Baby Khanyi
Baby Khanyi
34 Comments April 30, 2014

Hleki’s wedding

34 Comments on "Hleki’s wedding"

    Fofoza says:

    Lovely i so love the mates dresses the color nice, but Makoti where is de d├ęcor, cake n grooms man a lot is missing from the pics u send.

    ZIZI says:

    Very nice wedding , Bridemaids dresses are so out of fashion. Overall beautiful wedding

    Moshate says:

    o dirile botse wa dira moshato wa gago o le tee wa se ye ko 420 weddings @ easter…..,ke ya bona o beile batch ya bona.ur wedding looks oldfashioned,ur white dress is an old fashioned dress & as for your bridesmaids dresses o kare re kile ra ba le tsona on this blog some time ago if im not mistaken,bt i still think you did the right thing by having your own special day,congratulations

    Bibi says:

    happy union guys your wedding is nice

    Trueteller says:

    makoti wa go hloka earings ake so mmone, ke thoma go bona ka wena

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      Bongs says:

      IPCC they dnt wear earings

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        Trueteller says:


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      Vel says:

      Molao wa kereke hle nnake

    Bongs says:

    I love bridemades shoes

    reggie says:


    tsholo says:

    I’ve seen dis wedding before…ke la kgale dats why everything is so out of fashion

    Kuki says:

    more pic please

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      nnete says:

      which pics? onyaka tsa ko kerekeng?

    Adeline says:

    Badge or no badge, this was such an organized wedding mxm…… I guess it is the main reason we are being taken down the memory lane, perfect indeed!

    Ribs says:

    Nice wedding Makoti…

    Miss Lee says:

    i know gore y go sena decor and some ada staff, its becuase makoti took pics before she to 420 weddings theres no way she can dodge that, as long a beile their badge o tswa teng. number 1: no earings, 2. this lacy top on her shoulders, the veil, tiara and bride’s maid fascinators says it all.

    XOLE says:


    MMATLOU says:


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      Fofoza says:

      @ Mmatlou wa e bona kannete Ben 10, ke ntse ke ipotsa, itjo!
      Mare i love the brides mates shoes very nice shame.

    makanku says:

    moshate this is not an old fashion wedding,this couple married ka 2010 and their wedding was nice.keka fao o boning sowetan did bring their wedding back because they are happy, beautiful and they LOVE each other GOD BLESS UR WEDDING MAKOTI U KNOW WHAT U WANT.BEAUTIFUL WEDDING EVERITHING LOOK PERFECT MAKOTI
    please send more pictures and ur groom mates.

    morikis says:

    shuuu wena,,gaotshabe gore your husband will introduce another wife very soon,or maybe you have already dealt with the issue just incase.

    LOlozy says:

    hi guys this wedding keya 2012 not 2012, i work with both of them and for your information makoti is younger than the groom its just that she is has full figure but above all, jealous down they were so beautiful and ba tshwanelwa.

    BRIDE says:

    hai wena Morikis my husdan love me with all he have, and I like to thank every one who took part to comment on our wedding blog.this sowetan blog is so funny,me and my husdand we were laughing our lungs out when we were reading your comments.LIKE THIS ONE YA MMATLOU AND FOFOZA YA BEN 10 YHOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT.BUT ANYWAY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH KE BEN 10 YAKA LERATO LA PELO YAKA,PAPA WA BANA BAMEEEEE, THANKS GUYS FOR COMMENTING.

    BRIDE says:

    Hai wena Morikis my husband lovers me with all he have,and I like to thank every one who took part to comment on our wedding blog.this wedding blog is so funny .me and my hubby we were laughing our lungs out when we were reading your comments,LIKE THIS ONE YA MMATLOU AND FOFOZA YA BEN 10 YHOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT,BUT ANYWAY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH KE BEN 10 YAKA,LERATO LAPELO YAKA, NTATE WA BANA BAMME.THANKS GUYS FOR WISHING US THE BEST.

    Divanyana says:

    I think I did see this wedding sometime ago.

    desperate says:

    BRIDE a ko o mpotse gore this thing ya kereke ya lena e bereka bjang,ge o eya silo o ya le di bridesmaids tsa gago,or wena o ya kerekeng bona ba sala somewhere then wa boya o ba tsea or how does it work,n is it true that you can only where lesira la longsleeve?i really dont understand molao wa kereke ya lena.

    BRIDE says:

    okay my dear u choose ur own bridesmaid otsamaya letsona ko silo,ka lesira u have to wear a longsleeve because mosadi ga a tswanela gontsa magetla a gage kontle.malao wa kereke ya rena otshwana le melao kao fela ya dikereke just rena renyala ka nako e one rele bangwata but it nice and beautiful I will invite you one day to see gore re enjoya bjang.

    seritse says:

    Makoti o apere leshira thwiiiii.lona lona la 1990

    Desperate says:

    ohk,i understand now

    Miss K says:

    Makoti looks older than Mkhonyana.. Bridesmaids has beautiful bodies i must say :)

    Miss K-kholo says:

    You look nice makoti and your hubby loves you just the way you are. I also saw this wedding sometime back and bridesmaids dresses where also beautiful. Wish you all the best lenyalong la lena

    Lope says:

    nice one makoti you look really beautiful all the best on your wedding

    Boss says:

    Ben10, nice wedding guys

    MS AD says:

    ngwana ntate u look beautiful.

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