Keneiloe & Nhlanhla’s wedding


  1. Wow guys 80s its very long time please keep that luv sparkling the wedding was well planned congra

    God bless you always

    Vusi & Nombulelo

    21 December 2009 • 1:47 pm •
  2. Indeed that was the day the Lord has really made for you guys, a match made in Heaven.God his being with you both through thick and thin, stick to each other like that, it’s truly an experience.You all look stunning, love the colour combinations and the cake was very nice. I wish you all of the Best in your marriage and May the Good Lord Richly Bless You. Ackowledge him and definitely he’ll direct your paths. Thanks for Sharing.

    Tebogo M

    21 December 2009 • 2:03 pm •
  3. Wow..stunning Photo’s.Thanks for sharing this with us..This was a well planned very organised wedding..beautiful colours as well.. this is just so unique.These will make a very stunning memorable photo album.. they are like a puzzle which is put in place piece by piece..nicely

    Oh so you guys met bnack in the 80’s…oh there is still hope for me as well thanks for giving me hope.

    God Continue to bless your marriage



    21 December 2009 • 2:38 pm •
  4. lovely bride and cake (why this woman apere pink?) wasenya


    21 December 2009 • 2:59 pm •
  5. YOu looked absolutely stunning. God bless your marriage and enjoy the rest of your lives together.


    21 December 2009 • 3:01 pm •
  6. Stunning!!! speechless this was worth waiting for, from 1980. you both look happy together. Thanx for sharing, God bless your marriage.


    21 December 2009 • 3:17 pm •
  7. Like everything about your wedding from decor to your wedding gown may the Lord Almighty bless you in everything possible


    21 December 2009 • 3:29 pm •
  8. Hi Buti, mosadi wa gago o montle tota, pls mo tlhokomele.
    Well prepared wedding, nice clour cordination.GOD BLESS!!!


    21 December 2009 • 3:31 pm •
  9. This is one of the best weddings I have seen on this blog,you gys look SUPER. The brides smile is out of this world I hope I will also smile like that on my wedding day! You go girl!!!


    21 December 2009 • 5:04 pm •
  10. Just have a look to pic 29,Nhlanhla u lucky indeed.look after her.That’s a Gold,u neglect…..u regret.Please guys tell us the secrete of being together for such a long time……..IS IT THE POWER OF JESUS WHO BLESSED U WITH LOVE AND HAPPINESS??????/?


    GOD BLESS U………..AMEN”””


    21 December 2009 • 5:18 pm •
  11. eyo!!!! guys ke a di bona tsohle e feela you cake is ayoooooobaaaaaaaaa.


    22 December 2009 • 8:42 am •
  12. What a lovely couple!!! What a beautiful wedding!!! GOD BLESS


    22 December 2009 • 8:57 am •
  13. May the Lord God bless your union. This is what I call Well Planning, everything looks beautiful.


    22 December 2009 • 9:00 am •
  14. wow guys what a wedding, beautiful. good things come to those who wait upon the Lord. Congrats !!!!!!!!!!


    22 December 2009 • 9:23 am •
  15. I’ve been checking the blog for sometime, i’ve seen them all, but nothing as exceptional as this one. The beautiful wife, handsome hubby and the wwooowww cake. This you can tell it was well planned not decided overnight. It was worth the waiting guys. You made me want to get married. This reminds me of old time weddings, when a wedding was a wedding. What takes it all is the cake. It’s those cake in the olden days when my mom comes from a wedding, retelling my aunt’s about the wedding, you could see the GLEEEE on her eyes when she says “IKHEKHE LAKHONA, I REST MY CASE”, she really meant the beauty of it.


    22 December 2009 • 9:52 am •
  16. Hey! silver is just ayoba for me I like the colour,and for the cake mwa…aaaah, this shows that you prepared yourselves very well, let our Almighty be with you as he did from the first time you met stay blessed.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    22 December 2009 • 9:58 am •
  17. Halala…. This is good… congradulations and may the good God richly bless you!!!!


    22 December 2009 • 11:36 am •
  18. hayi mane, omona phantsi, anisebatlhe


    22 December 2009 • 11:41 am •
  19. Goshhhh these is out of these world, your wedding guys was booming, dress, cake groom suit the colour combination everything here was up to standard, will u please keep that standard as well in your home and family and let God be the leader in everything u do, and the bride she’s so beautiful she looks like an Indian girl, no bhuti u’ve got a choice keep it up and Congrants!


    22 December 2009 • 11:46 am •
  20. what a lovely thing. GOD BLESS U


    22 December 2009 • 12:18 pm •
  21. What was the theme of the wedding? 80’s?You look gorgeous. I’m not into silver but you made it work. Ausi, o na le pelo. Since the 80’s? What’s the secret? I met my husband last year October and we got married this year in May. I’m gonna need the recipe to keep my marriage going….


    22 December 2009 • 12:54 pm •
  22. Waooooooooooo,this is one of its kind, well prepared. Quality is at its best, you can even see this through the quality of the pictures. Guys, it’s true good things come to those who wait, I will also wait patiently so.
    Le bantle, makoti, wa di busa man, I like your style. Pls provide your contact details, I will definitely need some advises when my time comes.


    22 December 2009 • 1:51 pm •
  23. To all of you who have taken time to comment on our photos (from Vusi & Nombulelo from Tembisa to Anniekie and anyone else who is still going to comemnt)

    Thank you for all your positive comments. I wish I could thank each one of you personally – guess this will suffice. We are really humbled, words fail us. It was through God’s grace that everything turned out so well. Someone asked for the secret to us having been together for so long – the secret is that we do not take each other for granted and we work hard at keeping our relationship together and as strong as ever.

    Keneiloe (on behalf of both my husband and myself)


    22 December 2009 • 1:53 pm •
  24. you look ayobaaa!


    23 December 2009 • 9:42 am •
  25. eyo ,silver is the best even the dress for were fabulous ,god bless


    23 December 2009 • 10:24 am •
  26. guys you really look beautiful, especially with your traditional clothes i love them. i hope that your love will always be strong as it has been since the beginning. dont allow anyone to come between you and most of all LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST are the ones which build a good relationship. wish u all the best in your marriage


    23 December 2009 • 2:22 pm •
  27. Look very nice,take care of eachother.God bless you

    Zanele Khabanyana

    23 December 2009 • 2:40 pm •
  28. wow…..beatiful…I love it congrats

    Thatohatsi Tholotha

    24 December 2009 • 8:58 am •
  29. U guys rock, I like the fact that u really practise ur steps and ur moves. Everything is out of this world. I wish u all the best in life.


    24 December 2009 • 2:02 pm •
  30. A very beautiful bride indeed. Luv photo number 16. Goodluck and God Bless.


    28 December 2009 • 9:46 am •
  31. Hey you very beutifull and Keneiloe sister you look young i don’t believe u met on 80s you look 80s,you are so beutifull and keep it up.God bless you with your children.All the best


    29 December 2009 • 3:19 pm •
  32. nice all look ayoba


    30 December 2009 • 8:58 am •
  33. This is extremely beautiful – wish you guys all the love and happiness because you deserve it. God bless you.

    Lydia Majela

    2 January 2010 • 4:36 pm •
  34. You are so beautiful and look elegant,le hlokomelaneng,le hlomphane,Modimo a hlogonafatse lenyalo la lena,Baratani ba botse,May God guide you how to attract sweetness and Goodness in your life.Senatla se kgahlwa ke suitu ntate Nhlanhla ga kudu ,MmeKeneiloe ka kgopelo hle nke nthuse ka dinomoro tsa Designer ya lena,ngwanesu o a nyala bjalo o hloka thuso go tsa disuit.o kgahlilwe ke suit yeo .i hope you may be able to help .God bless your marriage and let it grow strong everyday and everyday .LilililililiLili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    4 January 2010 • 2:36 pm •
  35. my number is 015 620 0133 .Please help


    4 January 2010 • 2:38 pm •
  36. Eish now this is nice…..jus the entourage man to many ppl.


    4 January 2010 • 3:04 pm •
  37. You look nice guys congra,but your cake ayoba.


    5 January 2010 • 9:17 am •
  38. bopila bo bo kana kana shOoo!


    5 January 2010 • 2:00 pm •
  39. This looks marvelous. The wedding must have been nice I tell you. Banyadi ba bantle tu!!! ….and they are so outgoing…hmmmmmmm!!!Lekker!!!


    5 January 2010 • 4:23 pm •
  40. A leina le lentle utlwa fela “Keneiloe” Seo se raya gore mongwe wa lona o neilwe mpho. Tlhokomelanang ere ba batlang fa morago ba ithute ka lona. Bontle e le ruri. Tshwarang fela jalo lo tisetse. Ke dingwaga di le masome a mararo ke le mo nyalong, Ou seun le mmago boy o aitse gore le ka motlha ope ga ke ise ke mo emisetse letsogo. Mosadi wa tlhokomela kana ke galase wa thubega. Masego ke ao.

    Mr Mor

    6 January 2010 • 2:36 pm •
  41. Mosadi o mopila so o ne ommeile kae.Woooooooow what a wedding.Nhlanhla you are blessed May the Man above keep you closer enrich what you had and protect both of you.Keneiloe and Nhlanhla your wedding was exquisite not knowing how to describe it.All the best guys prise Him at all times


    7 January 2010 • 10:23 am •
  42. Ok the cake is nice and the bride’s suite is stunning.


    8 January 2010 • 11:00 am •
  43. Uzamile nokho!!!!!!!!!


    14 January 2010 • 1:17 pm •
  44. Oh no guyz,this is really ayobaaaaaaa,you rocking


    18 January 2010 • 11:18 am •


    20 January 2010 • 1:37 pm •
  46. Was it was the two of you? where are the bride maids?


    4 February 2010 • 2:00 pm •
  47. Sis K nobhuti N you both looked stunning he man nidlalile love the colour combination,pic number 14 and 29 rocks like the dance moves and the input you gave to them and also sisi you look so elegant and real in that pic dark beauty must say…Thixo anisikelele emtshatweni wenu yhuuuu 80’s its a long time so now i know likhona ithemba………


    9 February 2010 • 3:11 pm •
  48. Beautiful, luv the Quote: “A wedding is for one day and a marriage is forever………….”


    11 March 2010 • 8:39 am •