Khwezi Sondiyazi and Bongiwe Sondiyazi


  1. Hi guys you sure looked stunning, beautiful and simple dress don’t know but the jeansthough but i think you should have worn something that goes with the jacket. But you are a beautiful couple, Good luck for the future


    15 September 2009 • 11:38 am •


    15 September 2009 • 12:17 pm •
  3. Wow you guys look so sweet together(the perfect two indeed), hope God blesses your union


    15 September 2009 • 12:55 pm •
  4. guys u look stunning! i cannot believe how much weight Khwezi has lost from his days at joyous he looks mighty different!


    15 September 2009 • 3:16 pm •
  5. Beatiful couple but why is the groom wearing a jean?


    15 September 2009 • 3:48 pm •
  6. beautiful wedding and the bride is lovely. Mr Sondiyazi the jeans just dont do.. all in all I wish u all the best and may u be blessed


    15 September 2009 • 4:15 pm •
  7. Sisi u and hubby, suit each other, hes handosome and u are beautiful, nice combination, my question is why is your hubby wearing a jean? huh? bethuna!ive neva ever seen a groom wearing a jean while the bride is in a white gown, bad combination!


    16 September 2009 • 9:08 am •
  8. Beautiful couple , Niyafanelana …God bless and may more years 2geda


    16 September 2009 • 2:46 pm •
  9. Wow!!they are a perfect couple.khwezi am so happy for you and you weight man,it’s so true that we can do all things thins throuth christ who gives us strenght.MAY GOD BLESS YOUR MARRIAGE.


    16 September 2009 • 3:54 pm •
  10. you look lovely guys – Khwezi that was your day and as an adult am sure you felt comfortable with jeans on and its your choice at the end of the day. You are lovely and continue being blessed. WE LOVE YOU!!!


    16 September 2009 • 8:59 pm •
  11. The bride is lovely but hei! mogonyana a senya ditaba ka jean.


    17 September 2009 • 7:29 am •
  12. Gorgeous couple. Continue to delight yourselves in the Lord and He will surely give you the desires of your heart. You’ve always been trendsetters, I love the twist in Khwezi’s outfit, it takes a special type of a person to be able to pull that off. Niyathandwa.

    Siphokazi Coki

    17 September 2009 • 9:42 am •
  13. Nice couple. I understand that everyone has the right to dress as s/he deems fit, all the same everyone has the right to comment as s/he thinks. I echo Siphokazi’s sentiments that it takes an independent thinker to do things differently and take criticism in his strides. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a jean on my wedding day, but Khwezi is not me and I’m not him. Guys you rock le a nkwa! . Le swaraneng gabotse and make God the pillar of your marriage and you wont go wrong.


    17 September 2009 • 11:33 am •
  14. Khwezi hei man u lost alot of weight wow man and God bless u and your marriage u have a beautiful wife anyway u felt comfortable with your jeans and it was your day not ay other person. Khwezi yah u lost weight joe kannete.

    Dineo Morabe

    17 September 2009 • 1:06 pm •
  15. The most important part is, you are married and enjoy your marriage life and proof them wrong. God bless you


    17 September 2009 • 5:17 pm •
  16. Umuhle Makoti. May the Lord bless your marriage. Always love & respect each other.


    18 September 2009 • 8:08 am •
  17. You Guys look Stunning , I think the jeans are a different idea and if sumthing went wrong with the original pants that was an interesting substitute. Gud luck guys respect each other.


    18 September 2009 • 9:04 am •
  18. Wow! God his good all the times, am so happy for you guys, you really look beautiful, jeans bro you Rock, it’s good to come with your own style, as long you are comfortable. May the Good Lord Richly Bless you, wisshing you all of the best in life.


    18 September 2009 • 10:49 am •
  19. Wow! God his good all the times, am so happy for you guys, you really look beautiful, jeans bro you Rock, it’s good to come with your own style, as long you are comfortable. May the Good Lord Richly Bless you guys. wishing you all of the best in life.


    18 September 2009 • 10:51 am •
  20. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! It takes a wise and focused woman to be able to walk down the isle proudly with her man in jeans! Wow girl, tx for the inspiration – not many of us could do it.

    You’ve demonstrated that what is important is not the exterior but what is inside.


    18 September 2009 • 1:59 pm •
  21. your jacket is so nice it culd hav been much nicer with matching pants.white gown & a jean definitely dont match.i like new ideas bt this one just does do it for me.anyway what matters most is the love u have inside gud luck guys & god bless always


    21 September 2009 • 10:27 am •
  22. Guys you look stunning, about the Jeans never mind broer as long as you were comfortable, mina I will be wearing my morning sleepers so as to enjoy the rest of my day being comfortable.


    23 September 2009 • 9:40 am •
  23. wow, this was very stylish


    28 September 2009 • 12:02 pm •
  24. Hi Guys

    U look beautiful, perfect couple…hope u will give all bachelors a recipe on how to choose Mrs Right.

    All of the best in your marriage,May GOD BLESS YOU IN EVERYTHING YOU DO.Dont allow the third party to come between u two.

    Let God be the way leader.


    28 September 2009 • 3:32 pm •
  25. Hi Guys

    U look beautiful perfect couple.Leave everything to GOD and dont let the third party to come in between u.



    28 September 2009 • 3:45 pm •
  26. You guys look stunning.May God bless your marriage.I like the fact that the groom set his own standard,JEANS!GOOD LUCK


    30 September 2009 • 11:15 am •
  27. you two looked AMAZING! Bongiwe, you are stunning woman. Khwezi, YOU ROCKED THOSE JEANS! God Bless.

    Shadi Mnisi

    30 September 2009 • 12:56 pm •
  28. this is unique and you guys are splendid i must say! may that smile on your face be perpetual as God the founder of your bond richly bless you! wow you cute indeed! love it!!!!!!!


    30 September 2009 • 4:22 pm •
  29. nice rings God bless u.


    2 October 2009 • 2:52 pm •
  30. I like your ring Sis


    6 October 2009 • 1:08 pm •
  31. hai sana you should have shaved your beard .not nice,i like the combination of the colours .you got a good taste


    7 October 2009 • 5:38 pm •
  32. Wow, the rings guys, you are so cute hey. The groom spoiled with Jeans.
    All the best for the future


    8 October 2009 • 1:36 pm •
  33. ive never seen such an amazing bride, Your dress is really nice please email me your designers numbers to me. my email add is im looking for something similar to yours,


    11 November 2009 • 2:01 pm •
  34. Great colours you chose, congrats


    13 November 2009 • 4:33 pm •
  35. i like everything about your wedding, I think you forgot to cut your nails Khwezi, it does not matter it was your day and you can do what ever you want. nice pics and a beatiful smile Makoti.send more please, you guys make a nice couple. love and respect each other always and take good care of your husband girl. God bless


    17 November 2009 • 5:03 pm •
  36. Khwezi le Bongiwe ke a le rata ne,I hope le setse hantle on the 19th Dec 2009 ho phase 5 ya lenyalo la lona Protea Glen.Blessings

    Cassius Malebo Mashi

    22 December 2009 • 3:10 pm •
  37. Aowa, A jean on your wedding day. Anyway it was not my day,Congrats and I wish you all the best guys.

    Mmatau Mamogobo

    28 January 2010 • 10:35 am •
  38. Perfect couple from above,anyway u were both stunning.Perfect idea Khwezi, very unique,given a chance I’d ask my husband to dress like u( Unique)in our anniversary!


    12 February 2010 • 1:34 pm •
  39. More pictures please


    2 June 2010 • 1:30 pm •
  40. wow beatiful bride. mara jeans? e kare hao serious papa


    22 July 2010 • 12:07 pm •