Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
21 Comments June 27, 2014
  The groom surprised his bride with a choreographed American/Persian groomsmen dance at his wedding June 21, 2014. The dance started off with a Beyonce song then went into the bride (Ariana's) favourite boy band the Backstreet Boys and ended with the Bruno Mars song "Marry You." Some of the groomsmen flew in from across the country and had to learn the routine last minute and via video tutorial. The bride, Ariana, was in shock and so were all the guests.  

21 Comments on "Groom’s men surprise bride with Perfomances"

    Mahlako says:

    Haai man bring back the wedding that was here +-3 days ago…

      Replied to Mahlako

      motena says:

      please we need those pictures

    yoyoz says:

    that was beautiful congrats and your husby is yummy

    Nnete ya baba!! says:

    Hlako I think he bride requested it to be removed she didn’t seem to be taking the comments well….

      Replied to Nnete ya baba!!

      Mahlako says:

      Lol Nnete are you for real or are you assuming? Eish gape the comments sometimes can make u cry if you take them to heart. Gape that was a beautiful wedding hle….

      Bride please bring back them pics….we promise positive comments only.Lol

    Phumz says:

    hawu what’s wrong with sowetan.

    I still wanted a few ideas from that wedding. What happened to it? Can you at least let us know.

      Replied to Phumz

      Mahlako says:

      Lol Phumz lenna i wanted few ideas there hle wena. Ke swabile. i think maybe is technical error, well i hope so.

    Phumz says:

    this is just so cute though Sowetan. i love. . .

    Thanks for sharing

      Replied to Phumz

      Shaz says:

      Very cute they should keep on sharing

    SS88NW says:

    En nou????

      Replied to SS88NW

      Christy says:

      Haiman, please post some weddings.

    Miss Lee says:


    Candra says:

    Hai no Id scream if my hubby had to dance like that.. it looks gay lol!

    Trueteller says:

    And the wedding was beautiful and classy

    SG says:

    Hey, I want that green wedding tlhe. I agree gore bride maybe did not like the bridemaids comments on dress. Maar it was a beautiful wedding tlhe.

    Zalanjalo says:

    Sowetan , where is the new weddings kanti , I really need to comment and laugh afterwards.

    MphoM says:

    ncoooo this is so sweet. m tearing…

    Pushie says:


    Moneylover says:

    Hau sowetan where are the new weddings , are people scared of posting manje. Please block comments so that people can post their pic’s again. Phela i am bored now without any new weddings

    Honest person says:

    Hai mane Hubby that was HHHHHHOOOOOT HOT HOT HOT, I LIKE I LIKE, VERY CUTE. God bless your union.

    meek says:

    hahaha oh no man this is so beautiful, future husband where are you, you should be taking notes

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