Joel and Nnyana Masemola


  1. Ayobaness….. congratulations. Am not crazy with the Maid of Honor’s dress though. if she can go low on the knee she can go low on the shoulder….


    18 June 2010 • 3:33 pm •
  2. Beutiful wedding sister. You are a beutiful bride.


    18 June 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  3. Wow!! Stunning wedding ,happiness was all around. May the Lord Bless ur Marriage always


    18 June 2010 • 3:49 pm •
  4. Yah, neh this it the real deal. This is by far the best wedding i’ve seen so far. Everything is so elegant and classy, from the bride to the groom and the bridemaid’s look exceptionally beautiful, nt to mention the handsome groomesmen. Congrats darling to you and your husband.


    18 June 2010 • 3:50 pm •
  5. Best day indeed you can c with the smiles beautiful your were both enjoying your day.

    Bride’s dress n the bridesmaids dresses Super.

    This was beatiful!!!!!



    18 June 2010 • 3:55 pm •
  6. Everything looked beautiful & you look very happy! May God bless you in your marriage! 🙂 I love your dress makoti 😉


    18 June 2010 • 4:01 pm •
  7. What a beautiful bride – a very ellegant wedding. Don’t lose it.


    18 June 2010 • 4:17 pm •
  8. Makoti you look beautiful and happy, lovely smile.
    Your dress its beautiful it suits you.

    The decor ayiayiayi, is not ayoba



    18 June 2010 • 4:36 pm •
  9. Nice dress Sisi i just wish the best lady was wearing complimenting dress but everything is superb who did ur dress i need more info please


    18 June 2010 • 10:47 pm •
  10. U look happy and beautiful sesi.Keep that smile 4ever.
    God bless You.


    19 June 2010 • 10:17 pm •
  11. makoti ur wedding was beutiful,did u sign in or out of community of property?most of ur photos ke signature ngwanyana.full photo of your dress,decor and a cake pls


    20 June 2010 • 2:38 pm •
  12. Beautiful and your hubby is AYOBA. You look very happy together and keep it that way.May the bless and respect each other.


    21 June 2010 • 7:41 am •
  13. Look beautiful Mr & Mrs Mosemola invite God In every momemt. Like your smile Makoti

    Vangile Angel Sibeko

    21 June 2010 • 8:32 am •
  14. beautiful makoti you look radiant..

    i love the chemistry you both have,cause you were smiling and laughing all the way…

    invest In a good photpgrapher and this is what you will get GOOD PICTURE QUALITY


    21 June 2010 • 9:57 am •
  15. Wow, the bride you look gorgeous (the smile , the dress, the hat)everything was perfect, not sure about your maid of honour though but eveything else looked wonderful , Enjoy the rest of your life together


    21 June 2010 • 9:58 am •
  16. Beautiful!!! Modimo a segofatse lenyalo la lona!


    21 June 2010 • 10:16 am •
  17. beutiful wedding , please send more pictures.


    21 June 2010 • 10:22 am •
  18. Simple & nice, enjoy ur marriage guys, God Bless.


    21 June 2010 • 11:40 am •
  19. U look stunning makoti(beautiful dress and gorgeous smile),continue being the best friends.May God bless you and lead through out your lives together.
    Have a greener and bright future ahead.


    21 June 2010 • 11:51 am •
  20. I like your dress Makoti.
    I am not sure ka those colours of the decoration and your maid of honour.

    God bless.


    21 June 2010 • 11:58 am •
  21. modimo a le dire ka botho, hapiness is written all over uar face, gud luck on in journey.


    21 June 2010 • 12:31 pm •
  22. This is what you get when you do your homework and invest enough time into your wedding day, A CLASSY AND STUNNING WEDDING.

    I am very impressed, more so by the groomsmen and how they cordinated their look, up to their clean shaven heads.

    Congrats and may the Lord God, bless you further in your union.


    21 June 2010 • 2:21 pm •
  23. beutiful makoti uyandirhalisa


    21 June 2010 • 3:53 pm •
  24. AYOBA!!!!BE BLESSED!!!!!


    22 June 2010 • 8:43 am •
  25. Makoti you look ravishing indeed your hubby looks familiar is he on tv or what??? Decor- not ayoba, Bridesmaid’s dresses- so so, maid of honour- not ayoba, how many people did you invite to your wedding?? 20


    22 June 2010 • 9:24 am •
  26. ok ok i saw dat my felow bloggers missed sorry 4 being a deliquent ke sa laele but i was im Mpumalanga workn frm der,but nw im back by fire by force….n da 1st thing is 4 ne 2 misbehave n den say somthn nys..

    makoti why did u but nicer candles n why did u jus get roses n wrap dem up ka lesela????bouquet darl a real bouquet.Ur maid of honour luks odd i dnt gore wat goin on ka da outfit..on da adre hand everythn else was super ur dress,da guys,da 2 ladies,ur colour n ur decor.da fact dat ur photographer is gud made justice 2 al ur happiness…nys one 4/5 4 me!!!


    22 June 2010 • 10:47 am •
  27. Here, I can see the grace of God that has put two people together. This was truly awesome. May God keep you and bless your union.


    22 June 2010 • 12:59 pm •
  28. Halalaaaaaaa!! u look so wow makoti.i like ur dress is nice.


    22 June 2010 • 3:10 pm •
  29. AYOBA!!! you all looked so stunning. Wishing you all of the best in your marriage and May the Good Lord Richly Bless You! Thanks for sharing


    22 June 2010 • 5:03 pm •
  30. The two of you look too cute together!! May God Bless your union


    23 June 2010 • 7:54 am •
  31. Congradulations Mr n Mrs Masemola, well cordinated attire, stay blessed in your marriage.


    23 June 2010 • 11:39 pm •
  32. Mr and Mrs Masemola you look so breath taking, may God continue to pour out His blessings upon your Future more than ever now that oyu are no longer two but one.

    how pheladi dnt you think thats a bit odd for u 2ask coz wether they signed in or out of community its none of ur business coz if they wanted u 2know she would have included it up there dear.


    24 June 2010 • 7:46 am •
  33. Wow, match made from heaven. You look beautiful together, and may u keep shining as you did on your wedding day.


    24 June 2010 • 10:31 am •
  34. i beg to differ with kk. that is a bouquet as far as i can see. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. as for the maid of honour. she’s beautifully dressed for her shape, in fact very stylishly. no use kk, to go through such lengths to find fault where there is none! well done makoti, a beautiful wedding indeed!


    24 June 2010 • 11:18 am •
  35. EE ntombi my comments r nt 4 u 2 analyse..myb u if u go thru da blog u wil c hw a real bouquet luks lyk..its a unique idea but i jus thnk a ral classy one would hav done her more for da dres ya da maid of honour hai leaves a lot to be desired ka ur fashion sense…lol…there u analysed n i responded…


    24 June 2010 • 2:01 pm •
  36. Itja, wa se wa bamhle ntobazana…ooops Makoti:-)


    25 June 2010 • 9:30 am •
  37. ur wedding was very beautiful, evrything was perfect and up to standard. may God richly bless u in evry sphere.


    25 June 2010 • 9:56 am •


    25 June 2010 • 2:51 pm •
  39. Could it really get better than this????????????? I doubt, sesi you are a dream and that man mmmmmm. Congrats


    28 June 2010 • 1:39 pm •
  40. @Tmkz sleep please wa phapha!!!


    30 June 2010 • 10:35 am •
  41. haibo…u look so beautiful

    atli les

    1 July 2010 • 9:49 am •
  42. Everything is ayoooooba and may God bless you.


    1 July 2010 • 3:50 pm •
  43. I love your weeding dress makoti.


    2 July 2010 • 10:34 am •
  44. makoti u look gorgeous


    2 July 2010 • 11:14 pm •
  45. @TKMZ I love u! Yep, stylish and very different is what we r looking for not ordinary and seen b4.

    Beuatiful wedding indeed, u get 5/5 from me.


    13 July 2010 • 8:46 am •
  46. u guyz looked stunning, may God Bless you


    13 July 2010 • 10:07 am •
  47. Wow. makoti le mkhwenyana you look great together, You will make beautiful babies I like makoti’s smile more. May God bless you.


    22 July 2010 • 3:24 pm •
  48. umhle nzwakazi niyafanelana nendodakho, all the best


    10 September 2010 • 1:56 pm •
  49. This is so great. I like this


    11 September 2010 • 12:48 pm •
  50. Congra to both of you,Mr & Mrs Masemola you must always invite God,Ka sepedi bare Kgoro ga etlale…..

    All the best in life…….


    18 September 2010 • 11:07 am •
  51. Wooooooow wooooow makoti please hook me up please, im still planning for my wedding. I want something like this, very classy. please send me a mail ku, please please please i need some ideas


    6 January 2011 • 3:02 pm •