Kedibone and Kgolamorithi Tebele


  1. Beautiful decor yhoooo what a huge cake….god bless you!


    14 October 2010 • 10:21 am •
  2. Beautiful wedding, everything was well organised and the cake I love it my sister you really out done yourself. Only one thing is/ was missing SMILE. Evrything else was Ayoba. May the Almighty God bless your union.


    14 October 2010 • 10:34 am •
  3. Your second dress and the decor was beautiful my dear, lehufa ga le batlege. O senyeleditse ke di stroye tsa gao. ga ba kgatlise. ge ele banna bona ba worse ba paletswe ke go phumula ditlhako, ba swabisa!


    14 October 2010 • 11:23 am •
  4. comment pending!!


    14 October 2010 • 11:29 am •
  5. I love everything about this weeding especially Makoti s traditional outfits.

    Thank You for sharing


    14 October 2010 • 11:31 am •
  6. why is everyone sad in this wedding, too many groomsmen n bridesmaids, n that hideous brown dress(pic 12),as for the cake, y does it hav to be a palace?

    Miss E

    14 October 2010 • 11:35 am •
  7. caterer o sele, why a kgabisitse ka 3 flowers?

    Miss E

    14 October 2010 • 11:39 am •
  8. hai hai hai, pic 10, bride n groom, face2face/man2woman its not doing any justice for me, why post things that will make us laugh? and still on that pic, makoti too many things on you, yo upper body is too busy(earing, flowers on hair, necklace, this thing on yo left shoulder + the shiny thing), but whats done is done

    Miss E

    14 October 2010 • 11:45 am •



    14 October 2010 • 11:47 am •
  10. yhoo this is something else, groomsmen why didnt u dust off the shoes before u took this (pic 5[but i understand ko limpopo ke mobu feela,n whats up with the 4th guy on the left(folding hands) n still on dat guy whats on his head, weave or dreadlocks, o ya tshabeha

    Miss E

    14 October 2010 • 11:49 am •
  11. Tjo Sesi wena ur wedding was very well planned! Congratulations! Decor is outstanding! I like the effort made with ur wedding gown & traditional outfits! Impressive! The men messed it up by folding their shirt sleeves over their jackets! WHY MARA!!!!!!! Ur cake is the old style but presentation is 100%! Congrats Sesi!


    14 October 2010 • 12:05 pm •
  12. The dress is nice and the deco looks wow. One things i dnt get is y wer u guys not smiling…..u shuld have smiled smiled , smiled and smiled more to show more hapiness in ur hearts, anyway good luck n i hope ur marriage wil be filed with lots of smiles and stay blessed


    14 October 2010 • 12:21 pm •
  13. Lenyalo la lena le botse my brother infuture I’m going to call you as my planner for my wedding jealous down you look good guys


    14 October 2010 • 12:30 pm •
  14. mmmmm guys since i was born i never seen something like this everything is perfect makoti leshira la gago le botse go feta ke le lakaletsa mahlatse le mahlogonolo lenyalong la lena


    14 October 2010 • 12:30 pm •
  15. hi sisi! everything in ur wedding are nice and perfect.God be with u , protect u and continue to love ur hunband.


    14 October 2010 • 12:31 pm •
  16. This was planned…A smile would have done WONDERS in these pictures.God bless and smile for your hubby 🙂 SMILE!!!


    14 October 2010 • 12:58 pm •
  17. Nice deco, may the good God of mercy bless your marriage.


    14 October 2010 • 1:03 pm •
  18. Nice decor and beautiful dress


    14 October 2010 • 1:05 pm •
  19. O kare modimo a ka le hlogonolofatsa mo lenyalong la lena…
    U both looked stunning and the decor was also beautiful..
    Could you please give me the details of the person who did the decor: Malehu from Phalaborwa


    14 October 2010 • 1:07 pm •
  20. Beautiful I love your dress and may the lord bless you and always respect each other.


    14 October 2010 • 1:25 pm •
  21. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! lenyalo la lena le a rocker guys may god bless u


    14 October 2010 • 1:28 pm •
  22. nice decor!! may GOD Bless you in u’r union


    14 October 2010 • 1:44 pm •
  23. The colour combination is ayoba. I also like the table set-up but not the one for the groom and the bride. Your Traditional gear is beautuful. the hairstyle, the bridesmaids dresses but I feel you could have had the same colours for the groomsmen (Silver/Sivergrey suit plus a purple waitcaot and tie. One can see gore ga se wa no tsoga wa re o dira monyanya, just a few slip ups here and there. This was you day gal, you and your bridemaids are not smilling at all. Ba be ba go direle eng kgane. gape batho ga ba chabe go kwatisha ngwetji ka tjatji la lenyalo. Congrats and God bless your marriage

    The one

    14 October 2010 • 1:56 pm •
  24. well planned wedding,nice dress,decor,braidsmaid,le tseile matsapa. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS.


    14 October 2010 • 2:43 pm •
  25. Tjoo!! tjooooo!!!! it shows that the wedding was well planned, ngwana roko ya gago e botse kudu go fetisa letswe le botse, the decoration it was out stunning,outfit for the groom,groomsmaids and bridemaids le yona e botse bathong jealous down, may God bless you on this marriage


    14 October 2010 • 3:04 pm •


    sheila kgatle

    14 October 2010 • 3:06 pm •
  27. Wow girl , now your wedding was well planned , love the Deco as well as the Cake – May God bless your union


    14 October 2010 • 3:18 pm •
  28. Eish, I don’t even want to comment much on this wedding…

    All I can say is that I’m speechless, I afraid to see comments to follow…


    14 October 2010 • 3:19 pm •
  29. Majita please remove the dust in your shoes before taking a pic (pic 5)
    Must have been busy there Makoti to change about 3 times! The cake must have been delivered by a truck! Its massive!! You forgot about most things and concentrated on the Cake! and the 1.25L bottle of Sprite in pic 2????? mhhh, God bless your union.
    Overall Verdict: MEDIOCRE!


    14 October 2010 • 3:24 pm •
  30. they are tence, hardly and so disconnected. Oh my God I hope they are not making a Big mistake of their lives.


    14 October 2010 • 3:51 pm •
  31. Nice wedding,May GOD bless u more.


    14 October 2010 • 4:14 pm •
  32. sure Mkhaya! i am frm Jane Furse.

    You looked nice ke rata diroko tja gago ka moka ga tjona, the decor, le kuku looks unique.

    mahlatse le mahlogonolo


    14 October 2010 • 4:18 pm •
  33. Everything is perfect my sister. Nice wedding and colour combination. My wedding is in December 2010 and im using the same colour as yours.Now im sure that mine will be nice also. May God bless your marriege


    14 October 2010 • 4:20 pm •


    14 October 2010 • 4:21 pm •
  35. I like ,Simple a not a pocket stainner

    The wedding planner

    14 October 2010 • 4:25 pm •
  36. this is so all the best.


    14 October 2010 • 4:27 pm •
  37. sekgoa sumtimes setla go betha kante wats with so many outfits hai black oh limpopo people did u guys hv 5 days wedding or ke mahlo aka


    14 October 2010 • 4:30 pm •
  38. I like your dress makoti but as for how you met, am still puzzled… God bless your union


    14 October 2010 • 4:58 pm •
  39. nice wedding and god bless u


    15 October 2010 • 8:22 am •
  40. bathong you dont look happy! whats up? this was supposed to be the happiest day of your lives but its as if u were mourning! anyway, congrats!


    15 October 2010 • 8:28 am •
  41. good luck.


    15 October 2010 • 9:50 am •
  42. Hi,they have made the beautifull things and on the sides God help them to get where they are now. this is the day that the Lord has blessed .


    15 October 2010 • 10:25 am •
  43. God bless your marriage.Loved the deco.But you guys were not smiling….No comment on other areas.


    15 October 2010 • 10:27 am •
  44. washing line, hey there are many ways to get your soul mate, i liked the decor more than anything here. God bless your marriage and stay blessed.


    15 October 2010 • 10:34 am •
  45. makoti i like your dress picture number 6 can you please send me the contact number of the person who design the traditional dress for you please…..


    15 October 2010 • 10:36 am •
  46. Smile is missing from the bride she seems occupied. But the dress on pic 6 is nice. Not sure of pic 11 and the cake.


    15 October 2010 • 10:37 am •
  47. Nice wedding.


    15 October 2010 • 10:49 am •
  48. Well planned & organised wedding, from deco to colour combination.Your wedding gown is absolutely stunning. Where did you get it. Give me the details I want it whole heartetly ’cause I’m getting married December. God bless you guys.

    The Ne

    15 October 2010 • 11:13 am •
  49. Shuuu!!! The wedding was nice, the dress looks nice,though but the necklace not ayobe, cake-mension. Mogaga geen smile, hoekom? Anyway I wish you all of the Best in your marriage and May the good Lord richly Bless you …thanks for sharing


    15 October 2010 • 11:58 am •


    15 October 2010 • 12:49 pm •


    15 October 2010 • 1:15 pm •
  52. tjo! black suits Limpopo style.


    15 October 2010 • 2:39 pm •
  53. Mr and Mrs Tebele

    Impressive wedding indeed. If only you could smile on your big day, otherwise you outdid yourselves. I love all your dresses, the decors, brides and grooms maid. For me everything was perfect except for the smiles. May God bless you abundantly, love and cherish each other.


    15 October 2010 • 3:15 pm •
  54. Wena Bimbo, you are true bimbo you know that. You are just jealous cause maybe o tjwa so place where batho ba gona ba se nang access to internet so ga ba kgone go poster their pics. Leave Limpopo out of this, changing di outfits so many times is not about being from Limpopo but a personal choice. If ba na le dollar, why not? O na le mona o a tseba. If o nyaka go critisizer, critisize the poster of the pics and leave our province alone. Wena Miss E, tlogelang bo stereotype le botlaela man. Ga sa ka wa bona mobu mo bophelong bja gago. Limpopo re a jiver ga re na nako ya go hlwa re phumolana le dust. Ke the way manyalo a rena a lego ka gona and we are happy with that.Ge o sa rate, you can go jump. We have to tym to pretend as if we are whites re dire manyalo a ko dihallong of which re palelwago lre ke go a afforda and stress about who to and not to invite. Everyone is welcome and as it is said in Pedi: sa kosha ke lerole

    The one

    15 October 2010 • 3:23 pm •
  55. nice wedding jealous down. ya smile was gonna complete things. congradulation.


    15 October 2010 • 3:54 pm •
  56. Wow guys picture 8 it is beautiful thats what weddings should look like but no smile with the smile it would have been perfect


    16 October 2010 • 1:46 pm •
  57. i just have to Laugh at some of the comments,LOL. you guys are kak crazy!


    18 October 2010 • 9:46 am •
  58. What’s with the main pic, you look like u were challenging each other for a fight, @Lee you are right the cakes are really like tombstones hey. Pic 11 i really dont know what to say, only the brownish dress was nice the rest was not.


    18 October 2010 • 10:51 am •
  59. gal ur wedding was beautiful,people will always talk ka cake..its up 2 u gore what kind of a cake u for my wedding i will go for fountain cakes…much bigger and expensive cos i can affort that..but if u dont have money surely u will go for those 3steps ….and as for limpopo we ROCK people can say whatever they want….thinking that they r the best while they not..well done gal..u ROCK


    18 October 2010 • 10:59 am •
  60. the cake looks like a tombstone lol
    may God bless your marriage


    18 October 2010 • 11:29 am •
  61. not ayoba for me……… anywau God bless


    18 October 2010 • 12:05 pm •
  62. ijooooooooo bathong is thiz a weding celebration or tombston unvng? aowa lena hle latla la itshegisha ka batho. heee as for the main picture you look like u r ready to wrestle each ada guys, you dont look like happy couples. he ke john cena le cane.lolest


    18 October 2010 • 12:10 pm •
  63. Hye, your traditional dress rocks my !!


    18 October 2010 • 12:40 pm •
  64. people will always look for negative things why comment about cake what about nice things,makoti your wedding was beautiful and God bless your marrige,forget about jeoulos people who knows nothing about organising a look amazing baby girl


    18 October 2010 • 12:43 pm •
  65. i only like the decor…

    the bride should have worn pearls instead of the hideous necklace with her first dress

    the brown outfit is also nice…

    as for the groom with the big shirt and the bow tie – hell no!

    overall it is evident that the couple put a lot of effort into making this wedding happen and I wish them all the best!


    18 October 2010 • 12:49 pm •
  66. hey guys u rock.makoti u dress is ayoba but u both dont smile y mara.u colour theme is ayoba,dont wari abt the comment they will aways have negative comments.As 4 limpopo we rock,they cn say watever they say.batswenya ke gore they dont know their origin batletse ko gauteng they dont know their culture ka sepedi sa kosa ke lerole.especially the waitse waitse one, they think they know evrything.we are proud ka limpopo,halala limpopo halala.


    18 October 2010 • 2:41 pm •
  67. d cake scares me,come on ppl you only get married once.if you have no clue whn it comes to planning,consult other ppl it doesnt hv to b professionals.its like ifuneral or smthing not kodwa d wedding


    19 October 2010 • 8:33 am •
  68. The cake looks like a tombstone. the dress is too much… and the neck pieece looks like it wont come out. the cover picture looks like u guys are fighting… hoooooooo!


    19 October 2010 • 2:57 pm •
  69. Tla ke itidimalle nna, mara hey, the “washing line” line caught my attention, wow!!!!!


    19 October 2010 • 2:59 pm •
  70. Wena o reng Cake ye o kare ke tomstone dira tsa gago re go bone .Every thing is nice atire ,decoration actuall everthing is good , Modimo a le atleng mo le nyalong la lena jealous down. According to me is the first time ke bona dilo tse botse ka tsela ye mo Burgersfort.


    19 October 2010 • 3:13 pm •

    atli les

    19 October 2010 • 3:55 pm •
  72. Stop critisizing l dont see anything wrong with the cake,its different from other cakes. U are just used 3 steps wake up and smell the coffee its time 4 change jealous down.As for couple the only thing missing is a smile God bless ure marriage.


    20 October 2010 • 12:26 pm •
  73. Hi Guys,

    This is not about whether you come from Limpopo or Kzn or JHB etc. This is a personal taste,despite of everything they got married. And one thing that I realised in people is that they are never satisfied.If makoti smiles and dance they say “o a phapha” If she is calm they said she is not smiling. Just tell me what do people want.To the couples: you’ve finally made it and God Bless you


    20 October 2010 • 1:44 pm •
  74. Lol…i like the tombstone part. kwakwakwakwa


    20 October 2010 • 2:35 pm •
  75. So many cakes!!is the bride sad?


    20 October 2010 • 2:38 pm •
  76. I love your wedding gown and your african dress it is lovely but your wedding cake is not ayoba period. Im sure it is the first in Burgerfort


    21 October 2010 • 10:08 am •
  77. Batho ba bolela kudu and you will find that they are not even married. Limpopo re a nyala ga rebapale. We do not practice faat & set. Motho otswela ke tema ka moganong okare o lema santeng. Ge o sa kgahlwe ke manyalo a batho do not even try to click on the pictures. You can go to hell. Bana ba batho ba lekile and put all their efforts to make sure that manyalo a bona a bagona but somebody from nowhere atlo critisizer all your efforts. Leave Limpopo le batho ba yona because wena o hlalefile otseba di waitsi.

    To all banyalane bao ba pasteng di photo tsa bona, we love you and support you. My wedding was in 2007 and I am still young and you will find that the very same person a bolelago kudu a critisizer manyalo a batho le gore o a bereka gago bonale ka baka la pelo ye empe.


    21 October 2010 • 12:01 pm •
  78. At everyone who annoys everybody else by trying to play the wedding blog DEFENSIVE bloggers- Just stop attacking certain individuals, everyone here is entitled to their opinion and if it’s not favourable or doesn’t suit your needs then TOUGH!


    21 October 2010 • 2:17 pm •
  79. u can say whatever you like with ur foolish comments bona ba nyalane and lona le mafetwa sis shame ausi hosalang u have ur man beside u.
    God bless ur marriage and let no man separate you.


    22 October 2010 • 11:21 am •
  80. nice outfits


    22 October 2010 • 2:37 pm •
  81. batho ba geso tlogelang mona o hwetsa motho le go nyalwa go ba go nyala a se a nyala efela pipe yone motho we e buletse nna ne ke le mo EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT dirang manyalo a lena re a boneng JEALOUS DOWN


    22 October 2010 • 3:51 pm •
  82. i agree with you Dini, they are so much in to marital bliss. why dont we ask the sowetan fans to send theirs since they can be so much in the yadayada line

    obed odelle

    25 October 2010 • 7:28 am •
  83. Well the cake is just not on i feel less is betta and really which wedding planner gave u that idea well its all wrong its the 20th century girl get with the program!!! who told u to pose like that that camara man if it were me i would’nt even pay him… love the rest and least u could have smiled its ur day celebrate…
    Enjoy ur day!!!! God Bless you!!!!


    25 October 2010 • 2:01 pm •
  84. its funny some ppl criticising manyalo a *Limpopo*. this should clearly tell them something if there are lots of manyalo a limpopo on the blog.

    and a kae mayalo a GP, North west, KZN, etc? or yo brothers en sisters/uncles & aunts dnt have internet access? askies u poor things le rata go claima too much re a le tseba and ha le na niks except 4 jealousy.

    Nice wedding Mr and Mrs God Bless.


    26 October 2010 • 1:43 pm •
  85. Vele ushade nge Straight up? why are you both not smiling on your Wedding day. Makoti your dress its like you are singing with R Kelly “I believ I can fly” or you are like a peacock.

    Anyway you wanted your day to be like that.

    God bless your union!


    26 October 2010 • 2:52 pm •
  86. ayoba! evrything is perfect i lyk i lyk it,hai suka limpopo rocks.


    27 October 2010 • 9:45 am •
  87. sho sho sho .. y are peeps from limpopo so defensive ???? this is a wedding blog you post ure pics here , u dont xpect every one to like lenyalo laha…… ke life
    that being said ….. this wedding is most def not ayoba . .. it would seem all the peeps from limpopo have the same tatse hey ..being xtreame is the nature of the game ….try being simple guys man


    27 October 2010 • 1:27 pm •
  88. Khanz and all those who keep on critisizing Limpopo, I am a proud limpopian and ga ke na le bothata if you dislike something in the wedding. What I do not understand is if o sa rate somethin why le sa commente on that and leave the province alone. It is not the policy of the province that one should go for a certain style during weddings, it is a personal choice so stop being so stereotype and comment on the wedding. Most of the non- Limpopo residents comments are just proving that batho do not move with the times. Its like they do not even look at the fotos first. They just critisize coz you said you are from Limpopo. However you will ner hear an comment from a Limpopian that goes like: Y am I not surprised, its Mpumalanga, Gauteng or a KZN wedding. I guess this just proves the level of intelligence from the ppl in different provinces.

    The one

    28 October 2010 • 11:19 am •
  89. Wow, I’ve never seen so much defense for one wedding. Limpopo peeps do u understand what a blog is? even mo do understand y u hv to paste yo pics on a blog? Blogs r 4 people to comment on. If u don’t want people to criticize yo weddings, don’t even bother pasting them here, share them only with your fellow peeps in Limpopo. Sowetan has given us a platform to comment, they did not say we must not criticize. There can be lots of weddings in limpopo ne, but there’s lack of taste & planning. It seems as tho Limpopo peeps meet on washing lines today the next day they want to get married. NO,no,no Western wedding require lots of planning unless if u want to have yo own traditional wedding.

    Ya’ll in Limpopo need to take a chill pill n STOP BEING SO DEFENSIVE


    29 October 2010 • 9:50 am •
  90. Khanz

    #it would seem all the peeps from limpopo have the same tatse hey#

    o bolela masepa bjanong. stop generalising. o a claima modidi


    29 October 2010 • 12:15 pm •
  91. Hey people you will make us scared to post our wedding photos, because we spend our time and money to prepare our weddings then at the end you will criticize me yooh!


    29 October 2010 • 2:26 pm •
  92. If something is not ayoba for you it is ayoba for the owner.Please let us not put them down.


    29 October 2010 • 2:34 pm •
  93. This wedding is not ayoba,cake is worse it looks lyk ke ya di picture tsa ko tombstone.Enjoy makoti


    29 October 2010 • 3:22 pm •
  94. Bana besho enjoy your wedding, May the Almighty bless you more and more. The most important thing is your happiness not material things.


    29 October 2010 • 3:23 pm •
  95. Clearly this blog was not made for you boboblates who like critisizing people, especially is you are going to bring tribalism here. Every wedding person is an individual and you should respect their individuality and choices. Yes you can advise like “I think the pink is tto much or I think ypu should have edited the pink with another color” instead of you guys passing those nasty comments. I also agree that the pink is too much, the decor is beautiful, the cake was busy, and the bride was not smiling, but hey girl you looked like a princess. You guys please stop passing nasty comments. Just keep them to yourselves please.


    1 November 2010 • 10:10 pm •
  96. tlogelang bo wedding zenophobia theng bagaetsho,every 1 o na le taste ya gagwe so plz dis wedding ko go makoti its elegant ene ele letsatsi la gagwe,god bless u limpopo lady o botsana fil proud


    2 November 2010 • 9:50 am •
  97. tjo haowa sesi o rata metlholo le mafufa.ur tradition e brown ws da only thing dat i thot nys……


    2 November 2010 • 10:27 am •
  98. makhoti wwhat wrong with ,the colour,cake piicture not ayoba at all


    2 November 2010 • 3:48 pm •
  99. cum’on ppl cant u see gore these ppl ba gudile, nako ya di planning ha e yo hle.


    2 November 2010 • 4:25 pm •
  100. sho mara methlolo ye mikaka picture no. 5 the guy wa afro and picture no 11 not ayabo, mara people never ever ever learn ne….


    4 November 2010 • 3:36 pm •
  101. jo mehlolo sisi i dont know did you plan this a year ago or was it planed two days before the wedding day there is nothing ayoba about this wedding


    8 November 2010 • 11:12 am •
  102. What matters ke gore two hearts are joined 2gether, And they are happy.
    Lets stop hurting ppl ka di bad comments. Please


    8 November 2010 • 2:56 pm •
  103. Your wedding was beautiful, but why soo many clothes changing but none the less I love your white gown and the decorations mo pele, stunning


    8 November 2010 • 4:42 pm •
  104. ur white dress is ayoba but the rest is a no no.


    18 November 2010 • 5:38 pm •
  105. I love the cake…beautiful


    22 November 2010 • 10:28 am •
  106. Everything was perfect, the cake was unique u r used 2 3 step cake,get life & mrs tebele may god bless u.


    29 November 2010 • 7:07 am •
  107. You look like twin you match to each other.


    3 January 2011 • 3:23 pm •


    18 January 2011 • 4:34 pm •
  109. this must b a joke…kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    28 August 2011 • 2:43 pm •
  110. Sesi all was beautiful and well-planned… Congrats! God Bless your marriage


    30 October 2011 • 12:31 pm •