pattern and same suit pattern.If ur bridal party dictates den fire dem.invest in a proffessional photographers,a reputable baker and most of all research before you have a wedding ai le re bontsha metlholo maan!!!!!GOOD LUCK IN YOUR ARITAL JOURNEY!!dis is long i knw admin pls dnt kil moa!!!!


    4 May 2010 • 2:26 pm •
  3. nice wedding ring


    4 May 2010 • 2:58 pm •
  4. nice ring
    So what is happening with the towel on the shoulders
    hope you enjoy your wedding , god bless


    4 May 2010 • 3:07 pm •
  5. To all the brides to be i think its important to buy wedding magazines or going to the wedding expos and get some ideas and advice.


    4 May 2010 • 3:25 pm •
  6. if there’s one thing u should invest in when getting married especially for us women, is a wedding ring….yours is so beautiful, I love it.


    4 May 2010 • 3:27 pm •
  7. Admin please help!!! Remeber the wedding with the doves/pegions?


    4 May 2010 • 3:38 pm •
  8. Very nice ring on the beautiful fingers.
    Maroon is just too dark especially for so many bridesmaid and againif maybe the tent was very white maybe your colour was going to do the trick.
    Above all Congratulations and all the best on your journey


    4 May 2010 • 3:41 pm •
  9. your ware beautiful guys i like the coulour, may God be with u until the end ,,,, o mosware ga botse


    4 May 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  10. Nice pics and everything was well prepared,all the best guys!!!


    4 May 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  11. ok its not bad i just have 3 problems that needs to be addressed. firstly the brides hair style very simple, secondly picture no 21 she looks pretty but the towel what’s up girl, thirdly the strings hanging from the dress not ayoba. But that’s how you wanted it to be may God bless your marriage.


    4 May 2010 • 3:50 pm •
  12. Now i know for a fact that KK is all talk…with NO clue! to quote her/him ”dat is same hairstyle,same shoe,same jewellery,same dress pattern and same suit pattern”…Please…what century do u live in! Your wedding party isn’t supposed to look like CLONES of EACH OTHER! That is very backward and OLD FASHIONED…everybody with the same hair and shoes….LOL, u kill me!!!


    4 May 2010 • 3:52 pm •
  13. is KK married???? a simple question, Yes or No will do..


    4 May 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  14. kk wena mara ? he he he……..
    makoti with dat beatiful body of yours u shuld have won samthing dat goes with it that dress is for us bo fatty & u shuld have taken sam effort on ur hairstyle.your hubby is gudooooooo


    4 May 2010 • 4:17 pm •
  15. i am speechless whats wrong with the town. where you still combing your hair makoti.


    4 May 2010 • 4:19 pm •
  16. I am sorry but I fully agree with KK, yes the ring, nails and make-up were stunning, but the guys, flowergirls and so many bridemaids and the flowergirls.


    4 May 2010 • 4:27 pm •
  17. A very nice wedding ring i must say, bt ai! too much of the bridesmaids & groomsmens!!!


    4 May 2010 • 7:24 pm •
  18. Beautiful wedding and may God Bless in your marriage.


    5 May 2010 • 7:19 am •
  19. if umuntu wayeshada kabili i was going to say next time sis ubozama iroko elizobonisa ur figure or you were suppose to get this thing egqokwa ngaphansi a (peticote) otherwise your ring is nice hayi sikhathele ilamaring egold agcwala umunwe that an old fashion yabomama bethu!


    5 May 2010 • 7:52 am •
  20. I agree with KK in some of the things you said. Very beautiful ring and the little girls are too many. God bless and respect each other.


    5 May 2010 • 8:06 am •
  21. Congrats girl on your wedding day hope every thing went according to plan & u enjoyed ur day.
    Just 1 ? pic. no 3 where u ar standing with two bridesmaids why is the other one wearing a bra with straps on a strapless dress I saw 3 more who did de same thng ,don’t u talk about thinks like this before de wedding


    5 May 2010 • 9:07 am •
  22. KK my gues is that u not married

    Lady N

    5 May 2010 • 9:41 am •
  23. I dont blame KK. We dont see things the same. weve got a freedom of the speesch in SA why would we kill you. To be honest, the attire is not ayoba. the flower girls it seems as they were going to do bale(sp) dancing. why are we still choosing black colour for wedding, i thought black was for when we are mourning. Anyway what matters, is that you are married and you seem happy. Gongrats


    5 May 2010 • 9:46 am •
  24. congratulations guys, makoti i love your ring very nice


    5 May 2010 • 10:22 am •
  25. Hayi de wedding was nice maar de color sisi….


    5 May 2010 • 10:47 am •
  26. Marriage is not about pleasing other people, If Groom and Bride are happy about what ever is happening @ their wedding thus cool. May God bless those who are married and those who r still gonna get married soon.


    5 May 2010 • 10:49 am •
  27. bathong is it on fashion or a trend to have so many distrooi(bridemaids)and flower girls. i stand to be corrected but it makes the wedding to be too crowded gare bone the beauty of makoti and mokhonyana. wedding ring is beautiful , enjoy your marriage and congradulations on the step taken.


    5 May 2010 • 11:01 am •
  28. sesi God bless u & ur hubby in ur marriage & through out ur jorney……..

    dnt 4get 2 ask him 4 guidance.


    5 May 2010 • 11:38 am •
  29. admin blocked my comment on ur wedding. U would take advice from them and help ur maids wo might get married sometimes.God bless u in ur marriage


    5 May 2010 • 11:43 am •
  30. wishing you all of the best in your marriage and may God bless you.. thanks for sharing

    Tebogo M

    5 May 2010 • 11:57 am •
  31. Re a le lebogisa le a swanelwa, ke bona le Madodana a se Wesile a gona. Modimo a le okeletse a le dire ka go loka.


    5 May 2010 • 12:41 pm •
  32. I thought it was a lovely wedding before any body considers making nasty comments one must bear in mind that it actually took tym,money and effort to do all of this.


    5 May 2010 • 12:48 pm •
  33. Congrats on your wedding.May God bless ur union.What a simple and elegant wedding ring – I love it!Frankly speakin,the bride did not look very nice at all.Wrong dress choice.For such a beautiful body u should’ve looked grant in a wedding gown made to fit your body like a glove.The groom had too much colours going on with the shirt and waistcoat.I give 2 out of 5 for the bridesmaids dresses.Some girls had way too much accessories – they should’ve all kept it to the absolute minimum.The groomsmen did not look bad either.And the little girls with the puffed dreses – i rather not comment.I hope you like the outcome of your wedding based on the choices you made.


    5 May 2010 • 2:12 pm •
  34. I agree with @KK. The trend nowaydays is the bridesmaids can have different patterns with the same material for example. And to round it off nicely, same shoe, same jewellery and perhaps same hairstyle. But each girl can have different hairstyle if required.


    5 May 2010 • 2:17 pm •
  35. smile sa bride sona ke kgapeletso


    5 May 2010 • 3:21 pm •
  36. Hai andikwazi nokuyichaza ke le may u stay blessed it’s your wedding afta all thanx for sharing we will know what to do when our turn comes


    5 May 2010 • 3:46 pm •
  37. ladyN am warning for the last time leave KK ALONE ARE YOU MARRIED


    5 May 2010 • 3:52 pm •
  38. Nice ring and as for the rest I’m SPEECHLESS.
    KK hai no o nqetile straight.
    All the best Mr & Mrs Ramphele.


    5 May 2010 • 4:11 pm •
  39. Your wedding was beautiful and you have fullfilled everything you wanted in ur wedding no matter what people say.God bless u in your marriage


    5 May 2010 • 4:14 pm •
  40. Beautiful ring,a watch le yona e ncha? ke staele sa kgale ruri,colour e maroon a big No,black suit ke tswalega molomo.Wedding gown not suit your body at all.Le gale may God bless you.


    5 May 2010 • 5:35 pm •
  41. Okay ladies (esp KK and mother) I need your help. I got myself a halterneck wedding dress. One of my bridesmaids and my maid of honour think i should get a necklace for it. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but i dont think a halterneck goes well with a necklace. Pls correct me if I am wrong.


    6 May 2010 • 7:40 am •
  42. To the newly wedds, may the good Lord be with you on your marriage journey, @KK Ucabanga ukuthi ungcono ngani? uhlala ucritisizer…….Uyoshada nini?


    6 May 2010 • 7:43 am •
  43. @Karabo, i think the wedding with the doves/pigeons was Tryphina’s wedding. Just type Tryphina in the search box.


    6 May 2010 • 7:58 am •
  44. KK i fully agree with u, the wedding party must have the same hairstyle, same dress pattern and same shoes…….in that way everything looks neat and even the flaws won’t be too visible. Your ring is to die for makoti.


    6 May 2010 • 9:23 am •
  45. Ok i see i set tongues wagging dats gud coz yal njy da blog more.Now lets set a few issues straight here:@ Karabo da wedding wit da doves was RTMZ’s wedding she is my mom.halla wit ur email address n i will giv u da contact 4 dat.GT,Kholeka and LadyN:ur’s trully is engaged and planning a fantabolous wedding.perfection takes tym and money.remember u will al hav a chance to comment but i will put my real name so i cn have honesty.Those who are curious tryphina Moeketsi’s wedding should give u a sneak preview of wat 2 expect.

    @kk firstly get a name,kopa re se ka ralwa tuu.n yes dey can be different styles for da ladies whn it comes to dresses but it mst be well executed.Da maid of honour and best man we al knw is always diff.but similar attire for da rest is vital go avoider tlhatlhakano.N makwela is ryt consultation b4 da wedding is vital 2 avoid silly things lyk black bra straps.Discuss evrything in detail.N brides dnt let ur wedding party dictate to u.

    @Tiso if u hav a halter der is no nid 4 jewellery unless if u get somthin very simple.Maybe a small necklace ka pendant(honey has nys ones or better yet google bride n co mybe dey cn assist since dey r more proffessional)..ladies pls dis blog is a learning tool,wedding expos and wedding mags or better yet get a planner !!!

    But honestly does anybody ever notice my gud comments or im automatically associated with bad comments?….*worried*


    6 May 2010 • 10:18 am •
  46. Machuene dinepe tsa ko Moletjie dikae my brother, cause gake bone le andy stroyi sa Monna so otswa ko gae.

    Mmamokgadi Ramanna

    6 May 2010 • 10:33 am •
  47. Hi Lovely Couple..

    My guess is you guys got married around valentine.so you were trying to go with the mood and incorporated the colour for that.the colour is beautiful there is definately nothing wrong with that,your ring looks stunning.you guys look lovely.however the quality of your pictures is a bit light.you need picture which you can look back and be proud of.

    Thanks for sharing this day with us and i wish you all the wonderful thing in you marriage..God bless your family..and do yourself a favour of avoiding negativity and people who will always try their best to pull you down to make themselves feel better in their miserable lives.like some of the people on this wedding blog comment box

    kind regards


    6 May 2010 • 11:33 am •
  48. @ Tiso you are right sis your dress wont need a necklace the holterneck,Goodluck am also getting married in Dec pls contact me on zanele.vanzyl@gmail.com maybe we can help each other out and share the strees!


    6 May 2010 • 12:43 pm •
  49. guys here we only coment abt da weding we dnt ask if sum1 is maried or nt. every1 is entitled 2 his/her opinion. da colour n da makoti dress, to me they r nt ayoba at ol. anyway lets nt 4 get dat I may not lyk brown colour in my weddin bt sum1 may lyk it, we hev diferent tastes n we see thngs different. As long as da couple were happy abt da weddin, da colours n everthn, dat wat matters. I wish u ol da best in ur journey.


    6 May 2010 • 1:25 pm •
  50. Your flowergirls are too cute and they looked absolutely beautiful Nice wedding ring. God bless


    6 May 2010 • 1:28 pm •
  51. nana ah!wa rocka u luk so small and beautiful,may god bless u and ur lovely husband le rataneng thata go senne sepe se le tsena ka bogare tlhe bathong,eish modimo ale segofatse with lots of love from botswana


    6 May 2010 • 2:42 pm •
  52. To the couples that are about to get married, pls invest in professional photographers!!!


    6 May 2010 • 2:53 pm •
  53. ok,i just got married last saterday[01-may I was going to post my pictures here,but after reading so many nasty comments i have decided it best if i dnt.

    its ok for one to give thier honest opinion on what they think about the pictures,the problem is the way u say it.so pls just choose ur words carefully so that u dnt hurt other people’s feelings.DONT RUIN THIER BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES OF THEIR MOST IMPORTANT DAYS OF THIER LIVES with ur comments.


    7 May 2010 • 4:09 am •
  54. Gosh people on this forum are mean…but the sad thing is they dont know what they are talking about either! I will repeat..YOUR WEDDING PARTY ARNT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE CLONES OF EACH OTHER….Gosh! what world do u and the beloved KK live in! What u do is have the same dress material…IN DIFFERENT STYLES. And every bridesmaid is an individual…THEY CANT (and shouldnt) HAVE THE SAME HAIRSTYLES!!! pick up a bridal magazine….


    7 May 2010 • 7:50 am •
  55. Hi guys eish i always come to this site just to hear what you guys are saying,even when the wedding is ayoba or not i just take tips from your comments as for KK AND YOUR MOM you guys kill me but you always give good advise,Nice ring makoti!


    7 May 2010 • 7:51 am •
  56. I love your ring makoti – God bless your marriage!
    @Tiso – You are right, halterneck don’t go with neck pieces and remember…Less is more! Good Luck with your wedding dear!


    7 May 2010 • 8:10 am •
  57. Tiso

    A halterneck doesn’t need a necklace. Your bridemaid wants to give bo-KK a platform to criticize u. Do no do it, plsssssssssss.


    7 May 2010 • 8:38 am •
  58. That was wonderfull and we really thank God for this amaizing wedding
    you had, And may God bless your wedding and supply both of you all the desires of your hearts!!!!


    7 May 2010 • 10:42 am •
  59. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Ramphele, may the good Lord bless your marriage. You had a beautiful wedding, it was your colour, your family & friends as bridesmaids, your choice, YOUR DAY as long as you were happy, that is all that matters. People will never stop criticising and being nasty. I love your ring. It’s clear you were still busy doing your make-up when you had the towel on your shoulders. You are beautiful makoti and you have a nice figure.


    7 May 2010 • 12:02 pm •
  60. The reason for the same hairstyle amongst us “blacks” is because, if we don’t agree on the same hairstyle, the bridal party will look like they are on their way to a hair stylist competition.We will end up with a blonde weave here, a maroon bob wig there, push back with a spiral pony tail, straight back and afro combination, dreadlocks with a big bun and maybe even a chiskop. That is why it is important for us to agree on the same hairstyle cause we have so many options at our disposal.

    The same goes with earings, studs, hoops, teardrops, discs which we get in all shapes, colours and sizes.

    The same outfit pattern (whether long, short, balloon, A-line, ballroom, boob-tube, V-line, off-the-shoulder), shoes, accessories and hairstyle further helps in the elimination of competion amongst the bridal party.

    I am sure there is no bride in this world who would like to have their wedding day looking like a circus.

    Good luck to all future brides and May God Bless you all.


    7 May 2010 • 1:49 pm •
  61. @ Tiso check out this website my dear and hopefully you will get an answer http://sangmaestro.com/2010/04/the-right-necklace-choice-as-the-complementary-accessory-of-a-bride/

    Good luck with the planning.

    @ Karabo the website for the doves/pigeons is http://www.essescreations.co.za/

    Good luck to you too.

    For more tips send me your emails,


    7 May 2010 • 2:09 pm •
  62. @ kk
    dont worry my dear not all ur comments are nasty its jst dat ppl are afraid of calling a spade a spade like u do.some of us enjoy ur constructive critism. keep it up.we learn from this honest comments


    10 May 2010 • 8:04 am •
  63. @madodos, please post the pics o se ke wa tshaba selo.


    10 May 2010 • 8:43 am •
  64. Spot on RTM. Agreement is the buzz word when it comes to the bridesmaids dresses,acessories and hair style.So you will agree with us that they may be differ, but any difference must be agreed upon.I agree with u 100%, otherwise they will indeed look like a circus.


    10 May 2010 • 4:10 pm •
  65. I am speechless


    11 May 2010 • 7:57 am •
  66. @Madodos, I am supporting you…………on that one!


    11 May 2010 • 7:58 am •
  67. So Admin decided to moderate my response to da haters????go tla loka i thnk i hav outstayed my welcome on dis blog yoh!!!!!!!


    11 May 2010 • 2:37 pm •
  68. mzala wam, what a beatiful day indeed. you and Loox were meant to be and the love in your eyes, wow!


    28 May 2010 • 9:18 am •